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Reasons Why Here: To get out my thoughts without having to face the people I want to say them to

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Title: Attractiveness Is The next Deadly Plague

Date: September 13, 2012 8:47 P.M.

Mood: Spiteful

My hair was not the color of honey, my eyes are not the color of the sky, my skin is not as fair as the ripened peaches, or newborn pearls. I'm scared to write in pen because it seems too permanent for me, what if I want to change what I had written? I'm scared no one wants me because I don't fit the 'angelic' mold, or the 'attractive' molds. I'm scared of people and their thoughts, so much indeed, from being around them I have knots between my shoulder blades from stress. Am I malnourished in my thoughts? It seems cloned drones are stepping out the doors, each with the same artificial face, with the same clothes as the other. What happened to uniqueness, standing out? Pretty has become boring for me, because people are becoming too selfish with it. Flaws are identity tags, the things that make us nourished in our personalities and mental state. Self esteem is the ability to feel unrestricted, now we want to become encompassed into our own skin because 'pretty' has created selfish, vane, cruel people that torture those different, with words that cut, slash, and burn. Like angry mobs, sticks and stones have the become the choices to words alone. We are becoming black lumps of 'beautiful' coals, and consider those unique ugly, who're we to define ugly? Ugly is the acid that corrodes the teeth and tongue with harsh words that bring the pain to others with touch and intimate punishment. I for one, am against artificial humans, we were born how we were supposed to be. Beautiful, not artificial, not made up with masks or tribal colors. We are humans, and humans are created flawed.

-Whilst Naked with Clothes,

Overthrow The King

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9/13 8:08 P.M. Now You've made me feel bad that I have blue eyes :(


9/13 8:11 P.M. I like brown eyes, if that's any consolation :)

La zy fri day has my day

9/13 8:24 P.M. well...I like blue eye s be st, so I can no t say any th ing

0ver 0ur 0pal Opal

9/14 1:25 A.M. green eyes are my fav...but I like your brown eyes! I'm sure there are people who like brown eyes! Besides, we can't have everything we want, right?

Am I a he or she?

9/14 1:56 A.M. I like all eye colors...mostly blue sorry, but someone says your brown eyes are pretty , so whatev, but hey, black hair is coolio too, like the dark of mystery, right. Yeah, right...

Stick Shift Sally

9/14 2:05 A.M. My friend, who cares what others think? I think your brown eyes are pretty as they are, no matter how many people say blue eyes or green eyes are best! Are you gonna let 'the world ' get ya' down? That's not the King over thrower I know ;) P.S. Meet you at Laddy's tomorrow, well, today... Mom is totally killing the pills tonight...

Reply Overthrow The King

9/14 2:12 A.M. I'm just SO SICK of hearing about beautiful blue eyes this, gorgeous green eyes this, I might as well gauge my eyes out just to please myself. P.S. What time? I'm sorry, want to stay the night?

Reply Stick Shift Sally

9/14 2:14 A.M. I know it, sweety, we just can't have everything we want, like Jigglo said. Be happy you have any seeing eyes at all, at least they work right? P.S., I have to have piano practice, then clarinet practice, then practice 'table manners', then bed so I have to have time to sneak out, so I guess when I can get out, around twelvish, maybe. Oh you blessed child, of course I accept your humble offer, lol. No hiding under the coffee table though :P

Reply Overthrow The King

9/14 2:17 A.M. :) Well, I guess you're right. Better to be undesired and to work, than desired and broken, I have the gist now, love you Sally Wally. P.S. Okie Dokie ten after school, the thing with horns and a forked tail that'll poke you with a pitchfork if you don't comply, it is. And, I have no idea how I got there I swear!

Reply Stick Shift Sally

9/14 2:21 A.M. What would you ever do without me, you depressing grouchy pants? :) P.S. Come on, who even does that? Sleep walking is so old school, Kingly dear, you could have jumped out the window if your legs had been tall enough to reach! Lol, kidding, you know your little shortness is too adorkable!

Reply Overthrow The King

9/14 2:24 A.M. I would be so lost, oh yes I would, lol. P. , I never! My legs are of perfectly available 'fun size' as they say! Fun. Size. Hear THAT Daddy Long Legs?

Reply Stick Shift Sally

9/14 2:30 A.M. P.S. I'm so angry, I could-, I could-KILL! You know, like a bug or something lol. Die bug, who is small, well, if small is fun size, and a bug is too small to evade my gigantic foot, wasn't very fun for the bug was it?! Huh? Huh?

