Sofia's POV

Oh god. Kiss in front of me, thanks Natalina. I should've expected it, I mean he liked her in grade school before and she rejected him. God, when she rejected him, I literally felt my heart ache for him. I hear the other guys whistle at them and I laugh silently. Natalina and Matthew pull away as they slightly blush.

"Finally!" Aaron cheers and begins to clap. It catches on and we start applauding as their cheeks start getting a shade of pink. The clapping fades and the rest of the guys leave except Aaron.

I've always liked Aaron he's a good fellow. He's always there for me and even moved here with Matthew with us to "protect" us. I think they moved here with us to actually be with us because they couldn't bear it. Anyway, he smiles at me as he walks towards my side and swings his arm over my shoulder. I shrug my shoulder and look up at him. His emerald green eyes bore into my dark blue ones and I smile at him slightly. He's always been that guy friend that was there for me, I cried when he told me that he was coming with us. My eyes look at what he's wearing: dark wash jeans, white supras, a white v-neck, a nice black button up shirt and a black lightning necklace that shows in the middle, which I bought him before he told me he was coming to live with us. In separate rooms of course, Mary wouldn't allow it.

The rest of the guys bring Aaron's and Matthew's things inside into their rooms across from ours in the hallway. Aaron looks at me and I can just see that little memory playing in his head through his eyes when he first met.

My sister waits for me as I pay for my lunch, god how I can't wait to get into middle school. As I'm giving the cashier the money, this little nudges me, more like crashes onto me and we fall back causing a domino fall on everyone. I've always wanted that to happen! I mean, who wouldn't? Anyway, his chest is on mine, the weirdest position ever. I nudge him off and thankfully, all of the other food landed on the other side of the line, which no one used. He stands up while brushing himself off and holds out a hand for me. I accept it then brush myself off. He has a good grip; I swear I almost collapsed on him. He smiles at me shyly and I return the smile. Hmm. I haven't seen him around school.

"Sorry about that," he says as he looks at me and puts a strand of hair behind my ear. "I'm Aaron, and you are?" I grab my backpack that mum's friend designed and swing it over my shoulder then move out of the way.

"I'm Sofia, thanks for, uh, causing that domino impact, I've always wanted to be in one," I say with a smile.

This boy, Aaron laughs softly. "You're welcome, believe it or not, I have too. Some people don't," he says as he rubs his arm, looking away shyly. Oh come on dude, it's only fifth grade. Why do we act so mature? Oh yeah, because we're forced to.

"Well. I do," I say. Aaron puts his hand out and we shake hands.

"We should, um, talk later," he says as he lets go.

"How do I know that you will?"

"I promise," he says looking into my eyes.

"Pinky swear?" I laugh. He holds out his pinky and I wrap my pinky around his.

"Pinky swear."

"Thinking about it too?" his voice whispers into my ear. I jump slightly and smile as I see it is just Aaron. Of course I have, it's hard not to I mean for being friends with him since fifth grade that day, he's just been a huge part of me.

"Yeah," I say. Natalina and Allistair, I mean Matthew walk over to us with smiles on their faces. Love birds. Or trying to be, or whatever.

"Hey, Matt," I say and Aaron puts his arm to his side. Matthew and Aaron do that man-nod-hug thing where in their meaning it's a greeting.

"Hey, Sof," he says quietly. I finally raise my eyebrow at him and he sighs. "Nothing, I'll tell you later." I shrug my shoulder, it's so weird, like we have a close friendship and I'm the person he vents to most of the time. I realize that I need to unpack everything, well except the furniture and I walk to my room.

It's a blue, almost dark turquoise with a desk in the near right corner against the wall, where the window is so it gives light but has brown curtains covering the light. Window sill, exactly what I asked for. It's a nice window, it's not tiny it's kind of those where you can open them and sit on the window sill, enjoying the warmth of fall. My queen size bed is against the wall, away from the desk on the left corner, facing me if you stand in front of the door. It has a black comforter with blue circles on it with four pillows that match with it. Next to it is a night stand made of wood that's a dark brown with one drawer, which probably has a bunch of space inside. There's a glass TV stand in front of it, a few feet away though with a 32" TV on top. and against the wall by the desk has a wooden dresser with a mirror that's modern with silver handles. In the corner next to the TV stand is a black papasan that has metal bars for support. Behind the door is a walk in closet that could fit ten people with all my shoes lined up and clothes already hung up. Beneath my feet is soft dark grey carpet that fits well for my room.

A knock on the door brings me back from my trance of my room and leaning against the doorway is Allistair with a soft, warm smile on his face.

