"This. Is. So. Much. Fun!" Shadow gushed as she ran in-between racks of clothes, twirling about in clothes she had just tried on. The tags still hanging from the fabric rotated furiously in the air. She was wearing a simple jean skirt with a white tank top and a thin Aero sweater on top, the zipper undone.

Jason stood there stunned, while Alex managed to clap, despite also being stunned. Shadow stuck a pose and threw a glinting smile at the boys.

"Do you like it?" She asked.

Both of them swallowed. "It looks great Skye." Alex managed to say. Skye was the substitute name for Shadow in public. Jason had thought of it from her eyes.

"What do you think Jason?" She asked innocently.

"Amazing." He said, breathless. Shadow had made her choice of the clothes she preferred, and all of them were simple, yet she made them look stunning. She had said something about that simplicity was elegance.

She twirled, staring at her black sandals and giggled.

"I want it!" She declared.

Jason gave a weary smile as Alex just shook his head. There already had ten bags of clothes, two bags of shoes, and one bag of female items. Alex had offered to help Shadow get those, saying 'I have more control around her then you' which was probably true. But he only had more control because he loved Emma.

"Alright Skye, just change back into your other outfit and we'll buy it."

Alex had a sister that was roughly around Shadow's size and had stolen a blue dress from his sister's drawers, as well as a pair of flip-flops. She'd notice sooner or later. But Shadow had already grown attached to her first outfit and didn't seem like she was ready to give it up any time soon.

She gave a cheerful glee and leaped off joyfully into the changing room. Practically brimming over with happiness.

"That will be the last one Skye!" Jason called after her. Laughter trailed from the other side of the closed-door to the changing room and Alex sighed.

"You said that five times already."

"I mean it this time."

"You said that too."

Jason threw a glare at Alex and he grinned. Shadow stepped back out a minute or two later in that blue dress that ended at her knees and was pulled up by thin spaghetti straps. She smiled as her white flip-flops smacked against her heels. One each arm she carried five bags and in her hands was two bags.

Alex and Jason shuffled forward and took some of the bags from her, in the end she was only carrying the bag with those female items.

She giggled at them. "That was unnecessary." She smiled at them with a slight tilt to her head.

A blush rose on Jason's cheeks, looking away as Alex laughed. "We got carried away."

Shadow laughed again (she was truly in high spirits) and began walking out of Sears to the rest of the mall. Jason and Alex followed behind her, talking about going to the food court. Shadow backed up so she was in between them and began talking happily about how she really wanted some more food.

They had just exited Sears, there shoes tapping against the tile floor. Not many people were here today, but it was probably because it was a Sunday morning.

The aroma of bleach, pretzels, and new clothes hung in the air. They could hear the fountain that stood in the middle of the mall not far from them. Shadow suddenly burst into laughter, throwing her head back at something Jason said. Some people turned their heads to see. Alex burst into laughter too. Jason grinned.

They turned down a down another area of the mall, the ceiling had a row of windows running across the ceiling, the light streaming through.

That's when a voice cut through their laughter and joy.


They stopped abruptly as the voice cut daggers, all half-turning to see the voice that spoke behind them. Alex wore a face of surprise, Jason wore a face of annoyance, and Shadow wore a face of confusion.

Two girls stood. One was smaller than the other and looked rather bashful. Her cheeks were a rosy red as her dark brown hair framed her face, ending in the middle of her back. She wore a blue t-shirt with a low neck line and dark jeans cut offs at her knees with black converses. Her eyes were dark and looked glassy as she giggled, dawning recognition on Alex's face.


She giggled and was about to walk forward when the taller girl neck to her put an arm on her shoulder, stopping her. This girl had fluffy blond past her shoulders with green eyes. There were some freckles on her tanned skin. She wore a pink tank top and black Sophie shorts with strapping white sandals. Both girls were very pretty, but the taller one was definitely the more stunning one.

"Why didn't you respond to my text yesterday?" The taller one asked.

Oh crap, Jason thought. Oh crap, crap, crap, crap. He rested a hand on Shadow's shoulder and he felt her muscles tense under him hand. She definitely figured it out.

