She smiled happily as we walked along the beach. The cool sand slid through our toes. The gentle lapping of the waves was extremely calm and soothing. I breathed deeply taking in the salty air as I felt the warmth of her hand as she entwined mine with hers. I turned to face her again after exhaling. She still had that smile plastered to her face. The crescent moon shone in her eyes illuminating the blue orbs.

My friend leaned up and put her lips close to my ear whispering the words I had heard so many times but never knew their meaning.

"Te amo," She whispered softly, barely audible, in my ear.

I just put my hand on her waist and pulled her smaller body to mine and hugged her. She wrapped her thin arms around my neck and laid her head into the crook of my neck. Her long black hair tickled my exposed arm. She whispered those alien words to me once more. Her voice slightly muffled against my body.

"Tell me what does it mean?" I asked her as she looked up to look me in the eyes.

Her expression turned from one of content to worry. She said nothing deciding to just stare into my eyes her expression soon turning unreadable. I sighed before breaking that awkward silence that had just surrounded us.

"You can trust me." I said softly pulling the smaller female closer to me.

She was my best friend. I didn't know why she was so worried I could keep a secret if that was the problem.

"I love you." She said barley above a whisper.

She then quickly wrenched herself away from me. I looked at her obviously shocked mouth wide open. I quickly straightened up when I saw glistening tears role down her face. I walked the short distance she put between the two of us and wrapped one of my arms around her shoulders as I tried to keep my calm. I didn't share these feelings for her that she held for me. I looked at her moistened eyes before saying.

"I don't feel the same but I will always be there for you." I said talking softly into her ear.

She responded by hugging me and whispering te amo and pulling me to her seeming to accept what I said silently. She always was quiet and shy. We left the beach soon after the only thought in my mind was:

My best friend loves me.