The next day when he woke up he stretched to touch Shadow, but to no prevail. He remembered the different rooms and sat up, running a hand through his hair. Pulling on a pair of jeans he walked into the bathroom to brush his teeth to see Shadow had left her clothes from yesterday on the floor, her bra and panties standing out in sharp contrast.

Jason looked back at the mirror, his flushed face visibly to even himself. His dark brown hair was ruffled, he needed to shave because his stubble was showing more, and his dark midnight eyes were troubled. He turned on the sink, grabbing his shaving cream and rubbed it onto his face. Then grabbed his razor to run it along his face with care. He succeeded with no cuts and splashed water to wash his face, about to brush his teeth when he paused, he should probably get Shadow and teach her about this. He glanced down at her clothes again and sighed, walking to his room and grabbing a laundry basket he walked back into the bathroom and threw her clothes in there, touching her dedicates as little as possible.

After he finished that he moved the basket outside the bathroom with his foot and headed to Shadow's room.

She was sleeping peacefully on her bed, the covers thrown off to the side and his shirt had rode up, bearing her flat stomach. He was too tired to really react from it though as he walked forward and shook her shoulder. It was at that moment he realized that she had discarded a bra she had worn to bed in the middle of the night and her chest shook with the movement.

He was not to tired to not react from this and his blood boiled again, his face flushing a deep red as he stopped shaking her.

"Shadow!" He called out instead. Her eyelids fluttered as she looked up at him.


"I'm going to teach you to brush your teeth, come here."

"Oh, okay." She stretched, her chest pushing against the fabric of his shirt. As she sat up it was only more noticeable and Jason couldn't take it anymore, it was too much.

"Please put on a bra, I'll be waiting in the bathroom." And with that he left the room.

A few minutes later she came into the bathroom with her chest contained. Unable to hide it Jason let out a sigh of relief.

"Alright," He reached under the sink and grabbed a fresh tooth-brush and handed it to her.

He took his own tooth-brush and turned on the sink, "Put your tooth-brush under the water."

"Jason, I've seen you do this before." She told him lazily as she stuck the tooth-brush under the water, reached for the toothpaste and squeezed it out onto her tooth-brush and began scrubbing her teeth. Ah well, I feel like an idiot, Jason though to himself.

"As long as you remember that this is something you must do every morning and night."

She nodded. It was after they finished that Jason realized that maybe he should have waited till after breakfast to do this...

Oh well. He was about to walk downstairs when Shadows darkened gaze stopped him.

"What is it?" Why was she looking at him like that, all he knew was that it made his heart race in his chest and his skin heat up.

She walked toward him almost seductively as she put her hands on top of his pants. Jason swallowed uneasily as his blood really began to boil.

"You forgot to button your jeans." Her voice was thicker, her husky undertone much more noticeable, making a shiver race up Jason's spine as she looked down at her fingers to buttoned up his jeans for him.

When she was done her fingers lingered for a moment before she clasped them behind her back and looked up at Jason, her face flushed, her lips parted.

Jason put his hand on her face.

"Hey!" Shadow burst out in surprise as Jason looked off to the side, taking deep breaths to gather himself. Once he was calm he pulled back his hand from her face. It was almost funny how ruffled she looked.

"What was that for?" She asked.

"Oh nothing, I just felt like doing that."

"Seriously?" Her tone suggested that she highly doubted it.

"Seriously, now let's go eat."

"Food!" Her mind quickly shifted gears as she raced down stairs ahead of him.

Jason walked down stairs to see Shadow standing at the table, watched her lift up both sides and try to reconnect them but there was no such luck and Jason couldn't hold back his laugh.

Shadow looked up in alarm, "Jason!" She smiled in joy and then quickly frowned. "I can't fix the table."

"Just throw it outside."

"Okay!" She walked to the sliding door and opened it, then went back to the table and grabbed each side with one hand and threw them outside as Jason's jaw proceeded to drop. She was so strong!

