A student was walking to school on the small island of Verdammnis. Which lied south of Australia. Not many people knew of it so the population was very small and the towns were not very big. The island was named Verdammnis by its German discoverer. Who called it this because everyone in his crew died on the island, which was another reason why the island had a very little populous.

It was cold but it's always cold, why is today any different, something must be wrong, the student thought to himself as he followed the road.

"Darius, wait up you tool" the voice yelled.

"Shut up Alexis" The student replied. Darius was a very normal teen from everything from his looks too his attitude but he was a bit paranoid.

"Just call me Alex" Alex was one of Darius' friends from when they were back in primary school. The two of them were halfway through their 11th year of school. They had a long history together. Alexis didn't like his name so he got everyone to call him Alex,

"Well shut up then Alex"

"Why do you too always start the day like this?" another voice intervened

"I Blame Alexis..." Darius answered.

"Alex not Alexis" Alex snapped.

"As I was saying before I was interrupted, I blame Alex; he is always giving me shit"

Alex started to laugh. Darius Leered at him.

"Alex, be nice" the was the third voice

"Seriously..." Alex paused "Me? Be nice? Something about these words don't go together"

"Well go back to being nonchalant" the third voice spoke again


"Do us all a favour and listen to Gwen"

"Thank you" Gwen was a transfer student from Wales, she met Alex and Darius on her first day on Verdammnis, and she had got herself lost. She was lucky enough to find them. They were arguing just before they saw her, when they did they stopped their fight and worked together to help her find where he was meant to be.

"Sometimes I hate you guys" Alex retorted "By the way what is your full name?"

"Well I have only know you for a few weeks" Gwen answered "so I'm not going to tell you"

"Again, sometimes I hate you"

"And I love you" Gwen said mockingly.

Everyone was quite while the 3 of them headed to school.

"I love this school so much" Darius said sarcastically

"Too bad" Gwen replied "I like it with its 100ish students"

"More people are coming today" Alex added "and Rain gets back today"

"Seriously" Darius cheered up.

"Who?" Gwen asked.

"She's a friend of ours" Alex answered "and she's also Darius' first love"

"So sweat" Gwen squealed.

Darius punched Alex in the arm. "Shut up"

"But it's true"

"Gwen please don't tell Rain when you meet her"

"You're worried about me telling her and not him" she pointed to Alex

"Alex may be an arse but he does keep his word, and if he wanted too he would have told her long ago"

The three of them enter the main hall of the school for an assembly. A teacher walked out to the stage in front of everybody as three people followed her. One of them was a girl and the other two were male.

"Everyone, listen up" the teacher announced "we have two new people and one returning from her trip around the world". the teacher whispered to the students on stage.

"Hello" Rain walked to the centre of the stage "My name is Rain, I have come back to this school after my trip around the world, if you would like to hear about it just ask" she walked off the stage as the next person came up.

"Hi, my name is Vitus, my family comes from Rome which explain my name, which mean Life" he walked of the stage. The last person walked up.

"I am Todd, which is spelt with oddly enough is spelt with two d's."

"Well, be nice and show the new people around" the teacher dismissed everyone from the hall.

The day ended uneventfully.

"Well that seemed short" Alex cheered

"Speak for yourself" Darius snapped

"Waiting for the love of your life?"

"No, maybe, wait shut up"

"You too fighting again" Gwen's voice called

"No" Alex answered, Darius Leered like normal

"So, who are we waiting for?" Gwen asked

"Who do you think?"

"Shut up Alex"

"Why are you two always fighting? And who is this?" it was Rain

"Hi, I am Gwen I got here a few weeks ago"

"Hi Gwen, I am Rain"

"Welcome back Bow" Alex greeted Rain

"Bow?" Gwen asked

"My full name is Rainbow, my parents believed that I was born a Rainbow shinned through the window onto my face" Rain had hit Alex while talking "seriously Alexis, why do you insist on calling me bow?"

"You don't remember?"

"Oh wait" Rain started to laugh

"I don't get it" Gwen said

"Come on Darius say something" Alex beckoned him

"You should answer about why you call Rain 'Bow'." Darius beckoned. He had no idea why Alex called her bow either

Alex paused and looked at Rain who shook her head.


"Hello" a feeble voice called out to the four of them.

"Hi, you must be Tod, right?" Alex gave a sigh of relief.

"Yes" he replied "I am could you guys help me find my way home"

"Sure" Alex still was the only one talking "where do you live?"

"I don't know the address yet"

"Helpful" Alex was sarcastic

"But I do live near the shop"

"Which one?"

"The shops near the lake of name"

"We call it by its French name 'Lac des noms'"


"I have no idea"

"So where is it?"

"I live near it as well so follow me for a bit"

Alex walked off to help Todd.

"So, how was your trip?" Darius asked Rain

"Pretty good, it got a bit boring after a while"


"You miss your friends and your home"

"Really? I never thought you would miss us and this small island"

"Well, you get annoyed with people everywhere and not being able to pay attention to everything around you"

"What has that got do with anything?"

"Here we get to spend time by ourselves with a very little chance of anyone interrupting us"

"I never thought of it that way"

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow"

The two of them went home,

"So Tod, how are you enjoying Verdammnis?" Alex asked

"Good, it's quite and I like the quite"

"I was right to think you were the quite type where are you from?"

"I don't remember"

Alex was shocked "What do you mean?"

"I mean I've been 'home' in a while"

"I still don't get it"

"Let me put it this way, I'm not what I seem"

"I disagree, I guessed you were a quite type and I was right"

"You don't understand, I am not going to be here from long"

"Okay then so what is happening"

"You are about to die"

"You're funny, I didn't guess you would be" Alex was laughing

"I'm serious, you are about to die"

Alex kept laughing.

"You are a fool, you do not grasp the concept that your are about to die"

A chilly wind blew. Alex realized what was happening.

"Is this you're doing?" Alex asked.

"What do you mean?"

"The wind, the sudden cloud movement"


"How? And why do I need to die?"

"I am a reaper" (Alex started to laugh again) "Alex you are about to die"


"You have been chosen"

"What? Why have I been chosen?"

"You have a great power in you which you can only use when you die, we will be able to help you when you leave this world and come with me."

"So, let me get this right, I have to die to get my power of which you have mentioned nothing about it" Alex couldn't stop laughing.


"And you've lost me"

"This placed is full of magic and magical beings; you need to die to see it"

"Magical beings? Like dragon and witches?"


Alex started to laugh uncontrollable, he grasped his ribs. Todd was surprised; Todd moved his hands a bit and whispered something to himself. Alex suddenly noticed various objects were surrounding him. Alex stopped.

"What is going on?" he asked Todd

"You are about to die" Todd answered "here is your card"

Alex looked at the card; it was the 10 of swords, he felt sharp pains in his back and collapsed. As he fell he heard a scream...