Jason's Dad steps out not to long after Jason did with a bag in his hand.

"Jason, why'd you run outside?" He stands next to his son, close to the side of the building so they aren't in people's way.

Jason's cheeks turned a little pink and he could only pray that his Dad didn't notice. "It's nothing; I just wanted a little fresh air."

Jason's Dad gave him a look; a I don't believe you but I won't question further look. Jason let out a sigh of relief.

"Shadow's changing inside, I already paid for the dress and your suit. We can head someplace to eat afterwards." Italian cuisine…the thought made Jason's stomach rumble. He could eat anything right now.

"What dress did she get?" Jason was on a thin edge of worry with this question.

"A black one, I don't know what it looks like though cause I didn't really look at it."

Jason nearly sagged with this relief. He wouldn't have to go through another string episode.



"Well…I was wondering…if a girl tries to…well it's more like wants a guy to deepen a relationship physically, what should that guy do?"

"You've known Shadow for a few months now Jason, and even longer than that when she was dog. You've got the love of a best friend who knows everything about you and you both have utter trust in each other as well as the love of...soul mates I suppose. Go for it. Deepening the relationship at this point isn't a big deal Jason. Especially considering how long it took you both to get there anyway."

Jason turned a deep deep red. "I-I-I never said anything about Shadow and me!"

His Dad chuckled as Jason's skin burned with embarrassment, "You didn't have to. No one just asks a random question like that unless they are relating to themselves."

"But what if I really wasn't relating to myself," Jason questioned with a shout.

"Then you wouldn't have paused so much." His Dad winked at him before giving him a punch on the shoulder. "Be a man and touch her Jason. She probably wants it."

"Daddddd," Jason groaned.

"What? You've made her wait long enough." He scolded Jason, "You need to realize that a woman is just like a man, they want it just as badly but you have to earn it with them, plus they just hide it a lot better."

Jason was about to say something but Shadow walked out of the store then, properly dressed and ready to go. She saw them as soon as she stepped out and rushed over to them with a beaming smile.

"So where are we going now?" Shadow asked Jason's Dad while Jason tried his best to keep a straight face.

Jason's Dad answered with ease, much more collected then Jason was, "Going out to eat." He told her as he secretly winked at Jason. Jason wanted to hit him but knew that would only draw Shadow's attention to him which he didn't want right now. He needed to think and if Shadow was constantly hanging near his arm he wouldn't be able to process a single thought carefully.

Jason's Dad called another cab and they went to a simple pastry shop that was divine. These Italian people really knew how to cook, and not only pasta!

After they finished eating they did a little more shopping for other essentials Shadow or Jason might need as they Dad milled around behind them talking to someone on the phone in Italian. They didn't get anything fancy like they were wearing now, just some casual jeans and some sweats for Shadow. Jason didn't want to see her figured outlined quite like it was for a while so he could clear his thoughts and decided exactly what he would do with their relationship.

Shadow consented and went to look at some necklaces with her nose pressed to the glass in fascination as she moved back and forth to watch the light move across the gems.

Jason picked out the last of the things they needed quickly so they could head back faster. Dad paid for everything and after Jason had to pull Shadow away from the jewels they were headed outside.

Around then it was lunch time and they went to eat at a sub shop near the river. It was beautiful and Shadow got attacked by pigeons as she tried to feed them her bread. Jason had to run her inside and swears that those birds were out there watching them the whole entire time. Shadow did nothing but laugh and his Dad snickered. Jason probably was overreacting, what was the worst the birds could do to Shadow. But still, Jason wanted them to get home.

Jason's Dad hailed a cab and in no time they were walking back into their suite. Jason dropped the bags on clothes outside the bathroom while his Dad hung up the dress clothes for tonight. When his Dad walked back through the room, pulling at his shirt, Jason asked if they could get a tour of Italy.

"Of course not," His Dad looked shocked he had even asked that.

"Why not," Jason pressed as he looked at Shadow who was slipping off her shoes.

"You're being tracked down by the military, it's too risky."

Shadow looked up, brushing her black hair from her glittering blue eyes. "But Jason got rid of the tracker device." She defended Jason with wide eyes of confusion. She probably wanted a tour to.

"I said no." His Dad said with a sigh, "Just because you got rid of a tracker means nothing. I'm sure they have plenty of more resources."

Jason sighed and flopped lazily on the couch, throwing his head back to stare lamely at the ceiling. "Shadow, please change into a pair of those sweats." Jason told her absentmindedly and she nearly jumped at the command, rushing on her toes and grabbing a random set of clothes out of the bag.

Jason's Dad turned on the TV for him and left the remote on the seat next to him. "I've got paper work to file out for a while, plus I need to check us out by tomorrow get the luggage packed and whatever else." His Dad rolled his neck, cracking it in several places before looking back at Jason and winking. "You decide on what you want to do with Shadow."

