My name is Gabriel Nair. I am a former student of DSST in Stapleton, Denver. I had just been accepted into CU Boulder and I am planning on majoring in computer science. I am an avid computer programmer. I have already successfully written a program for Tic-Tac-Toe. I also have two annoying siblings, Kiran and Maya. I also have a mom and dad. My entire immediate family came with me to Japan during the summer before I started college along with my grandparents, Muthi and Muthacha. This is the story of how my life changed and evolved into something more, something supernatural and surreal. My life was never the same afterwards. This is the story of how I became a part of a secret organization that is tasked with keeping the balance of the world.

My original dream, before my family and grandparents went to Japan was to become a computer programmer, invent a new kind of operating system like MAC OS X or Windows, give it a really cool sounding name like Stream Link or something, start selling it, make a company and reap the benefits. Oh and I also wanted to go Sky Diving and Water Skiing to, get drunk (Don't tell my parents), get laid (again, don't tell my parents) and grow old. Pretty normal lifestyle if you ask me. Well, that's what I really wanted to do. Alas, it wasn't to be. Otherwise, I wouldn't be telling you this god damn story in the first place.

It all started when we went to Japan. We were going through all the sights such as Mount Fuji, the Shogun Fortress from the Edo period, and other such historical places. On the 15th day of our month long trip, we visited a strange temple where there was a sword stuck inside of a stone. The stone was a very smooth stone, so much so that it seemed like it had been carved into that specific shape. The color of the stone was a dull red. I mean what do you expect, the stone to stay the same red after thousands of years? The stone also had some strange and ancient symbols on it. It looked like ancient Kanji symbols to me. With a sword in a stone, it seemed like the legend from the time of King Arthur where Arthur was the only one worthy enough to pull the sword out of the stone. Others had tried, but he was the only one successful at drawing out the sword. The sword looked strangely like a Japanese katana that I had seen on the Internet and in the shows Bleach and Naruto. But the guard was in the shape of a cloud with a royal blue-cloth covered hilt that was not ravaged by time. There was even a blood red tassel in perfect condition. Then my life started to change forever...