The underground network was completely different from what Elena had been expecting, although it was murky and stunk of damp as she ventured further forwards with the strange boy she noticed that there were several doors embedded in the tunnel walls.

"What are they?" asked Elena curious as ever.

"They're people's homes." replied the boy simply.

"Homes?" echoed Elena painfully reminded of how she no longer had a home.

"Well yes, I mean once he's gotten involved with someone and destroyed their homes they have to find somewhere to live, those who survive I mean, we developed the network a while back it was originally a base for us but slowly others came down here seeking refuge." he explained patiently.

He was trying to answer her questions but Elena realised that she knew barely anything about the boy she didn't even know his name.

"Who are you?" she asked finally.

The boy shook his head and Elena realised that he was concentrating an intense look written across his face.

"Two from the left." he muttered quietly.

"Huh?" Elena asked confused but the boy merely tapped on one of the doors and waited patiently and Elena resisted the urge to repeat her question.

Finally, the door opened and a plump, smiling woman answered the door.

"Oh it's nice to see you and you have a guest!" explained the woman smiling.

"Not now Lindsey dear I have business" said the boy as a means of explanation.

Elena was taken aback by the boy's response but remained quiet as he led her to the back of the room and removed and elegant landscape from the wall revealing a small door.

"What is this?" asked Elena surprised at the secrecy and mystery behind the boy.

"Well if he ever discovers this place it's natural that he'll try and destroy the entire network and so we ensured that each house had a shelter." answered the boy as he helped Elena into the room and then shut the door.

Elena looked around the room, it had a small single bed which looked as if it had never been slept in, a desk which was full of loose papers and pens, a pile of quilts and pillows, a lamp and rows of bookshelves lined with thick books.

"We don't need to use the lamp, it's a simple spell which keeps the tunnels well lit." said the boy as if reading Elena's mind.

A shiver ran down Elena's spine at the word spell, what planet was this boy magic didn't exist, did it?

"You have questions, a lot of them, sit down and I'll do my best to answer them." said the boy kindly.

Feeling shy all of a sudden Elena sat down on the floor leaning against the desk.

"What's your name?" she asked him suddenly.

The boy smiled, "Sorry I didn't answer you earlier was concentrating, we often change the whereabouts of our location it's easy to forget, oh and my names Raven, Raven Bennett and you're Elena, Elena Ferrari." said Raven smiling.

Elena studied the boy, she could see why he was called Raven and it really suited him.

"You say, 'we' a lot who else do you mean?" asked Elena.

The boy scratched his head thoughtfully.

"Well the other elementals of course, there's Blaize he's the fire guy, and man does he have a temper! Aqua she's water naturally she's laidback and cool headed about everything, Kai he's earth, he's the most grounded and reasonable of us all and then Aura, she's the daydreamer, air of course." said Raven.

"Ele…mentals?" asked shakily.

"Yeah, everyone in Belaron has a class, but we're the most dominant we exist to defeat him." said Raven.

"What are you and who is he?" asked Elena.

"I'm darkness class, they say everyone has a counterbalance, that's part of where you come in, you are the missing elemental the one who is said to be the strongest of them all. You Elena have the power of Aether running through your veins." said Raven.

"Wait, if everyone has a class surely someone else must also have the Aether power?" asked Elena trying to make sense of everything Raven was telling her.

"No, dark class is rare in itself but there is only one person who has the power of Aether and when you eventually die the power will transfer to someone else, they will be born with it." said Raven.

"And that person is…me?" asked Elena feeling nervous.

"Yes, that's what the star seeker does, it helps us elementals find you only the true wielder of Aether could have triggered that reaction when held." said Raven.

Elena sank back her head reeling.

He was telling her that magic existed, that she was the strongest magic user of them all, and surely that was why that man was hunting her…

"Who is that man you keep referring to? The guy who killed my parents?" asked Elena.

"I hate saying his name, he's the darkest magic user of them all, murdered countless people in his hunt for the Aether, I'm not sure if he knows that you exist or if he's hunting you, we might have gotten lucky but he had no reason to return to your house, especially after killing your parents, he must know…" started Raven.

"Yes, yes but who exactly is he? He must have a name!" replied Elena impatiently.

Raven glared at her and then inhaled loudly.

"Senka, is his name, Senka Zuliani. I'm not saying it again so remember it." answered Raven shortly.

"This is crazy talk, magic and evil and stuff, I'm a human, a human for god sake!" shouted Elena tears of anger welling up in her eyes.

"Your not a human!" yelled Raven angry.

Elena opened her mouth to reply but something strange was happening.

Shudders were running through Raven's body, his grey eyes had darkened into black pools, and shadows were stretching from his hands towards her, reaching, stretching…

"No!" Elena cried and she turned on her heel in a panic and charged through the door almost colliding into Lindsey who looked very startled.

"Elena!" shouted Raven but Elena was running, she had to get away from him, this, this…monster.

She left the house and then she couldn't see anything except for blinding, white.

An agonising pain struck her head and Elena could feel herself falling and then everything around her faded to black…