Reply Overthrow The King

9/14 2:31 A.M. ….I worry about you. That bug stood no chance! Don't tell me this is a foreshadow you might step on me soon? little, small, can't evade gigantic feet little o me? Oh, gotta go to bed, it's almost 3 in the morning, see you at Lobby's!


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Chapter 1: Joyful Thighs

It was there.

Tantalizing and just so...reachable and pick-up-able.

If this was a cartoon, I was sure the theoretical drip of drool would be pouring out right now, quite frankly, I'm surprised I've lasted this long, staring at the door to heaven a few feet away. I was originally sneaking out to the escapade of meeting Sally Mackey, my friend of seven years, at Lobby's Lobster,but, I knew there was treasure in that refrigerator, and not to mention my favorite. Cheesecake. Every glorious bite of it, brought home by my Mom for the tummy ache of my sister Lucky, who's only wish was to,'please...just fulfill my last wish, something cakey and ends with cheese...-insert cough of the epitome of fakeness and eyes that told of dictatorship-. Lucky never got around to it though, and now it was free dibs, and I was already grabbing a fork.

Sally could wait, and as I wielded my weapon of choice, a fork, I knew I might be the one who ends up being the one waited on. I sigh frustrated as I continue bite after bite in opaque darkness, a strange tangle of lights on the table, silence louder than explosions. My chewing sounded amplified and I was trying to keep from making noises from waking my slightest sleeper, baby Rosashia. One breath wrong, and the child was squalling like it was a marching band. I look out at the kitchen window, which was pretty much useless because there was a tree that grew hugged to it, Mom kept threatening to cut it down, but since there was a birds nest full of baby eggs, she's waiting until the hatch to do the deed.

My chewing momentarily halts when I think I here someone coming from upstairs, but when a minute passes by I continue my midnight snack. I'm feeling guilty going against, ladies gasp in horror, my diet. It felt like cheating secretly in the middle of the night, all possible witnesses in bed, except my second oldest sister, Margarita. Who was most likely shagging (I love using foreign terms, it made me feel unique) some random faced boy and would come home just as dissatisfied. I sigh again, slowing my eating. Ever since our oldest sibling of seven, excluding me, turned twenty-one, she had decided to milk it for all she had. Disdain and disappointment were something that followed me recently.

Stuffing my face and feeling guilty were becoming familiar feelings these days, also. I would swear up and down to just one bite, and that bite seemed to be much larger than I anticipated because then the whole treat would have disappeared. I knew it showed, looking at my hips and thighs, the joy from the taste always seemed to travel south. I had a little extra stomach, and my height didn't make up for the hundred and eighty extra pounds, 'scuse me, joy. I'm sure it has become an oath to me now, well I have two,

Thighs, here comes the joy again.

Under these this flab, is a pair of six-pack abs. (Sally said this should be a gym slogan)

I have another fork stabbed ready to devour when my pants pocket started to vibrate. I jump, dropping my fork and hearing a clink sound, while wincing and trying to wrangle my cell out of my pocket, I could here some sort of shuffling from up stairs. In a panic, I flip it open and see a picture of dish-water colored hair and gray eyes.


It was only eleven thirty, she must have got out quick, and she was getting impatient. I knew so because Sally hated technology, and if she was calling me, then it must mean I'm getting a mental butt-kicking.

"-" I start to say something, but then ever-patient Sally beat me to it.

"This is the FBI." She was trying a deep voice, which failed unbelievably, and I could feel myself cracking a smile. There was nothing else from upstairs, so I try whispering.

"Who's name is Sally." I was tempted to lick the icing from off the man-handling of the fork, but I just stand and walk to the kitchen sink, resting the phone on my shoulder.

"I have an important and difficult mission for you, Agent Shrimp." I pull back and look at the phone strangely, almost causing it to roll off, so I bring my shoulder to my ear so it wouldn't fall, and awkwardly try to turn the sink nobs. Scolding hot water, I jerk back, and change it to cold.

"Phew I hear ya', exercise, damn deadly for the chronically lazy." I blow my fingers off, grabbing a napkin from the rack above the sink and dry my hands.

"Get your butt over here!" She finally cracks down, even sounding annoyed,"I've been stuck here outside, waiting for you in the freezing cold, my only company their mascot, Ollie the Oyster, who's in a shrimp costume, Honey! You think I haven't suffered?" Then she laughs almost ironically,"Momma got knocked out tonight by pill, so I got free time to spare, get over here before this store has a missing mascot. Figure out the mystery: did I eat him, or throw him back into the sea?"