She turned around after she closed the sliding door with a smile. "Are we going to buy a new table?"

"Well...I don't see the harm in doing it." Thanks to his Dad sending him money through the mail every week Jason was able to support himself easily.


"But first we must eat." Today Jason wasn't really in the mood for cooking so he grabbed them two bowls to pour them some honey nut cheerio's and then poured some milk into them. After that he reached into a drawer, grabbing some spoons. Heading back over to Shadow he handed her a bowl. She looked at it before putting her spoon in and began to eat. Jason sat down on a chair and ate with her.

A few minutes later Shadow had devoured her food and was looking at the leftover milk, Jason watched out of the corner of his eye to see what she was going to do next when she lowered her head and began licking out of the bowl.

Jason's head shot up and he turned his full gaze on her. "Shadow!"

She looked up innocently. "What?"

"That's not how you do it." He lifted his own bowl to his lips and tilted it forward before lowering it. "That's how people get their milk out of the bowl."

"Oh," So she did just that and it almost seemed like she inhaled it by how quickly she finished it off. When she lowered the bowl she had a milk mustache. Jason bit his bottom lip to keep from bursting out in laughter, but shook with amusement. "What?" She tilted her head to the side.

He didn't even realize what he was doing as he reached for a napkin and came back to wipe her mouth, one of her eyes closed in process. "You made a mess." He said in a surprisingly soft voice that caressed Shadow, his eyes just as soft. Shadow opened both of her eyes and stared in amazement at him, her cheeks flushing. This was how he looked at her at the food court.

He finished, tossing the napkin aside and did away with his food, Shadow handed her bowl to him shyly as she fidgeted beside him. Jason wasn't sure if he should ask what had gotten into her now. He headed down the hallway and Shadow followed at his heels. He walked up the stairs she mimicked it. He stopped in front of her bedroom and she crashed into his back.

She jumped away. "Oops, sorry." She giggled.

Jason turned around with a smile tugging at his lips and a raised eyebrow. "What's wrong this time?"

She clasped her hands in front of her chest and rubbed her toes against her other foot as she looked anywhere but directly at Jason. "Nothing, I'm just trying to make sense of my emotions, sometimes they can be confusing."

"Oh." That made sense, but that didn't explain why she wasn't looking at him. "Well get dressed so we can head out to Home Depot and get a table."

She nodded and scurried into her room, shutting the door behind her.

Jason walked to his room and tossed a bunch of clothes around till he found a shirt he wouldn't mind wearing and pulled it on.

He sat down on his bed as he pulled on a pair of white socks and then slid into his sneakers and headed out his door. Walking downstairs he grabbed his wallet off the coffee table. A moment later, as he stood waiting by the door, Shadow rounded the corner where the stairs ended and walked up to Jason with a smile, "I'm ready to go."

Jason let out a breath through his nose as he looked at her, today she wore a white t-shirt of her own and a pair of jean shorts, her flip-flops pulled on. How was it that even in the simplest things she still look beautiful?

Jason rolled his eyes mentally to himself, he needed to stop reacting to her so much.

They walked outside to the garage and he lifted the garage door to show his blue truck. They walked up and Shadow climbed into the passenger seat as Jason settled down in the driver's side. The keys were already in the truck as he turned it on, Shadow closing her door and sliding the seat belt on. They then drove off to Home Depot.

Shadow grew restless in the truck as they went, something she did as a dog as well. Yesterday on the way to the Mall she had been restless to but that time she had been in the back of the truck.

She turned on the radio and switched through the channels and gave up after a while, leaving Lady Gaga playing on the radio. She shifted toward the window and pressed herself up against the glass. Unsatisfied with that she pressed the automatic button and waited for it to scroll all the way down. She then proceeded to stick her head out the window, sticking her tongue out of the side of her mouth.

Jason grabbed the back of her shirt and pulled her back in the truck. "You can't stick your head out the window like that anymore Shadow."

She frowned, "It's not as satisfying anymore."

