Hey guys, this is my first upload to the site, kind of like a little ice-breaker. I'm writing a novel in my spare time at the moment, basically about gods in modern times – it's going very well and I hope it's very cool for the readers if and when I finish it and get it published. This is just a little snippet from very early on in the book, but one of my favourites, and I just wanted you to get a little taste as well. And of course, tell me what you think, be honest - all reviews will be appreciated, acknowledged and probably acted on while I continue this awesome work. Enjoy!

Lake District, United Kingdom - Midnight, 21st December 2012:

The sleek helicopter travelled at an angle to the hill on which Dyeus and Marcus stood, not an intentional destination, but that didn't mean that the hill wasn't swept like all the others by the thermal imaging camera of one of Cumbria Police's state-of-the-art helicopters.

"Sierra-alpha nine-two from Romeo seven-seven, thermal imaging has just picked up two signatures on the summit of a large hill, over," the Camera Operator said, then turned to the pilot of the aircraft; "Get us closer and I'll light them up, see if it's who we're after."

The helicopter took up a good position hovering steadily over the two people on the ground, and the Camera Operator switched on the helicopter's impressively powerful searchlight, now able to look to the ground below through a normal camera.

"Sierra-alpha nine-two from Romeo seven-seven, we have a positive visual identification on Mark Rushfell and an unknown suspect. Suspect vehicle is nowhere in sight, nor has it been picked up by thermals, bu- wait... Unknown suspect is in possession of a handgun, I repeat, a firearm has been spotted, over."

"Romeo seven-seven from Sierra-alpha nine-two, transmit the location, hold your position, and do not let them out of your sight. Armed Response Vehicles are on their way, over."

Marcus was about to ask Dyeus how they were to go about dealing with the current situation, when three sets of flashing blue lights appeared around the foot of a neighbouring hill, making for the track that he, Mehnot, and Perkwunos had taken in the car earlier.

"Do as they say, and don't get yourself shot; it'd be some heavy news to return home with. I will take care of this," Dyeus said, now replacing his pistol back in his jacket.

"Dyeus, there's a helicopter and three Police AR-"

"Marcus, I will take care of this."

The Master of the Deiwos sent a stern glare his way, before relaxing again and awaiting the arrival of the police.

'Is it common that they can switch off emotion or any sign of it whenever they want?' Marcus thought, 'If it isn't, they still make it look too easy.'

Marcus could tell that the cars coming were ARVs as now he could see the shape of the big BMW X5s in the light that they were creating, and, as the vehicles thundered up the hill, the tell-tale fluorescent yellow spot in the cars' rear-most windows.

Despite Dyeus' words, he began to worry as the reality of the situation hit him, but then again, what could he really do but do as he was told. Dyeus remained perfectly motionless, his face still completely calm.

The three cars skidded to a halt in a haphazard line roughly ten metres from where Dyeus and Marcus were standing, three officers from each vehicle scrambling to disembark and get into a defensive position somewhere around their car.

"Armed police! Stay where you are!"

"Put your hands in the air!"

"Armed police!"

"Show us your hands now!"

"Armed police!"

The shouts continued as Marcus gave the officers his undivided attention, threw his hands into the air, and turned to face them fully. Dyeus, however, simply stood and stared intently at this impressive array. A breeze began to gather on the hilltop.

"Put your hands in the air now! Now! Or we will shoot you!"

Now the officers began to move in a fanned line out onto the open ground between the vehicles and the subjects, Dyeus finally beginning to raise his arms upward. A steady wind was now blowing over the hilltop, the helicopter having to make an effort to hold its position.

Dropping his gaze to the ground, Dyeus smirked. He flicked his outstretched hands in an upward motion. A sharp, mighty gale came up then, screaming across the hilltop. Marcus saw the officers' rifle butts jerk sharply from their positions against their shoulders to strike the back of their heads, rendering each and every one of them unconscious before their limp bodies had even moved toward the ground.

With no pause for thought, Dyeus then pulled his hands all the way down to the ground, summoning a wind from on high down onto the helicopter - the crew inside still reeling at what they had just witnessed - which swayed and spun madly as the pilot fought for control of the aircraft.

Marcus then felt a strong hand hooking under his arm and heard, not just the voice of Dyeus, but the voice of the Master of the Deiwos, the voice of limitless power and divine authority, shout:

"Come! We are leaving!"

Marcus then felt the Deiwos next to him crouch slightly while he was pulled down as well. Everything in view became faded as a storm of white and silver light swirled around them, enveloping them, like a giant cocoon.

"Push! Now!"

Marcus pushed. And he was in the air. Soaring upwards, Dyeus still held him to his side. He could still see, although everything was slightly obscured by the white and silver light swirling around them; he saw the helicopter still struggling for control against the winds, the officers still motionless on the ground, illuminated by the stroking lights of their vehicles.

Before they hit the clouds, Marcus saw in the distance a lit-up house, a house at which just hours earlier, he had been celebrating the continued survival of the World, a house alone in the great dark expanse of midnight in the Lake District, his friends, police officers and cars all around it, confusedly trying to piece together what had happened to him that night just as he himself had done before. But now, he both knew and didn't know what lay before him, and also knew that none of those below could ever imagine in their wildest dreams what had transpired. In a way, that was a very good thing.