Natalina's POV

People stared at us as we continued to walk down the unknown streets of downtown London, as we walk up the steps to our very new deluxe flat in Regent Suites; twelve men walk behind us with our belongings. I pulled out my keys (that I do need to customize) and put it in the lock and in the flat we went. It was a beautiful flat, with a white-lavender scheme. The sofa was a silk covered lavender couch that can fit approximately 5 to 6 people and at the end was longer than the rest. Then there are two white love seats across from each other and a maybe 50 to 52 inch telly in the middle of the whole scenery, which I love. It was definitely a sight to see the rest of the beautiful flat, the kitchen is massive and so is the dining area. We scoop the flat out even more and just stared, jaws agape from the rooms that are in this place. We only have this pent house sort of flat because of our no good mum; don't judge me for saying that I have a reason no, many reasons. She was never there our nanny Mary (who is sleeping on her bed right now) was there more than our mum Katheryn. Or so called mum co-owns Sony Pictures, owner of Regent Suites and a manager of a wannabe famous lad – Conner Maynard. So as you can see she didn't have any time for her two daughters; Natalina and Sofia.

I'm sorry my name is Natalina Harrington; my sister is Sofia Harrington we are from Wolver Hampton, London. We were very comfortable in our snuggly home, but my sis and I wanted a scenery change and since our mum is filthy rich we moved to the heart of London.

"Love, why the hell do we have such luck?" my sister Sofia says sitting in the island of the kitchen as I look for something to nibble on.

"Ha," I say smugly, we're only lucky cause of our bitch of a mum. But instead of saying that I said, "Yeah, pretty lucky," I add a bored tone to emphasize how much I wanted to make my other comment. I finally find some crisps and plop myself down on the counter next to my sister. "You know we have to start school tomorrow, Worth School, right?" I wonder trying to make sure it was that school and not end up driving us to Mullingar, Ireland.

"Yes, Worth School is the name. It has such a brill name doesn't it?" Sofia says with sarcasm dripping from her last words. I look at her and chuckle a bit, she has the same level of sarcasm. I just use it very cleverly and insult people without them to notice.

Sofia POV

I laugh softly as I look at Natalina while getting off of the seat at the island and grab an apple then take a bite out of it. A foul taste spreads over my taste buds and I run towards the nearest trash can, spitting it out Natalina chuckles at me eating a bad apple and I send daggers at her. She sticks her tongue out playfully and I look at her with a straight face which makes her put her arms up in defense. I walk over to the island and the twelve lads put the rest of our luggage along with pictures and paintings that we personally made since we sell most them. I smile at them as I approach them while I reach money out from my wallet, (that I designed, not to brag or anything) and Mary comes running towards my side, handing them the money.

"Sofia, dear, I thought I told you that I was going to pay?" Mary says as she opens the door for them to leave and she turns to them. "And don't you dare tell any person that you work for them, or else." I chuckle at Mary, she only uses that tone once and a while when mum hires people to work for us which we seriously don't need because I feel like a rich snob who can't do anything and has random people do my needs.

Quiet footsteps come towards my way, which is Natalina since no one else is here. She moves towards the door and waves at one of the cute guy that she was talking about when we first come eye to eye with him in the interview. I think his name was Matthew, it was Allistair before he changed his name, but he still has the British accent. You have no idea how much I feel left out, I mean everyone has accents even Mary. But I love having half an accent somehow. Natalina taps my shoulder and calls his name which catches his attention causing him to walk over here. When he reached the door, they started talking, well actually, flirting. Of course, she's a charmer but she isn't like those whores in high school, she's just a huge flirt, and me on the other hand, I suck at meeting guys mostly talking to them. But sometimes, I can when I'm tired or something or if I really know them and when like a hot guy talks to me, I completely stutter.

There was this one time when this guy named Dylan, the very sexy snob of a guy, at our old school who came up to me while I was at my locker looking for my journal where my homework was.

Dylan walks up to me as I'm scrambling through my locker, looking for my essay for Advanced English, which as I don't mean to brag, but I'm awesome at writing, I'm like the top person in that class. Anyway, someone clears their throat and I whip my head towards the person. My eyes go wide as I stare at the guy who is standing right in front of me, Dylan Anderson. I try to make my eyes go back to the normal size, but it's so hard not to stare. He smiles that sexy smile of his and my face goes hard. No, he can't take advantage of you, do not let him see your vulnerability even though you're not vulnerable, Sofia. Okay, wait. Why am I talking to myself? I smile sweetly and push him away lightly, turning towards my locker. Mission accomplished! I found it, I smirk at myself in victory and suddenly I hear a chuckle. I roll my eyes and grunt, what is he still doing here? Does he not get that I do not have an emotionally attraction to him? Jesus some guys' egos are too huge, I mean some of them aren't even used being rejected by a girl. Such losers they are, thinking that they can win over some girl by a stupid smile.