Natalina's POV

His lips, God. Why haven't I given into those lushes lips of his? Those plump lips move slowly every so slowly against mine. Like he's trying to savor the taste of his lips on mine, like in the next ten seconds we pull away and I might not 'like it'. But wrong, I love it. I admire how slow he's going, even though this has been his dream sense 5th grade. Come to realize it, this is what I've been craving, these lips are what I have been missing since the beginning and what did I do? I screwed it up and said I wasn't ready.

I deepen the kiss but then, he pulls away? PULLS AWAY?! Why did he just pull away? Does he not like me anymore? Was he just in the heat off the moment and was repulsed? Oh god, he probably hates me and never wants to see me again. What if he never wants to see me again?! What if he hates me and doesn't want to be best friends? Man I screwed this up. Ugh, fml.

"Nat? I'm sorry I pulled away. But….my girlfriend. Rachel" he says worry of course on his face. Well, he caused this worry. Oh and Rachel pronounced Ra-shel. Stupid slag corrects every human out there if they say it the American version, flips her fake platinum blonde hair as she squeezes her mamerize together to "mesmerize" guys in wishing they could fuck her and girls wishing they could have money for implants. Ugh how much I hate her. I should have token my chance with Allistair.

"Nat? Nat? Are you okay? I'm…sorry. I just don't feel t-that thing anymore," he sputters out probably trying not to hurt me. Well to fucking late mate! I guess I know how he feels when I broke his heart.

I smile a fake smile that seems to impress him and say with as much cheeriness as possible, "Come on Alli, you know it's okay! We're best lades! So let's just forget that. And go to Sofia and if Aarons there too!" That was a hard sentence I have ever said; tears are in my eyes begging to be let free but I can't. Not in front of Alli, I need to find Aaron. I need my shield, my safety net, I need my Andy.

We walked to where Andy (Aaron) and Sofia were "flirting", a very poor job of it. Sofia, I swear if we have some telekinesis or some wonky thing let me tell you: LEARN HOW TO FUCKING FLIRT WITH AARON AND MAKE A MOVE MATE BEFORE HE GETS SNAPPED UP! Ah! This girl does not take a hint does she?

"Nat? Are you okay? Your spacing out a lot now," Matt says grabbing my hand and entwining our fingers; sparks shoot threw my hand and run up my arm and extend threw out my body, which makes me shudder.

"Yeah I'm fine mate just some thinking going on," I say happily but really just wanting to ball my eyes out on my duvet with Aaron right beside me, comforting me and telling me "Everything will get worked out love." When it really won't because I screwed up my chance with which I came to realize my one and only love.

I stand face to face with Aaron and Sofia as they stray away from their deep conversation and stare right at us. I put on a fake smile just as I thought out and make sure it looked realistic until I get to my room. I watched Sofia leave to I guess her room without saying much since we all live together so we will see her again, then watch as Aaron's eyes followed her ass and he probably forgot how to work his feet in the last 5 seconds and fell face first.

"Andy, Andy, Andy, my sweet little Bradford charmer you forgot how to work your feet love," I say as I help him get back up on his feet and watch him steady himself.

"Ha-ha really funny Nat," he says rolling his eyes and turning to see if Sofia's ass is anywhere in sight, sadly for him she was already in her room. Footsteps fade away down the hallway, which is probably Alli's. I lean to see Allistair close Sofia's door and I face Andy.

"Andy, we…umm…well, I need your help," I say trailing off trying to find the right words for my sentence but can't really place my finger on it. "Well what I was trying to say is I need your help getting Alli. To be…mine."

Sofia's POV

Matt sits; well flops on my bed- face down and mumbles something that I can't understand.

"What?" I ask. He mumbles some more words. I ask again and he mumbles. I sit on his back, proudly. "What's wrong Matt? Wait. Oh, is it that thing about the kiss?" He nods and sighs into my clean comforter, I shake my head. Him being Matt, does this ninja thing where he flips over, (after I get off his back) staring at the ceiling with his eyes closed and his hands on his tummy.

"I love her, Sof," he whispers, which is barely audible. "But I'm with Rachel." He looks at me and I nod, understanding. "What should I do?"

I slap my hand on the pillow which startles him and I laugh. "It's so noticeable, Matty! Aary and I see the way you look at her and she looks at you the same way, but she's so clueless, that she doesn't realize that she has feelings for you. What I'm about to say isn't for my sister's happiness, but, you should end it with Rachel. I mean, Matty, have you ever felt the sparks that you have with Natalina when you kiss or touch Rachel? Do you actually have feelings for her? No offense Matty," I say looking at him and chuckle. "She's fake. Not Natalina, she's real. But Rachel, is she really what you want?" I sit beside him, Indian style and keep my eyes on him.