"You...are Rebecca." Shadow's voice was like steel cutters. Rebecca looked shocked at the tone of Shadows voice, but it was only for a moment before her face hardened as well and she flipped her blond hair over her shoulder.

"And you are?" She asked.

"I'm Jason's new girlfriend!" She declared with more force then necessary. Jason knew he agreed to this, but just the thought drove him insane. He couldn't stop the blush that rose on his cheeks. "And I!" Shadow pointed a finger toward herself. "Won't be a stupid, mindless twit who believes others rumors about him!"

Rebecca's eyebrow twitched. "A mindless twit?" She spoke slowly with disbelief. Alex struggled to not laugh. He placed a hand over his mouth and looked away. Jason didn't know what to feel as he was stunned speechless.

Jason's fingers tightened on Shadow's shoulder. She lifted a hand and rested it on his. Shadow was holding back from her rant on Rebecca. Jason could tell by the tight muscles in her shoulder.

But the realization of this did not last long as the sudden heat from her hand on his had sunk in, making his heart swelled momentarily in his chest. But he didn't drawl back to keep the act up.

"Her name is Skye." Jason told Rebecca. "And she'll be coming with me on that double date. You can still come, but you'll be more of a...fifth wheel." Jason said with a straight face.

Rebecca turned a beat red, anger flashing through her eyes. She grabbed Emma by the wrist and began turning around. "Let's go."

"Wait!" Alex protested. Rebecca didn't stop but Emma looked back, trying to stop.

"Emma, come one." Rebecca jerked on her wrist and Emma winced. Alex moved forward but Shadow was a lot faster. Jason's hand hovered over empty air as he watched Shadow dashed up to Rebecca, grabbing her shoulder, rotating her around, pulling her finger's off Emma with ease and pushing Emma behind her. There was no doubt in Jason's mind that Shadow saw Rebecca as an enemy. Only now did he wish he hadn't told Shadow so much about her, or at least when he wasn't balling his eyes out in her fur. She might have not been so mean.

Rebecca actually stomped her foot and turned around, walking away.

"Um, thank you Skye." Emma said as she turned on her heel and smiled as she hurried toward Alex. He smiled back and wrapped his arms around her waist, leaving a kiss on her forehead.

"Hey Emma. What are you doing here?" He asked as they pulled apart. Emma smiling up at him.

"Rebecca was scouting for you actually."

"Hmph. How did she know I was here?"

"She didn't, but I told her Alex was going to the mall. So she figured Jason would be with you."

"Ah Emma!" Alex groaned as he shifted weight, the bags he was carrying rustling.

Emma looked at them. "So what are these for?"
"Shad...I mean Skye needed some help with shopping, she's...summer shopping for a new wardrobe."

"But isn't that usually done in the spring."

"Skye decided to start a little later." Jason said causally.

Shadow walked up beside Jason and smiled innocently, tilting her head to the side.

"So your Jason's new girlfriend?" Emma turned toward Alex, putting her hands on her hips. "Why didn't you tell me, I feel like an idiot now suggesting that date." She scolded. Alex blushed and scuffled her hair.

"Because I didn't know at the time."

"Hey, quit that!" Emma protested with a laugh as she tried to wipe at his hands messing up her hair.

Shadow's smile brightened. "Would you like to come to the food court with us?"

"Sure!" Emma exclaimed happily.

"So." Emma started as she unfolded the paper around her sub. "Are you coming to school with us Skye?"

Shadow looked up at Jason for an answer. "I don't know if she will." Jason replied.

Emma frowned. "Skye can answer her own questions."

Alex rested a hand on Emma's shoulder. "It's a little more complicated than that Emma."

Emma bit out of her sub, her eyebrows drawling down over her eyes. The chatter of people filling the food court drowning out their own conversation. Alex looked up at Jason with questioning eyes and he shook his head.

Emma noticed the exchange and was about to say something when she got distraction by Shadow, watching her devour her sub.

"Dear God Skye, don't you eat at home!"

Skye looked up with a smile, crumbs on her cheeks. "I do, it's just people food is soooooo delicious!" She practically groaned as she took another huge bite out of her sub.

"People food?" Emma looked at Skye. "You are a strange girl." She said and shook her head, taking a more refined bite from her sub than Shadow. Jason watched Shadow eat, a feeling of contentment settling over him to see her enjoying herself.

