a/n: Just a few poems i had laying around. i hope you enjoy them.

Paramours Facade
I'm lost in my own thoughts, my heart pounds with just a touch. Aching bones, bleeding eyes, my sudden anger plays a disguise. Find me here, for who I am, drag me out of the darkness within. How long will this infantile obsession last? Is my paramour love a simple fa├žade? Leave...in the frown of subconscious agony only the brave can be lead. Follow, cautious behavior under the abyss I will always tread. On this suns erect hours I yearn to see you smile, and for that one reason I would reverie various miles.

Seasons of love, nights of blasphemy, your eager eyes have touched the wick of me.
Caged and trapped, boxed in and left out, my skin screams barely over a shout.
Wise in theory, but atrocious in wisdom, our frame of discontent renders me loathsome.
Watching crushed souls travel where only beauty should go, my pupils shrink and eye lids close.
Such displaced affections impart me, when I know all you desire is for our lips to meet.
Do not adjudicate my displeased emotions, on account of you I would swim across all 4 oceans.

It is said that naming things gives us power over them
But what power do we truly have with this world so grim
Wild behavior contradicts our cruel insight
So what makes people think they have the right
The right to judge, the right hate, the right to love or the right to faith
Faithful dreams only come during sleep
Faithfulness is so hard to seek when hopes and dreams become so bleak
A wordless question is answered with a heavy burden
And the burdens we avoid are held on the backs of our children
The children whom we name to have power over them

Lovely Birdy
A little birdy flew past my head
And with that she left a thread
A thread of love that only I could know
A thread so strong, no amount of wind could blow
With that thread I tied a letter
A letter thanking that birdy for her endeavor
As she read the letter her smile grew
A smile so bright it made my heart bloom