He released her shirt, "You can stick her arm out the window, just not your head okay. And keep your arm close to the side when you do." Gosh, he was starting to sound like his Mom.

Yet Shadow listened to him without complaining and they drove quietly the rest of the way and soon were parked outside the destination.

They stepped outside of the truck, again Shadow was curiously looking around as she always did in the parking lots and studied every detail of the building they were walking in.

When they walked in through the sliding doors she almost disappeared around the corner like she had tried at the mall but Jason quickly grabbed the back of her shirt again.

"Stay with me." He ordered and she pouted.

"Why can't I go around anywhere."

"Because you can't."

"Ugh whatever." She crossed her arms under her chest, pushing her breasts out again. Jason looked away with flushed cheeks, maybe he should start making her wear sweaters.

They walked through the building and headed toward the table area, he would need a table for four for guests and when he Dad comes homes, it's a good thing that none of the chairs are broken.

Would a bigger table be better? Maybe a bigger table wouldn't be so bad, a table for six? Would he ever have that many guests? Well he could always consider Alex, his girlfriend, Renée if she ever visited...ugh, there could always be a surprise visit from Rebecca, but he doubted he would let her stay over for dinner. But there is Mom and Dad.

Alright, he decided, I'll get a table for six. I just need to pick out one.

He needed to pick out a stronger one that's for sure.

There's a mahogany one, or maybe that cedar wood one, the color of that one was very nice. But it wouldn't match his chairs and he didn't really want to buy a whole new set of chairs. He continued to look and found an even dark one, ebony. It wouldn't be that out of touch with his chairs if he put something light-colored on it. He tried to imagine it in his head when Shadow called out to him.

"Jason, look at this one."

He walked over to her to see her pointing at a table that had a mahogany foundation, but on top was a coat of glass and under that glass was sand and sea shells. Jason felt his eyebrows knit, he didn't know they had these types of tables here. The color of the wood would match his chairs...

A man came up behind him, an employer.

"May I help you?"

"Yes, can you tell me about this table."

"Absolutely," Than the man proceeded to jump into a very long explanation that didn't really grab any of his attention until he was told that he could put different things under the glass if he didn't want the sand and sea shells and that this table was just an example.

"So, could I put water in it?"


"Pictures in the water?"

"Well, that would probably ruin the quality of the pictures unless you put something over the pictures."

Jason nodded to himself, resting his fingers on his chin. "How much is it?"

"You have the money for it?" The employer seemed shocked. Jason let out a sigh.

"I won't know if I have the money for it unless you tell me the price."

"Oh yes, $1,249.66."

That's an expensive table.

"I'll take one." He'll use the credit card Dad put 1,000 dollars into every other week. He didn't use this credit card often so he was positive that it would be more than enough.

"Really!" He was super shocked now. Jason rolled his eyes, why is it that adults are shocked when teenagers buy their own tables?


"Well let's go get it." The employer led them to the large cardboard box that held the table in it, Jason was sure he had the tools to build it in the shed out back.

The man pulled out the box and Jason could tell he had a hard time moving it and Shadow walked up to him. "I'll take that."

The employer looked up. "What? But you're a girl, as a man I shouldn't make you do this."

"Oh its alright, I'm stronger than you."

The employer looked slightly irritated by this, but couldn't argue as Shadow whisked away the box and carried it with ease like it was nothing.

So instead the employer just led them to a check out counter and after it was paid for they walked back to their truck, Shadow sliding the table into the bed.

Once she climbed into the passenger seat Jason called his Mom.

She answered on the first ring.

"What is it?" She asked.

"Have you enrolled Shadow yet, I wan to know if I should go get a uniform."

"Yes I enrolled her this morning, everything will be sent to you tonight so you don't need to go out and get it."

"Oh, well thanks Mom."

There was a pause. "Your welcome," She finally said, sounding vaguely annoyed. "How's Shadow, did she do anything you can't handle?"

Oh Mom, if only you knew. "I can handle anything."

