Chapter 1

Melody Chambers was a sensible and intelligent girl. She did not believe in magic, or anything related to it for the matter. It was a silly concept because how could magic exist in the world? Everything could be explained through the one true reason called science, which was there to prove how the world functioned.

As Melody currently sat in class, she sighed and rolled her eyes at the teacher who droned on with the dull history lesson. Glancing at the time, she quickly began to gather her belongings and shoved them into her satchel. She absolutely could not be late to her weekly visit to the Thames today. She would finally see Conrad, her best and only friend that attended another school. Conrad had always been busy with trying to maintain his valedictorian status as well as keeping up with all his social activities.

Once the bell rang, Melody sprinted out the class, eager to be the first to reach the Thames River. It was always a tradition between the two to see who could reach the river first. Glancing down at the watch, the brunette raced to the trail leading to the riverside, spotting the boy just a few feet in front of her. A wide grin split over her face as quickly as she waved to her friend.

"Conrad!" she shouted, her heart suddenly beginning to flutter at the sight of his smile. As usual, he looked as perfect as ever. He ran a hand through his light brown hair and waved back, a giant smile on his face.

"Hey Melody! It's been a while!" Conrad laughed as he swept Melody into a tight embrace.

"Only because you're too busy to be with me!" she teased lightly. "If you continue off like this, you'll be a zombie by the next time I see you!"

She stared at her friend with worry. Because of the pressure he always put on himself, Conrad always neglected the health of his body, sometimes leading him into a state of deep exhaustion.

"I'll manage," he smiled enthusiastically. "But enough about me. You want to see a magic trick?"

Melody scowled at his taunting grin. "You know there is no such thing as magic. It's so silly how people still believe it is actually magic. Obviously there-"

"We know Mel!" Conrad interrupted with a laugh. "I was only teasing."

She shot him a sheepish grin. "Well, you know me. Anti-magic and all,"

Moving onto lighter subjects, the two friends strolled down the trail as they updated each other on their lives.

Glancing down at his watch, Conrad made a face.

"Agh. It's 5 o'clock. I have to go, Mel. I'm so sorry; I have homework to do,"

Melody shot him a smile. "It's okay. I understand! I'll talk to you later,"

The two embraced one final time before heading their separate ways. As Melody began heading home, a curious gleam of light flashing from the bottomless depths of the water caught her eye. Blinking rapidly, she stared intently at the shining light.

Edging cautiously towards the river, Melody knew deep down as a reasonable fifteen year old girl living in modern London that she was overreacting. It could have been a reflection of the sunlight that shined down brightly on the river Thames or merely a figment of her imagination. The glare of the light was most certainly brighter than anything she had ever witnessed. Yet, she had felt a strange sensation almost as if she was under a trance.

Leaning down towards the water's edge, she delicately reached out her hand and began stretching out towards the water. As soon as her skin came in contact with the water, the already bright light began to shine even brighter, if that had even been possible. The usually calm river suddenly began to bubble, and the trickling water soon accelerated into a rushing rapid. Melody stared wide-eyed at the altering water, soon noticing the direction had changed into a circular motion until the center had become a vortex drilling into the middle of the water.

Attempting the retreat slowly, Melody gasped as the water shot up like a geyser, soon transforming into a fist-like shape. Scrambling back up, the brunette screamed as the water suddenly surrounded her as if plucking her up from the ground. Raising her above the vortex of the newly created whirlpool, the water fist released Melody down into the depths of the Thames. Squeezing her eyes shut, Melody knew in the back of her mind she had to point her feet due to the impact of the water. Plunging feet first into the water, she hugged herself tightly as a force pulled her deeper into the water.

Suddenly, as if on cue, the direction of the force had changed. Melody held in a sigh of relief as she was being dragged upwards towards the surface of the water. Her muscles aching from the previous series of events, Melody used the last bit of her strength to swim over to the shore. It was surprisingly a short distance. Collapsing onto the grass, Melody panted as she tried to regain her strength. Glancing around at her new environment filled with endless amounts of trees, she realized she did not recognize the area.

She felt a surge of panic overwhelm her. Calm down, she thought to herself. You might have just washed down the river while it was moving rapidly. An inkling of curiosity sparked in Melody's mind as she stared at the once again tranquil river.

No, I must first find a way back home! That's priority. Melody now knew she was definitely lost. The area surrounding her was completely deserted, with nothing but nature. She cursed under her breath. Not only had the beam of light disappeared, but there was absolutely no sign of life that seemed to be around.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" She cried out weakly.

I…must…find my way back. She thought tiredly. Crawling farther up the shore, Melody trembled with immense effort before collapsing once more on the ground. She had never felt so tired before. Trying once more to crawl up the grassy hill, Melody gave up once her muscles began to scream with pain. Rolling onto her back, she let out a content sigh at the warm sun shining onto her face. Staring up into the bright blue sky, she closed her eyes as the exhaustion finally overwhelmed her, sending her into a state of darkness.