"May I help you?" I ask. He flashes me that smile that always wins over girls to sleep with him, so shallow, right?

"Well, I was wondering if you wanted to eat lunch with me today?" he says smoothly. I roll my eyes.

"Nice try, bro. But obviously, you're never gonna win me over no matter how hard you try," I snort matter-of-factly and hold up my hand as he was about to speak but he cut me off first by holding my arms up as he pins me against the lockers and I can just feel people's eyes on us.

"Oh, so you're that kind of girl?" he whispers into my ear as he kisses my earlobe. "Well did I ever tell that being different, is quite sexy to men. Just saying, Sofia. You know you want me, don't play hard to get with me, now. Just one lunch with me and that's all I'm asking," he says breathing into my ear as I keep a straight face.

I knee him in the stomach and he holds it and crouches down. I huff, grabbing my paper that's s flawless from all that, then slamming my locker and walk away. Humph. He didn't see that coming. I thought I told him that I wasn't attracted to him? Oh wait, dammit, I forgot to say that part. Stupid jeez, why don't you say what you hesitate to say?

"Um, love?" Natalina's voice grabs me out of my memory land. I shrug my eyebrow and attempt to raise my eyebrow, but I fail when I raise both eyebrows which gets a chuckle in response.

Natalina's POV

"You cannot raise your eyebrows," I laugh at Sofia and turn my attention back to Matthew. Well his name was Allistair which is pretty freaking sexy, but back to topic. Allistair (or Matthew) was looking mighty fine with his white skinny jeans (that make his ass look divine), his black tank fit magnificent over his beautiful biceps and torso. And then the best part his shoes, there black supras, god do I love those shoes on him. They fit him so well, I'm drooling I know I am I just think he looks so smashing! Ugh! So attractive! But I doubt he even likes me, not since that time in grade school.

I sit on the edge of the slide talking on and on about something that had happen the day before with my older sister (by a week) and she looks at me interestedly as I was talking. But, that was soon interrupted by a cute-ish boy sat at the top of the slide smiling at me which I returned with a bigger one. He slides down to "accidentally" bump me on the way down.

"Hi Natalina and Sofia, Sofia can I talk to Nat for a moment?" Allistair asks, Sofia obliges and goes to go talk to one of the other girls on the playground, Allistair turnes his attention to me as I did to him and he starts to blush as I giggle and I speak to start the conversation going.

"Alli." he giggles and nods, "What did you need?" I ask nicely. He turns another shade of red which makes me laugh.

"Uh," he says dragging the h and looks down, suddenly more interested in the gravel than me. "I-I wanted to ask you something," he stutters out. I look at him, smiling then I nod and he continues, "Well um….will you be my girlfriend..." He looks away from me to hide his growing blush. I giggle and realize I'm not ready. I'm only 10 and I'm confused about boys.

"No," I say, he looks away as his face turns pale almost like a sheet of paper. Then I realize how cold I sound and I correct myself, "No Alli I didn't mean it so badly. I think you're cute. But I'm not ready I'm only ten," I say while I take his hand, and hold it tight to show how much I care.

He solemnly nods, hugs me and leaves me to feel regretful with a ton of guilt on the edge of that stupid yellow slide. I can't believe I just crushed his heart. I'm a monster. I'm such an idiot.

"Nat," I hear from a distance "Nat!" I hear louder, "NATALINA ELEANOR HARRINGTON!" I hear someone scream who I come to know as my sister. My vision comes back to where I was standing but somehow I am lying on the floor. I try to lift my head but the back and front of my head is pounding so hard I lay it back down, but the pounding just gets louder, even hurts even more as if it will satisfy me.

"Nat! Are you okay love?" I hear Matthew say in worry. I look up and I finally can see his face better. His beautiful face. The face I let slip out of my grasp so long ago. I felt tears well up in my eyes I tried to squint them away but they just started to pour and I couldn't stop crying; I hurt him. I start to sob and I fall back on the ground rolling myself over so my back was facing them.

How could I hurt him? Was I that cold to him? Did he like me that much? I remember his face it looked so broken even at the age of ten he looked like I ran over his puppy. Like I just tripped him on the playground or RAN HIM OVER! Why am I feeling this now! I hate myself for something that happened eight years ago! Why do I like him now? Ugh f*ing girl hormones.

"Natalie. Nat!" someone calls out my name from behind, I think the same one that is shaking my shoulder uncontrollably. I slowly turn around and see Matthew only centimeters away from me. His lips, they looked so plump and pink and so lushes. His face was so tan and smooth with no sign of acne at all, his gorgeous turquoise eyes and his amazingly styled hair. He is so beautiful.

I grab his face softly and look him in the eyes through my blurry watery ones and I see something in his eyes. Desire. He's been waiting for this and I never noticed. I'm such a horrid person.

I lean forward, closing my eyes and the gap closes between us as I feel his soft lips against mine.

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