CH. 1: The Beginning

|June 30th 2014|

"Hey Kiran," I said as I stared at the sword that stuck out of the stone, "wouldn't it be awesome if one of us could pull that sword out of the stone? I mean the guide said that it was put in the stone by the Japanese god, Susanoo." Beside me, Kiran nodded excitedly.

"Yeah that would be awesome. But you have to think, if grown men couldn't pull it out of the stone, what makes you think that we can?"

"Well, it could be a test. Just like how the sword in the stone could only be pulled out by king Arthur, maybe there is certain someone in the world that the sword will choose".

"Yeah, maybe. I'm going to go ask mommy if we can go and try to pull the sword out of the stone. Want to come?" I nodded.

"Sure, let's go miserably fail at trying to pull a bloody sword out of the god damn stone," I responded as Kiran went and asked mom while I went over to the sword to stand in line. Kiran came up to me and said that mommy had given the okay. When my turn to pull the sword out of the stone, it started to slide out of the stone like a butter knife. But as I drew the sword, a voice whispered in my head.

"I summon the power of Susanoo. I call out to thee Arashi!" A bolt of lightning struck the sword as it transformed in my hand into the Ame-no-Habakiri. The sword was a Japanese katana with a blue blade that had lightning running down its blade. As soon as I had drawn the mythical blade out of the stone, the guardians of the stone surrounded me. Around us, the other guards and Japanese people gasped in awe. After all, this blade hadn't been wielded since the Edo period of the Shoguns.

"I'm sorry sir, but you're going to have to come with us. We need to discuss what must be done now that the sword has chosen its wielder," said a temple guardian with brown spiky hair with a long spiky ponytail. I nodded as I followed them. As I looked behind me, I saw my family watching helplessly as I was herded away to the unknown. I was taken to a room that looked suspiciously like an interrogation room. After about five minutes, the man who had brought me here came in with another man. This man had combed black hair and 'don't mess around with me' expression on his face.

"Hello," sad the new man as the one who had brought me here left. "My name is Jack Osho. You have no idea what you have just done. You are also faced with two decisions."

"How have I caused you a lot of trouble and what decisions am I faced with?"

"I'll answer you second question first. You can either be enrolled in a school in which we will train you in using your powers, and then be initiated into the Order. Your other choice is to be executed."

"Oh. Well that's an easy choice. I'll go to this fancy school of yours and join this order of yours. Now why did I cause you trouble?"

"You do realize that no one has ever been able to pull that sword out since it was put there by the goddess Arashi right? People will want to wonder how the fucking hell you were able to pull that sword out of the stone. Many people have tried, but never were they able to pull it out. Even the children of the Shogun during the time of the samurai weren't able to pull the sword out. But there is another stipulation that must be followed if you accept this offer," said the interrogator.

"Okay, what are the stipulations?" I asked.

"You must become the battle partner of the heir to the royal family of Japan. Alright with you?"

"Is she some kind of spoiled brat who gets anything she wants?" I asked while my twitched.

"No. She hates being pampered and always spends time with the regulars instead of people that her father wants her to hang out with. She also gained the power of a sword similar to yours. However, she has gained a sword of equal power to yours. Amaterasu has blessed her sword. When she calls its sword, its name the sword becomes Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi. SO will you be her partner?"

"Sure. What's her name?"

"Her name is Akio Izakio. I, Headmaster of the Order's School, Yamamoto Tenzen, accept you into our school and as a citizen of Japan. So let it be done."

"Okay. But now I have a question for you. What will happen to my parents? And will you send a letter of rejection to the college that I am about to attend?"

"We will send your parents back right away so that you can get started on your training. As for your college, we will send them a message. How about you go meet your partner. After all, you are the same age," said the Headmaster. I nod and follow the headmaster out of the interrogation room. He opens the door, which lead to what looks like a sitting room.

"Where is-" I asked before a girl with long brownish-red hair came storming into the room.

"Ugh. Headmaster, you really aren't partnering me up with someone who will be useless and will treat me like some princess. PLEASE DON"T DO THIS TO ME!" yelled the girl.

"Aki," the headmaster said, "I haven't partnered you up with someone will treat you like a spoiled princess. He will treat you like any other girl."

"OH yeah? Who is it?" she asked.

"It's me," I said as I stood up making myself known. "I guess I'm your new partner. Nice to meet you Akio, my name is Gabriel Nair. I hope we can work together." She stared at me before breaking down in laughter.

"Haha. You got to be kidding me headmaster. He looks like he couldn't run even a mile without collapsing." The headmaster was about to respond to her comment when I interrupted.

"You are right princess. I probably couldn't. But that does not give you the right to talk down to me. Understood?" I retorted at her. To her credit, she didn't flinch.

"Fine. But you better not fail a single year at the academy. You got that? I won't have a useless partner. But I have a question. Why are you being suddenly accepted when you are probably just a tourist?"

"I was able to pull out the sword placed by Susanoo as well call out its name which will transform the into a sword resembling the Ame-no-Habakiri, just like you call out to your sword making it transform into a sword resembling the Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi. Does that answer your question?"