"Defiantly threw him back into the sea, I would have been the one to eat him. Anyway, yeah I'll be there in a minute, try not to use the ice sickles hanging from your nose as the stabbing weapon while I'm getting there." The love of a sarcastic friendship. I hung up and put the rest of the uneaten cake in a container, and back into the fridge, quietly.

Having a name like Honey made it feel as if the whole world is in an intimate relationship with me. My mom said the whole period of being pregnant with me was watching re-runs of Winnie the Pooh, bees in nature on Animal Planet, and craving peanut butter and honey covered graham crackers. She said it was fate for me to by sweet as honey, and just as slow moving, and covered in queen bees. Which would make since, Margarita (Mom had a momentary craving for margaritas) was controlling, Di Ego (Mom watched Ice Age over a thousand times pregnant with him) was third oldest under me was becoming controlling, and Lucky (Mom won the lottery six times pregnant with her, each the same total of fifty dollars), younger than the twins, who were younger than Scott, who was under Di Ego, was considering herself the star of the show. The only exceptions was me, the twins Marco and Polo (self explanatory), Scott (Mom was haunted my butterscotch, because she could never have any, but found them everywhere), and Rosashia (what Mom's Mom had), who's too young to even have teeth yet so she's still on the 'could be' list.

However, the name seemed out of place on me, in my opinion, as an old lady wearing a halter top. I was the only one in the family who was naturally dark in every aspect of myself physically. I had brown eyes and black curly hair that looked like a raging octopus, on a good day of course, and skin the color of bread. I was the shortest of my entire family and friends at five foot two, the tallest I know being Di Ego, at over six foot and only fourteen. I was the second oldest at eighteen, the age of sleeping and awakening, having on year to discover and build the future foundation of my beams that would stabilize my life forever.

One flunk and I was doomed.

I quietly and as stealthily as I could, exit my house and start towards my ride me and Margarita shared jointly, used and reused, it was a Honda Civic the light color of periwinkle. Mostly I would ride with Sally in her own Hummer, which made me feel pimped out if I was honest, and it was less tension between me and my sister.

Lobby's Lobster was a restaurant that opened up about a year ago, and wasn't expected to make as big of a hit as it did. It was a cafe and sea food store all in one, which sounded gross and unexpected at first, but slowly and surely the town of Dalton grew to make it a busy place. Also, a great meeting place because it had a video game section with beanie bags, and a section for parents to leave there kids unattended for a while.

I pull into the parking lot, already catching sight of a huffing Sally, and the colors of the sea-white,blue and some purple. When I walk up she only blows out her mouth to show the gust of heated breath in the forty degree weather. It was the middle of September, she could have just gone inside and waited for me. I voiced so as we walked inside the building with the ding of the bell as our welcome.

"Well excuse me for being such a devoted friend." She rolled her eyes, and started rubbing her shoulders. It was no wonder she was freezing so fast, she was wearing a thin elbow long shirt and khakis. I guess you could say I anticipated the cold at this time of night because I had a swallowing coat over a sweater, which made me look bulky, and sweat pants. I was comfortable, not a fashion model.

"I didn't say I appreciated it." I remind, then we get a booth, and wait for the waitress to come around, who was chatting up some guy in the back with brown hair that looked as if it was glued to his head.

"Well, next time I'll just leave you in the dust." She comments, breathing on her hands and and chattering her teeth. I finally forfeited my coat.

"So...what was the reason for the pills tonight?" I ask as if I didn't know. The cafe wasn't full tonight, maybe because most people were just dozing off by now.

"Dad didn't want tot buy her a zillion dollar necklace and she pitched a fit." I look at her in sympathy, Sally's parents were pretty wealthy, because her father was a savings man. Took responsibility and didn't spend willy nilly, Sally's Mom was just along for the cash ride. And it showed immeasurably, the vanity of her pouts always seemed to reach new levels. I sigh through my nostrils, and look at Sally, who was making my coat look like a restocked Abercrombie & Finch item. Now it feels like I was wearing a potato sack, Sally was naturally beautiful. Taller than a skyscraper and light like a pearl, if I was to say my mind, I'd say I was happy for her. If I was to speak my heart, I'd have to say I was jealously hating her with every dark fiber of my being.