Shadow seemed to feel his stare and looked up. Blood rushed to her cheeks as she saw Jason's expression. It was full of kindness and love, causing her heart to thud in her chest. She didn't understand why she reacted this way, he had looked at her like this before. The only difference was that at the time she had been a dog.

"So Jason...are we going to the jewelry store next?"

"Jewelry store?" Emma asked, curious.

Jason nodded and fished his hand in his pocket and brought out Shadow's collar.

Emma's mouth dropped in horror. "What happened to Shadow! Did she die!" She began to hyperventilate. Shadow's eyes widened in shock at Emma's reaction. She had never met Emma, so she didn't understand why she reacted this way.

Shadow reached forward, resting a hand on her's. "Shadow is fine." Shadow promised with a knowing smile.

Alex wrapped an arm around Emma, squeezing her tight against his side.

Even Jason was shocked by Emma's reaction, unconsciously clutching her collar. "No...never." Without realizing it he had grabbed Shadow's arm and was squeezing tight.

Shadow suddenly stood up, pulling Jason up with her. "Excuse us." She said and hurried off with Jason, taking him out of the food court and walked down the mall. She found an area with a bunch of stacks of books reaching up to the ceiling in the mall. She rushed back there, the scent of books overwhelming the air as she pulled him back behind the last stack of books and sat him down on a bench opposite to it.

Gently she pried Jason's fingers off her arm and reached out, cupping his face in her hands to get him to look up, his eyes were glassy.

"Are you okay?"

"Yea yea." His voice was void of any emotion. Shadow frowned and leaned forward. The books seemed to close in around them, it was quiet it here. No one entering.

"Do not lie to me." Shadow said. He blinked and realized how close Shadow actually was to him. He jerked back, slamming against a wall. Shadows warm, soft hands still pressed to his face. Her face etched with concern. Her black hair falling forward, framing her big, crystal eyes. Jason found himself falling through the depths of her eyes, as if he was floating through a cave of blue crystals.

"Jason." Her husky voice echoed through his ears, but he could only see her eyes, the rest of her seemed to disappear. Suddenly he was looking at Shadow the dog, her wise eyes staring at him.

He closed his eyes as they begun to sting and his arms shot out, wrapping around Shadow and pulling her against his chest, he squeezed tight.

Her arms were trapped, her cheek resting against Jason's neck. Her hands curling in limp fists. Her body seemed to wrap around him, her curves fitting against him as though puzzle pieces. The feeling was unfamiliar, she had never experienced this as a dog before.

"Jason." Her husky voice barely above a whisper, her breath gushing against his skin.

"I'm sorry." He apologized, squeezing tighter. "Just give me a moment."

"I'm not dead." She said.

He seemed to choke of his own breath as he heard her words. "I could have lost you." His voice faltered.


"What is Dad's experiment had failed?" He said. Shadow blinked, she had never thought of that, and neither had Jason until he had heard Emma's words. He could have lost her.

"Don't dwell on what could have been, it worked and we should be grateful."

He shook his head against her hair. "I know." He admitted. Shadow couldn't move to run her hands through his hair so she turned her head into his neck and stuck her tongue out, touching his neck.

"Shadow." His voice held a warning tone that was thankfully much lighter. She smiled and ran her tongue up his neck.

He released her and grabbed her shoulder's, pushing her back. "Shadow! What did I say about licking me!" He scolded. His eyes had a lighter atmosphere as well.

She gave a sheepish grin. "I can't help myself." She joked with a wink. Jason's eyes widened in shock at how cute she looked, causing him to blush.

She smiled and straightened, pulling Jason's back up.

"So lets go back to Emma and Alex, go home, and whatever happens next happens." She grinned cheerfully and Jason found himself even more stunned by her beauty. She wrapped her fingers through Jason's and together they walked back hand in hand.

The relationship between Shadow and Jason may seem a little rushed here but its not, I plan on drawling out this relationship. I don't even have the slighest clue when they may ever kiss yet. Plus a lot more is going on behind the scenes right now as Shadow and Jason live it up with no worries. Or at least not too many worries ;)