The answers spawned in inequity

Through a nameless struggle the path becomes clear

Alas, the haze before our eyes is lifted

From there, we can never turn back

Freedom found in hardship, is seldom a wish come true

Yet we're driven to fight with vicious conviction

Simply accepting what is before our eyes isn't living

Such profound ignorance is merely existence

Our grip on reality is a glass like facade

Tis nothing more than shallow perception

Moralized in the strife of our selfish world

These ideals we hold so dear are naught but simple dreams

Bathed in the flames of conflict, we each make a single choice

As soldiers of fortune we trudge forth into the wastelands

For each of us who finds our paradise

Another is condemned to be crushed underfoot

Such is the way of our great blue Earth

Shadows reside within the purest light

The tears we shed wash away our deepest transgressions

Allowing our heavy hearts to face a brand new day