this is for True Talker. I'm sorryit'd it seems a bit morbid.

Vampires Everywhere!



Those are the only two colors I remember from that day. Red snow, white blood. My hair was a sticky matted mess on my head and sticks to my cheeks and neck. There was something in my hand. Long, cold...


I want to scream, but I have no voice. I want to run, my my legs refuse to work for me. He is coming closer. His weapon is bigger. Sharper. Better. Fear courses trough my veins as u stand there and watch him take her life. He looks at me, fangs and claws extended. A handsome man, he is. He would make a good friend if he wasn't a vampire. The woman drops to the ground in a bloodless heap.

She's dead, and there's nothing I can do.

I stand there and watch as he comes closer to me. His nostrils flare as he takes in the sent of demon from my body. He asks what I am, and I tell him. I am one of the Light, a special being.

The very being he wanted to kill.

He lunges foreword, aiming for my heart. I don't even blink, or even breathe. I pull my weapon from its sheath and swiftly swing it in front of me, slicing his chest open. Blood drips down his flat, muscular chest. I swing the blade again and hit his face. He is bleeding so much, it's so very tempting. I lick the red liquid from my blade, savoring the taste. He is one one knee. I swing the blade again. This time, I hit his throat. The heavenly red liquid sprays, staining my white, feathered wings. The vampire falls, his head hitting a rock with a sickening crack.

The vampires everywhere will pile at my feet.

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