The poster in front of her was telling her to join.

Samantha knew that posters, especially those in parchment, can't talk, because for goodness' sake, they were non-living things!

But that poster pasted on the wall, and all the other walls in Mercy, for that matter...

Was obviously goading her to join.

She could feel it.

Looking left and right, the petite girl approached the poster in front of her and carefully peeled it off the wall. Then she stared at it a bit more closer.

"Princess Contest." She read aloud, letting it sink into her. Her body suddenly feels numb, as chills ran over her spine, "A-Available to every woman in Vermaidles." Goodness, that was a large number of women.

"In search for a woman to win the heart of our b-beloved Prince Philipum, the King, His Majesty King Dominus, holds this contest, open to all women with interesting personality and competitive knowledge upon politics and ruling over a kingdo- Dear me, a kingdom..." She trailed off, both her arms falling limp beside her.

Samantha wondered if the day was going to get any better, as the numb feeling inside her was soon replaced by a rush of excitement. Like few of the people in the capital of their Kingdom, Vermaidles, Samantha was born of a poor family. She worked in the nearby tavern to feed herself, now that both her father and mother had sailed to the seas, escaping Vermaidles for more wonderful opportunities.

Vermaidles was a country of hardships and reality. The nobles often dreamed ambitiously, while the poor, like she, would realize that they will forever be poor, and have given up hope of a lift of their ranks in society.

The 15-year-old girl did not want to surround herself with such people, like these poor. No, she wasn't disgusted of them, nor thinking that she is above them, but rather more, she felt disturbed that they have given up easily. Unlike any other peasant, Samantha was a dreamer, ambitious, honest, and very much determined to get a living out of life. She had inherited this from both her parents, who also felt like they had the chance to make a difference in this country. But they had not made the right decisions, and were now sailing over the world, leaving their daughter behind.

Samantha did not hold it against them. They exchanged letters regularly, and she was satisfied with the bond between she and her parents. She knew they also had their need of adventure, and excitement, but she, she chose to find it here in Vermaidles. She thought that this place wasn't as hopeless as it sounds like.

She dreamt of many things. She did not dream to surround herself with jewels, or extravagant dresses. Nor did she want many suitors, or beautiful homes near beaches.

She wanted to be Queen of Vermaidles. Not for fame or the money. She wanted to rule the land, to change it. Remove the old dark ways and replace them with new ones. As she grew, she found out that the only way to help her country, was to become Queen, and rule with an iron fist. Nothing could defeat her passion for her country. If she was going to break thousands of laws to do so, then so be it.

Quickly, she rolled up the poster and stuffed it into her pocket, before continuing her walk to her small home.

Her home was a very small thing, only made of wood, cloth, and a few chairs and picnic linen. After she was thrown out of the house her parents had owned, she never did want to tell them, shameful by the fact that she had accidentally gambled away her remaining money, so she was penniless when the landlady asked for a year's pay.

She very well could say she deserved it. It was her own mistake, and for that mistake, she shall receive her punishment, accepting.

She ducked in her small house 'tent', and slowly sat down the ground with no grace at all. Her 'friend' was kind enough to let her stay at her backyard, so Samantha was very relieved she was breaking no rules.

Quickly, she unrolled the poster once more and gathered the information. Excitement seeping into her once again, she opened up a dusty chest and brought out her most grand dress; a simple dress of dyed dark blue.

Samantha knew her chance of winning was very low, but she had to try. Oh, how she could bring so much glory and victory to the country if she won! So many plans she had made! Her word would be law, and she already knew what she was going to do with the money she will inherit! She planned to put the money into supplying more funds for the army, so incase a war suddenly comes up...

She laughed breathlessly to herself, looking up her makeshift house. "I've got nothing to lose." She whispered to herself, drawing her knees to her chin. Her mood suddenly darkened as she realized ALL the women were competing. Even the richer, much more educated ones...

Her shoulders sagged down. "Mama, Papa..." She stated, as if addressing to them face to face, "I now realize, this is impossible! I am not educated! The Prince will not even spare me a glance!" She huffed. "The Prince doesn't really matter, really. I know I shouldn't get my hopes up...So I shan't."

She clasped her hands together, closing her eyes tight. "Oh, Mama, Papa, wherever you are..."

Please help me.