Jason's jaw dropped as his Dad dashed away into his room. He probably didn't have to do half the stuff he just named, he just wanted to give him and Shadow a chance alone.

Jason. Did. Not. Need. This.

He wanted to think clearly! Not be filled with even more lustful thoughts! God help him.

Jason almost felt like standing up to open his Dad's door and yell at him, but there just wasn't enough motivation. Jason suddenly felt exhausted.

Kidnapped, scolded, shopping, Shadow, house confinement.

It was enough that Jason believed could be an excuse to not move.

Just then Shadow walked out of the bathroom and walked over to Jason on the couch and sat next to him. Jason rolled his head and looked at her, watching her pull up her legs on the couch when he decided that he wouldn't wait any longer.

Shadow had been with him since he was little; there was no 'short' amount of time together in their relationship. Only a short amount of time since she had been human but Jason knew already that he loved her and that he would be with her forever. There was nothing wrong with sealing this with their bodies.

Or maybe…maybe his thoughts were already clear and he was just fogging everything up by thinking they needed to be clear!

Jason winced, somehow he had just made his own brain hurt for a moment.

Maybe he should test the boundaries first. There was no solid proof that Shadow wanted the next step, and maybe Jason didn't want it. He hid a smile, of course he wanted to, but maybe just testing out the boundaries could test his control, see if he really was clouded with his thoughts or that maybe holding back with this relationship was a bad or good thing.

Jason sighed. He was thinking way too much, he was a guy for Pete's sake, he would've thought that this stuff would come naturally to him as it seemed to do for his Dad.


Her head jerked up with a grin as she leaned forward a little. "Yes!"

"I've been thinking lately and I think I was a bit abrupt today in the changing room. I should apologize." Jason drawled, watching her carefully.

"No no," She waved it off, blushing a little. "I liked it. I don't really understand this body completely yet but what you did to me had me tingling." As she trailed off her sentence became quieter but that didn't mean Jason couldn't hear it.

His own cheeks flushed a little as his looked up at the ceiling. Alright, so she didn't mind him deepening things from the looks of it. He swallowed, "Shadow…we've been together for a while and I was wondering…I wanted to know…"

Shadow was confused, "What are you talking about?"

"Remember what Levy said, about me being a virgin?"

She nodded slowly, almost tentatively.

"Well I'm not sure about what you were in your dog form, but in your human form you're a virgin too."

Shadow turned scarlet red. "Why are we talking about this?"

Jason turned to Shadow and grabbed her hands, "Would you like to go all the way with me."

Jason hands were burning, and now so were Shadows. Sweats budded between their palms as Shadows eyes went wide.

"Now," She squeaked out the question.

"No, not now, I just want to give you a taste of what you would be receiving before receiving it. Then you can tell me if you want to go all the way."

"A taste," She squeaked some more. "What does that mean?"

Jason managed to snicker through his embarrassment. "I think you've been hanging out with teenage girl's way too much, get your head out of the gutter. I don't mean that."

Shadow's shoulders relaxed a little. "Then what do you mean?" She asked a bit more calmly.

Jason gestured for her to get off the couch a moment. She climbed off and stood at the side as Jason laid down all the while wondering how he could be doing this so calmly when his heart was racing at a mile a minute.

He looked at Shadow when he was fully stretched out along the couch. "Lay down on me." Jason told her and she smiled because this was something she could do with all the times she fell asleep on Jason or had gotten stuck in a situation where they were aligned with each other.

She got fully situated and Jason rested his hands on her hips and pulled her up a little so her hips were right above his. He swallowed a little as he watched her eyes darken. She could feel him, it was so obvious.

Jason had done something similar with Rebecca so he wasn't really embarrassed but his face was still a little bit red.

Shadow tilted her head to the side and placed her lips on Jason's.

Jason pushed her away. "Wait…maybe this isn't a good idea."

Shadow looked at him with big eyes, waiting for him to continue.

"It's just that," He brushes some of her falling hair behind her ear. "This is unrealistic, us experimenting like this to give us a 'taste' of what we could get."

"It's not."


"It's not unrealistic."

"How would you know?"

"Emma told me that she was too scared to go all the way because her Mom told her there is no greater pain then the first time. Although Emma's Mom had been raped and that's how Emma was conceived, Emma told me her Mom turned toward other women as company instead after that." Shadow shook her head, knowing she was drifting off the main point of the conversation as Jason swallowed in shock at the small little details he had never known about Emma that he had just learned about.

"The point is that Alex laid her out like this and slowly caressed her until the point she experienced anything but fear or pain. They didn't go all the way but Emma said that she wouldn't be scared to anymore, not after she experienced something similar if not all the way with Alex."

