Once they were one

They broke into two

Each half couldn't run

However one tries to

Though it was never meant

Both were stuck there together

Each found one's best friends

Who'll be there for the other

Rainy season has come

They were ready to open their eyes

They were ready to come out

And heaven has been nice

For hearing the girls' cry,

We can therefore reckon,

That every tear in their eyes

Means something much more

Happiness knocked the door

Of their family that day

Once two, became four

And it was dearly prayed

That someday there shall be

A replacement for one lost child

Who left not merely a baby

When fetched by his angel to fly

Years had passed

Time had flee

Love truly lasts

They became three

Tears had fell from the eyes

Of the poor little baby

Together, they fought and hurt the child

And it drives their parents crazy

Secrets they shared

One mind belongs to the other

Though life was not fair,

They're bestfriends forever

Who'll never leave the other's side

Who'll always be there to talk with

Who'll be a shoulder when the other cries

Who'll be there to fulfill the other's need

She was good

But she was better

She was rude

But she was meaner

It truly was not fair

To be compared and all

It's something, forever they shall bear

So together, they shan't fall

One knows how to do this

The other knows how to do that

One knows what art means

The other knows a lot of Math

One knows how to think

The other knows what is the best

One knows when to blink

The other knows when to rest

Just one stare they know

What the other means

Some gestures they show

May not what they seem

But both know already

What that really is

This might be weird for many

But this is how they're pleased

Insecurity comes, of course

As they become each other's threat

But sooner or later, they shall found remorse

And forgive one's bestfriend

Though this is not easy

Just so weird, I say

To be bestfrends with an enemy

That you fight and laugh with everyday

Imagine seeing your face

As you look at another person

Will you not be amazed

To see your own reflection?

She may look like you

But she is so different

And others have got no clue

How resemblance is absent

They look the same

But totally diverse

People jumble their names

As though it were a curse

For one's identity

Will be the other's

Forever they may be

The shadow of one another