This is for my crush who doesn't notice me. This is my first entry, so... Enjoy. Hope you like it.

Eyes closed, eyes opened

Glare or stare, I see

Rememb'ring every single moment

When your eyes were on me

Striving hard to remember

Things that happened before

That one morning haze of September

Still wishing for some more

Humming with the cold breeze

Late one night in December

Reminiscing the memories

Alas, they were all over

I hold on to you, my dear

Though I know I'm not worthy

For it's obviuos, it is clear

You don't even care about me

Fool am I, I shall say

A fool out of love, a fool out of you

Dreaming about us each passing day

If you only look at me, if you only knew

Our worlds apart, I daresay

Up there, above, down here, below

There you belong, here shall I stay

So how could I ever let you know?

As hard as I try to forget,

I know I'll never let go

I'm not a lover, nor a mere friend

And my feelings won't ever show

Sometimes I wonder

If you think of me too

Of happy ever afters

While running with the morning's dew

Fairytales are for little girls

I am a child no more

I have to accept it though it hurts

That I am behind closed doors

Why won't I let you go?

I don't even know you at all

Why will I ever want to let you know?

If you won't catch me when I fall