"Alex did that for Emma?" Jason had always known Alex had a kind heart, but soothing a girl shaking in fear of the pain that her Mom had tainted her mind with was something he hadn't expected Alex able to do.

Jason found himself smiling a little to that. Even though Alex was still his best friend there were still things they didn't know about each other, even if those details were small. Alex probably hadn't told Jason though because Emma had most likely requested that it is kept a secret. It wouldn't surprise Jason is that was the case.

"Why did Emma tell you this?"

"Because I didn't know,"

"Didn't know what?"

"Anything about human intercourse, so she told me what she knew and the experience she had."

Human intercourse…Shadow said that way too easily.

"So basically you're saying that if we continued this, there would be nothing odd about it?" Jason questioned as he raised an eyebrow.

A sly yet cute smile spread across Shadow's face. "Maybe I'm saying that the only thing I could really care about is continuing."

Jason blushes a little and Shadow giggled at him. "You're just convincing me?"

"I don't know, are you convinced,"


"I love you."

Jason eyes widened as Shadows face fell toward his neck and began to trail kisses upward. "I love you. I love you. I love you." She muttered in a soft whisper with each kiss, stopping when she neared the corner of his mouth. Jason's fingers were curling around her waist in anticipation.

"Are you convinced yet?" She asked innocently.

"I'm going to need a little more of a push." He whispered in a quick exhale of breath.

So she lightly, so very lightly kissed his lips, pulling back every time so the words I love you would brush against his lips, sink into his skin and embed itself in his blood.

He was convinced. What could be so wrong? Nothing…absolutely nothing, at least Jason seemed to think so now.

He closed his eyes and slipped on hand into her hair to press her mouth more fully to his while his other hand made small circles on her waist. Heat built under their skin and Shadow pressed more fully against him.

She moved then, her hips moved sideways against him, and then back. Jason could hardly breathe as the tension made his breath shallow. His moved his hand from her hair to put both hands on her hips and helped her slowly move them, rotating them in small circles.

Their breath hitched at the same time as Shadow moved her legs so they were on either side of him. Jason's hands slid back up as she continued rotating and slipped under her shirt to rub at her hips.

Shadow pulled away from their kissing for a moment before continuing it, both of their tongues shooting out at the same time.

"Alright kids, get off each other. You have to get ready for tonight."

Shadow nearly flew off Jason in embarrassment.

Jason was embarrassed too, but he controlled it better.

Shadow huddled in the corner of the couch as Jason pulled himself up, still fogged up a little from the moment they had just shared.

"Dad, really," Jason was exasperated as he looked at his Dad leaning against the doorway into his room.

His Dad's eyes were filled with mirth. "Maybe you should think about your location." He teased as Jason burned a bright red. "We're going to an old mansion, I'm sure you two can disappear there for a while."

Jason put his hand on his face as he let out a sigh. His Dad encouraged Shadow and him to go all the way while his Mom would be on her death bed if she knew there were participating in such activities.

"Now get up and get ready. We have to be there at 5 sharp."

Did the day past that quickly? Jason looked around for a time and saw it was 4 something. "Isn't 5 a bit early for a party?"

"Not really, it ends at 9 because a lot of the guests there have important duties to get too."

"At 9," Jason observed this carefully and of course his Dad took it another way.

"I know you might not be into having sex before 10 but it's really not any different."

"DAD," Jason shouted in disbelief! Shadow was burning up a storm and jumped over the couch, grabbed the bag with her dress, and shut herself into the bathroom.

"Look what you did." Jason was exasperated once again.

"You assuming things son, she's not embarrassed that you're going to do it, or even that she was caught grinding against you,"

"Please don't use that word." Jason threw in but his Dad continued talking as if he said nothing.

"She's embarrassed because she thinks that she upset me. That when I told you two to separate that she did something she wasn't supposed to, that's how her kind works."

Jason frowned, "How do you know she's not embarrassed by the other thing."

"Because she's a dog, she doesn't comprehend that it's supposed to be private."

Jason feels his jaw drop a little, "E-excuse me?"

"If you ripped off her clothes and turned her over in the middle of a mall she wouldn't know she was doing something bad. She's use to be a dog Jason, dog's elope anywhere."

Jason looked away as his cheeks burned as he imagined turning her over in a mall but then fiercely shook his head. He did not need to be imagining these things.

"W-whatever, I'm getting dressed."

His Dad laughed as Jason trudged over to his tux.

So I'm still typing slow unfortunately but on the bright side I am deepening their relationship! I want to let you guys know that there is a high chance (very high chance) for a lemon. I'll put a little warning so for those of you who aren't into those things can skip it. Anywho, I'll get typing and you keep reviewing! :)