Wolf Wars

Chapter 1

Star was excited. Today was the first time that she would go hunting with her pack. Star's mother, Blue, had been secretly teaching Star. Star was the only surviving pup of the litter.

When the pack howled to start the hunt, Star joined in. That was something that she was not allowed to do before she could hunt. The pack started to move. It was not long before Star scented elk. She trotted to the front of the pack to let her father know that there was elk nearby.

"Which way Star?" Star's father, Kiba said.

Star pointed to the north, where she scented the elk herd. The pack followed her. Blue was impressed as how well Star could hunt. Star knew that she would one day be leader of Red River Pack.

It was not long when Star and her pack arrived at the edge of elk territory. Star dropped into a hunting position. The rest of the pack followed her lead. Kiba wondered how his daughter was able to hunt so well. He looked at his mate and Blue shrugged.

Star's ears pricked forward. She heard the howls of another wolf pack. If she wanted to bring dinner back to camp, she had to act quickly.

The wolf scent grew stronger as Star approached the elk. She was too late though, for the other pack charged through the elk heard and ambushed Red River Pack