"Really now? What if Shadow stepped out of the bathroom naked after a shower, not knowing you had come upstairs."

Jason skin ran hot, like someone had just put him in a fire. His heart crashed against his ribs and he couldn't seem to hear right. He rested his forehead on the steering wheel and clenched his eyes shut.

Don't imagine it. Don't imagine it. Don't imagine it. Do. Not. Imagine. It.

It took a couple of seconds but he eventually gathered his emotions as Shadow stared worriedly at him, but kept quiet because yesterday Jason said she couldn't talk when he was on the phone.

"Got you there didn't I son." His Mom sounded smug.

"No." His voice was curt and maybe a little too forceful. "If that happened I would give her my shirt and go to my room like it was nothing."

"I believe you. But I also think that doing that would be extremely difficult for you."

"Whether it is difficult or not Mom I will overcome that situation."

"What if she wants it."

"Excuse me."

"What if she wants it?"

Jason cheeks went hot again. "I don't know! What should I do Mom?" He had never imagined a situation where Shadow would want it. Wait...Shadow use to be his dog, doesn't that make any intimate relationship sick?

"Only if it is a mutual bond out of love, then I give you permission."

"WHAT!" Was this woman his Mom? Was she even a parent? What parent gives their son the permission to do that.

"Oh don't worry, I'm relying on Shadow's density to keep that from happening for some time." She said. "And maybe your 'pride' as a gentleman. I gotta go son, bye."

"Bye Mom." He sighed as he hung up the phone and looked over at Shadow.

"What's wrong?" She asked with an innocent tilt to her head.

"Oh nothing."

"Jason." Her voice was stern, demanding his attention. "I'm not stupid, I know when you talking about me or not."

O-kay. "My Mom is just worried about you, insisting that I can't handle the new you."

"But you handle me just fine." She protested against his Mom's remarks. Jason smiled at her.

"Well thanks but it's going to take a while to prove that to her."


"Because Shadow, you're a teenage girl and I'm a teenage boy." He said as if that explained everything as he pulled out of the parking lot.

"What does that have to do with anything."

Jason sighs, why was she so innocent, maybe this was what Mom was talking about when it came to her density. If that was the case he should probably leave her with as little as information as possible.

"It's just that teenagers have crazy emotions that make them do crazy things."

"Really? What kind of crazy things."

"Its complicated to explain."

"Please tell me." She begged with a whine, her eyes merciless as she stared with her puppy dog eyes.

Jason jerked in his seat and looked away. "It's just that, Mom doesn't want us to get to close."

"Why not?"

"Because we are teenagers." Did that argument even make any sense.

"I don't understand." Nope, it didn't.

"I'm can't tell you."


"Because you have to stay dense."


This really wasn't working out in his favor. Whatever, he'll just tell her. "Teenagers have crazy hormones that led them to do crazy things, such as having sex. That's what my Mom doesn't what us to do." Unless it's devoted love. Jason shook his head in disbelieve, she was a crazy woman. "Oh." Shadow sat back in her seat and Jason sneaked a peek at her to see her looking down at her hands, her face flushed.

"What's wrong."

"I don't understand why you couldn't have just said that, sex is a part of life."

"As a dog maybe, but for a human, unless you're a sex addict it's not."

"Really, so what's life a part of for humans."

"Finding love I suppose, sometimes just living. Discovering beauty, enjoying the air. Every single day is a part of life for humans who try to make the most of it."

"You guys certainly have it all." She wiggled her toes in her flip-flops and flexed her thumbs, "You can do anything you want."

"Yeah, I guess we do."

They were home soon and Shadow carried out the table into the kitchen for him, which made him feel like a crappy man but she refused to let him have it. She then proceeded to help him set it up by getting the tool box from the shed for him and pulling the pieces of the table out of the box.

At one point (Jason wasn't really paying attention) Shadow got up to get some water as Jason sat hunched over the directions and she tripped over a table leg, falling straight into Jason.