"What'll it be?" The waitress had finally separated from her intended target, but was still looking back as if to catch the boy from before watching her. I usually got a plate of shrimp, but today I just got a drink of caramel in a milk dampened coffee. Sally got a sweet tea.

"So, what are you going to do about entering the Art of Your Part Festival?" Sally asks after the waitress leaves, who doesn't file in the order, and like a magnet, gravitates back to the boy. I pretend to be contemplating her question, but I'm actually watching someone play a RPG game on one of the game machines in the arcade room. He was wasting zombies.

"Well, I'm not sure. I've entered so I have to do something for them, but," He just shot a particularly fat zombie, who's organs splattered on the wall behind it,"I have no idea. I thought about..."He gets hit by a dog-tongued zombie and I feel my thumbs flexing under the table, forgetting to speak.

"Hey, come back to me, I'm losing reception." I blush and return my gaze to Sally,"Sorry, anyway, as you have read on my blog, my whole inner emo hate is there."

Sally nods,"Are you going to summit some poetry?"

"I don't know...Sally, what are your favorite color eyes? You never told me." She sighs and her head tilts.



"Here's your drinks." The cups are almost literally thrown on the table in front of us, some of it drops on the table. She is so not getting a tip. I take a few experimental sips to see if the drink was what I ordered, and turned out be Sally's. I knew mine was in Sally's hands immediately because Sally grimaced, scrunching up her nose.

"I believe this is yours." She says unhappily and we switch. I start to drink another tentative sip, when a thought suddenly hits me. Sally drunk out of this cup, I shouldn't drink it after her. Which was weird because we used to chew on the same apple together in middle school. I sit the cup back down instead and have no words to say because I'm distracted by the gamer in the back again.

"Your brown eyes are pretty though."


Still night, around three in the morning once again, and everyone still was sound asleep. I had no clue if Margarita had already returned. I was back on my computer, sitting on my bed legs crossed, and with my laptop sitting on my legs, looking out into space, waiting for my login screen to load. I know it was stupid, but no matter how much I coaxed myself into ignoring the flaws of the world, I found myself only finding more unfairness to myself against them. It was only self-torture, and it wasn't hurting anyone, but me. Yet, I remember songs, and books, and comments, about how blue eyes is the beautiful gift of nature, or blonde hair being the dictator of all the colors. I wasn't fair skinned, I looked as if I had rolled in the mud and forgot to take a bath. I-


My computer had loaded. I signed in my account and found no new comments. I had a few people on here who knew me by day, including Sally, and a few who I had no idea was, and all besides Sally and two others didn't know it was me in person writing these. Watch_Me_Jiggle was a bubbly girl obsessed with pink and cooking, who only talked to me when she wanted to borrow something or ask,"Which is salt and which is sugar?". Am I a he or she? Was as true as could be, everyone bets only his mother knows their true gender, and even then gets confused. They also like to pretend to be psychic, though sometimes I think its lucky guesses or staged attempts. My two others on my top four friends were the ones who knew me in person. W8ing4 the $guy used to say she was going to marry rich, and thisisastick-up has aspirations of robbing a dollar store, when he's forty at least. Actually, thisisastick-up introduced me to this site in English when he found my journal on accident, I had left it on my desk in the room. checked it out, and now he had me hooked.

Seeing the Sally wasn't on, I looked up some random junk then decided to call it a night because it was an hour later, when I hear a beep. I look to the bottom left of my screen and see a little mail letter with a red one on the corner. I usually got these when I was on other sites and still logged in to soyouthinkyoucanthink. I thought about ignoring it when another pops up, now it was a red letter two. I figure Sally had just logged on, so I move my mouse over to it and click.

You have received a comment on Attractiveness Is The next Deadly Plague from SmokingFists 9/15 4:42 A.M. Guess equal forgot where it was suppose to be, huh?

You have received a friendship request from SmokingFists 9/15 4:45 A.M.

I stare at the comment and request. Huh. I haven't had any friend requests since a few months ago. I go ahead and press 'yes' on the friend request and think of something witty to answer to the comment. Nothing came though and my fingers floated uncooperative over the keyboard, then I hear another ding.

SmokingFists has requested a private chat.

I freak out, okay. This is odd, but since I had nothing to talk about, and my mind was slowly becoming putty to tiredness, I just log out and save the comment to answer later. If they have smoking fists they should see a doctor anyway.

Well damn. There was my introduction.