Those eyes, blank and so sad. They make me want to cry. And to think, these eyes, these eyes are mine.

I can no longer look into a mirror. I can no longer show my face. I fear that my eyes will make people hate me, just like I hate myself.

These eyes, so very cold and icy, the color of frost in the frozen hours of the morning. They weren't always this way. At one point in time they were beautiful. They had been rich, a dark sapphire blue that no one had seen before. People had loved me, flocked to me, because of my eyes. Now I'm just the girl in the back corner who never says a word and never shows anyone her face.

People used to ask why I quit showing off my eyes. I found that I couldn't anymore. I answered that to anyone who asked about them. They said it was a shame, they said that the world had truly lost a gem. I couldn't hate those people more than I do now.

I don't know why my eyes changed. I asked my doctor, they didn't know. I let others see my eyes and teachers began to say I was on drugs. They threatened to call my parents and the police. I quite allowing people to see my eyes than.

I skipped school for months actually when I tried to go back I wasn't a student anymore. My parents were disappointed in me, scolding and grounding me. I couldn't care less, I had no friends anymore.

I brush my raven bangs over my face. Another day of torture had arrived.

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