"Yes. Well, since let's go take a walk and tell each other about ourselves," said Akio as she stood up to go out.

"Fine. I'll follow you. Let's go," I said as I followed Akio out.

"So," I said, "How do you want to do this?"

"I'll demonstrate for you Gabriel. My name is Akio Izakio. My likes include manga, anime, training, and reading. My dislikes are perverts, rapists, murderers, and child beaters. My hobbies are reading manga, watching anime, training, and eating. My goal is to become the captain of a quad within the Order."

"Oh, that is easy. My name is Gabriel Nair. My likes include manga, anime, reading, writing, computer programming, and eating ramen, sushi, and ravioli. My dislikes are my brother, my cousin Shalini, and tests. My hobbies are reading manga and other books, watching anime, and writing. My dream is… uh actually, I don't have a dream anymore. It used to be to get a college degree, but I'm not going to be going to college now so my dream is scrapped."

"Oh. I'm sorry for what you are being forced to do. What was the choice that they gave you?"

"Choice? It wasn't really a choice. I was told that I either join, or die," I replied.

"Really? Oh, I thought that you were given choice. You were supposed to be given a choice."

"Eh? Oh well it doesn't matter. I wouldn't have chose differently anyways. I need to go to this school no matter what. I need to know how to control the powers that I have been granted. So, I kinda need to go to this school. Get my drift?"

"Yeah. But since I am the heir to the royal family of Japan, I can bend the rules and get you the chance to see your family."

"Thank you. I am in your debt."

"Do not mistake this for kindness. I am only doing this because you are my partner. I need you to be at your best, but if you are worrying about your family, then you won't be at your best," said Akio.

"…Thank you, Akio. I will be at my best at all times!" As I said this with a fist pump, Akio smiled.

"Of course you will," she replied as we continued our walk to the hotel that my family was staying at.

"How do you know that we are staying at the Hilton?" I asked as I saw that we were walking on the road to the Hilton.

"I'm not dumb you know," said Akio.

"I never said that, but I never told you where I was staying. I thought you would need to know the hotel to know where to go. Oh well, we're already here. That didn't take long."

"Yes, Gabriel. It didn't take long because of…er actually I don't know why it took so short. Anyways, go to your room. I'll wait in the lobby."

"Thank you. I'll see you when I come back down, Akio."

|Hilton Hotel Room: 710|

"Hey guys," I said as I walked into the hotel room where everyone was sitting with a serious expression. My mother, father, and sister was in a very depressed mood. However, my brother didn't seem to care, as he was playing Minecraft, on the Ipad.

"Gabriel," yelled my mom as she came over and started asking question over question.

"How are you? Did they do anything to you? Are you in trouble for drawing the sword out of the stone? Answer me."

"Okay, one question at a time. First question answer is that I am doing fine. Second question answer is that they did nothing to me. Third question answer is a little more complicated for me to answer in one sentence. So sit down. First of all, I am not coming back with you to the US. You'll get compensation for the plane ticket."

"Why aren't you coming back to the US with us Gabriel?" my father asks me.

"Well, when I drew the sword out of the stone, I gained some mystic power. I have to stay and train in it so that it never gets out of control. I want to come with you. Honestly. But this is my choice. I was given the choice of leaving and not having control of my powers or staying and having full control over my powers. So I truly am staying here. I'll probably join the Order. I hear they get paid well. I'll still be going to school."

"Fine. You may stay, but after your training you must come see us. Understand?"

"Yes mother. I'll come see you. Have a fun rest of the trip. The school semester starts in two days. I'll also need all my clothes and suitcase. Ja Ne." I packed up all the clothes into my suitcase as we had just had the hotel wash all our dirty clothes.

"Be sure to change underwear Gabriel. And behave properly understand?" my mom asked in a demanding tone between sobs.

"Yes mother. I'll be okay. See you all later." My sister, Maya, then latched herself to my legs. "What's wrong Maya? I would have left you later this summer. It's not that bad."

"I don't want you to go Gabriel Atta," my sister screamed. I sighed and unlatched her from my legs. I then gave her to my mother.

"I have to leave you Maya." I then left the room. But as I was about to enter the elevator, I hear Maya screaming in the background for me not to go. "Gomen Maya," I said to myself, "but I have to do this." I stepped into the elevator and closed the door quickly, but not before seeing Maya's tears falling down her face. As I stepped out of the elevator in the lobby, I saw Akio waiting for me.

"Let's go Akio. I don't want to be here any longer than I have to. The pain is unbearable. I really don't want to leave them, but I must," I said as tears threatened to fall down my face.

"Fine. Let's be on our way. The next time you'll see them will be after the school course is done, which will be in about 8 years. Ikimashou."

Journal Entry #1:

I am starting on a new path. I don't know if any of my friends back home will be particularly happy with me. Maybe they'll hate me. But I know that my cousin will be very mad at me when I come back. I'll probably go back at Christmas time and surprise them. Well, it's a start of a new life!

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