"I don't know, Sof," he whispers and looks at me. "Rachel isn't fake. She's more than that. She's a real person. I like her, a lot. Then, I love Natalina. I know it should be a no brainer- but I'm afraid," he adds. A flash of worry appears in his eyes and fear with some warmth.

"Why?" I ask.

Matty looks up at the ceiling again, as if it's the most important thing ever. "I know how she is, love. Rachel isn't very fond of Natalina because she knows that we have history, in a way. She's the extreme jealous girlfriend and I know she will hurt her. That's what I don't want. That's why I can't go to Natalina or show my feelings to her."

"Well," I sigh. "Allistair. We can always protect her, it's always been like that, if someone that we love is in danger or someone is out to get them, we do anything to prevent them from getting hurt. Am I right?" He nods and lies on his side, almost armadillo style.

"But I don't know, Sofia! It's so conflicting," he groans.

"I know, but we can't talk about this here, maybe come to my room at midnight so we can talk about it when everyone is asleep. Got it?" I ponder.

"Thanks, love," he says and jumps off of my bed. As if on cue, Natalina and Aary walk through my room with smiles on their faces. I wonder what they were talking about.

Natalina's POV

"Nat. Come on lade lets go to my room." Andy says, slinging his arm over my shoulder guiding me to his room, which is at the end of the hall far from Sofia's room so I can ball my eyes out in peace.

"So what are you going on about, with Allistair being yours?" Andy asks as we walk into his room, now fully decorated with a king sized bed with dark green covers to make him look "manly" cause the stupid lad didn't want blue! Such a wobbler, we sit on his bed and I decide to get comfortable not speaking just…..looking and I see all the band posters he has of one of those American bands. Green Day? I don't quiet remember the name of it nor do I care. I guess the painted his walls pretty fast because now there Navy and he has a few bookshelves already up and his clothes already in his closet already in there places and his swayed green couch on the right side of the room where his black wooded desk was placed, a 46 inch flat screen already hanging from the Navy blue wall with a TV stand underneath, filled with video games and consoles I don't have the care or time to remember the names of.

I stay silent until I feel familiar warm arms take me deeper into the bed and snuggles me into his body; that's when the water works start. I could feel him shift uncomfortably cause of his soaking wet shirt filled with tears.

I pull away and whip my nose with my sleeve which disgust me cause this is my One Direction hoodie; the band that I will give anything to meet and love with all my heart and I wi- sorry anyways, I look up at him and see the desperation he has in his eyes, he hates it when I cry.

"You don't *sniffle* have to *sneeze* help *sniffle* me Andy" I say in-between my crying side effects. He chuckles and takes his shirt off for release of the tear drenched shirt, and then the after effect; the 8-pack and that sinister V of his.

He pats his lap for a direction for me to sit on him. I do as told, in a straddling him way as usual when I have problems and he tries to cheer me up.

"Babe, I have and always will be here for you. No matter what happens. Do you understand that love." He says and kisses my cheek; making me blush and smile making me forget the whole issue with Alli for a few seconds. "I understand. I just…I finally come to my senses I guess. Alli has had a crush on me since that day in grade school and I said no to him Andy! I said no to the most handsome, sweetest, weirdest, corniest guy that is friend zoning me now. He told me he doesn't feel that way anymore Andy. I fucked up. I'm such a Wobbler." I say feeling more tears wetting my dried cheeks once again. I fall onto his body and start choking on sobs and cry even harder. How can a guy make me feel like this? How can someone that I have had no feelings for till now make my walls come down so brutally?

"Natalina Eleanor Harrington. Do you really believe that Matthew doesn't like you? If he's liked you since that first day we meet in kinder year do you think he will stop now? He's just being a bloke." Andy says, making me look up at him in admiration because he knows what to say to me to make me forget how much problems I have.

I sigh and I know I have to talk to Sof about it she's my sister and my best mate just like Alli and Andy I need her just as much, "Alright thanks Andy! Want to go to Sofia's room and watch a film with her and Alli" I ask and he nods getting up and shuffling to the door and opening it for me. I smile and walk towards his door with more confidence than I had 10 minutes ago.

"Hey Sof…" I start off then see Allistair's beautiful face right in front of mine doing nothing but looking me straight in the eyes filled with hurt, confusion and worry while mine just show how broken I am. "Nat babe we need to talk" my sister says snapping me out of my gaze.

"W-why" I question, really Natalina really? You fucking stuttered! DON'T LOOK WEAK! Come on just find an excuse so you can go to Andy's room and pour your heart and eyes out in his arms. "Because. We need to straighten things out".


Aary/Andy= Aaron

Alli/Matthew/Matty/Matt= Allistair