Thoughts rushed into Lacies mind like a vicious waterfall tumbling from a cliff. She gazed down at the little red positive sign on the pregnancy test. Her eyes were so glossy, her face so straight. She leaned against the wall and forced her whole weight into it. She tried to stand, but she couldn't. Her legs were to weak. Her body much to shaky. She began to sob, it started out calmly eventually her whole body felt as if it was convulsing.

A hard knock on the door sounded off, causing her to lift her head in a snap. She forced herself up. Looking into the mirror she wiped tears from her eyes trying to salvage her make-up.

"What is it?" Lacie forced, trying to sound as normal as possible.

"Are you alright in there hunny? Her mother asked "You've been in there an awful long time."

"Yeah, I'm fine mom. I'm just a little upset from today." She answered voice still shaky

"What happened?"

"Nothing, I don't wanna talk about it." She said rather harshly

Lacie listened as her mothers foot steps sounded down the hall. Once her mother was back downstairs she grasped the brass doorknob with her dainty, little hands and turned. She peaked outside of the door to make sure no one was in sight. The drafty, cold, empty hallway was a clean confirmation. She scurried away to her bedroom.

She went straight to her bed and slumped down on it. As she looked around her pink, frilly, girly room she felt out of place. The innocence that it radiated suddenly was gone. The happiness and memories suddenly felt like they weren't her own. She felt different, older, more responsible. But was she ready? Was he ready? Those were the thoughts that fluctuated through her mind.

She bent over the side of her bed to pick up her pink laptop. Her fingers touched the cold surface and she yanked it from the floor beside her bed. She propped it at the end of her bed and sat cross legged in front of it.

She opened up her 'Skype' and scrolled down her contacts to see if her boyfriend was online. She stopped on Kaden Williams, she whispered his name softly to herself. Caressing each letter with her lips. She hesitated to click on his name, she finally did. She just stared at the chat bar for what felt like an eternity. Right as she was about to type in "Good Morning" he beat her to it. "Would you like to start a video call before I go to school?" She didn't respond. "Lacie? You there?" She just clicked the green video call tab.

She watched as the screen said "calling."

"Hello" He said with a rather curious expression on his face. "Have you been crying? Are you alright?"

"Yes, I'm fine." She managed to say. "Did you have a good sleep? What did you dream of?" She asked

Kadens cheeks went red "Hmm, I had a dream about my future with you. It looked heaps wonderful. It made me real excited to see you again." He smirked.

"I suppose it would have been a good dream." She replied rather blankly

"Are you sure you're not upset? I recon you're acting weird over something..."

"I have something I need to tell you Kaden" Lacie blurted.

"Is it serious or can it wait till after school?" He asked with a puzzled expression.

Lacie just sat there staring at him. "Well are you gonna say?"

"How warm is it in Australia?" she asked in attempt on changing the subject.

"Warm, warmer then Canada. I'd rather not taunt you though." he stated. "But that isn't what we're talking about. Don't change the subject."

"I'm not, that was honestly what I wanted to say." Lacies expression changed to flustered. her cheeks went hot.

"C'mo~on Lacie, don't lie." He whined



"Promise me you won't get angry." she asked while tears trickled down her face

"I promise…"

"I-I'm.." She trailed off

"You're pregnant." he said with bleary eyes

"Yes." Lacie squeaked. She put her hands to her face and started to sob. "A-are you mad at me? Are you g-going to leave me? "What are we going to do?" Kadens face was blank, his eyes were teary. But, he just blinked them away then said "I love you Lacie. I really do. This changes nothing. We'll work around it, but I'm definitely not leaving you."

Everything went silent, all they could hear was each others faint breathing over the computers speakers.

"I love you too Kaden." Lacie finally said. Kaden grasped his cheeks and began to faintly cry.

"I miss you so much. This summer wasn't enough…and now...there is this to worry about." Kadens mother came into his bedroom urging him to change into his schools uniform. Which consisted of plain beige shorts that stopped at the knee, and a white dress shirt.

"I have to go to school now. I'm sorry, we'll talk about this once I get home." He quickly said "I hope aside from this you had a wonderful day at school. Goodbye."

"Okay, goodbye." Lacie replied feeling annoyed over the pesky time difference that was between them."

"I love you, so, so much. I really do, please don't ever forget that." Kaden said while looking deeply at his computer desktop.

"Good." She said "I love you too." The call ended with a bip.

Feeling unsatisfied from the conversation Kaden and her shared she sat back onto her bed and began playing with her silky, long, blonde hair. She fell into deep thought about the past. About how she met Kaden over the Ps3. They were playing Call Of Duty: Black Ops.

Through the bitter yelling of 12-year old children she began talking to someone who was telling them to "Be quiet in a calm manner." Lacie had just been giggling away into her mic at this event while occasionally saying "Shush" or "You don't have to be speaking so vulgarly!"

Kaden sent her a friend request on PSN. Lacie immediately accepted. They began sending messages to each other talking about all sorts of topics. First one being how "the majority of youth acted very out of sorts now-a-days." It lead to other topics till eventually it lead to them telling one another their actual names. They promised to add each other on face book. Lacie was so surprised when she found out he was the same age as her, fourteen.

Over the course of nearly a year they become very great friends. They figured out that they had so much in common. They'd always joke about how they're the same person, just ripped apart and placed in different parts of the world.

One night, everything changed. When Lacie finally wracked up the courage to tell him her feelings. She felt so relieved when she found he had felt the same way. For just the same amount of time as her. She wasn't to surprised though. After all, they were so much alike. Why wouldn't they share that in common too? It wasn't to long before they become an item. It was all long distance of course. But they didn't mind, as long as skype was around and they had time to spend together. Life was great for them just the way it was. They always had the mindset of "at least we met each other as opposed to not at all."

There was so much talk of meeting each other, that year or this year. Unfortunately it didn't occur until three years of being in a relationship online. They didn't mind though, not one bit. They were just happy to be meeting one another at last.

Eighteen wasn't a bad age to be meeting, if anything it was very agreeable. She had started University. She was in a Psychology program. He was still in year 12 of High School. When she was off on a break for Christmas was the time Kaden had ventured to Canada. Only a month ago…

"So much has changed in a month" She whispered. "So much will change in 8 months." She placed her finger tips on her stomach. The thought of a baby already growing in there for a month nauseated her. She began to cry again. She turned into her pillow. Whishing, just hoping that it could be Kaden that she was crying on.

This is my first story ever. Please be kind so then I don't shy away and never, ever, EVER write one again. I don't mind judgment. Just as long as it isn't unnecessarily harsh. Thank-you so much for reading and have a wonderful day~~! :D