Rose Anderson was a 16 year old girl who was always happy. She lives in a house with her mother in Oklahoma. Her mother had a beautiful garden right outside their house. One day, she decided to go to her mother's garden and look at the beautiful flowers. Tulips, Poppies, Dandelions, any flower you can think of were scattered across the garden. Suddenly, she came across what looked like a black rose. Her mom came out and walked up to her.

"Rose, what are you looking at?" asked her mother. Rose pulled the black rose from the ground and ran to her mother."Did you plant this?" she asked while holding the rose to her mother's face. Her mother looked confused as she remembers that she never planted a black rose or have even seen one in the garden before."I don't believe I have" she replied. Rose walked into the house and started examining the mysterious black rose.

After hours of examining it, something happened. The rose started shimmering. She was so excited that she called for her mother to come see the rose. Her mom looked at it, confused."Don't you see it?" she asked. Her mother looked at her the same way she looked at the rose."What exactly am I supposed to look at?" she asked still confused.

Rose looked at the rose and saw that it was no longer shimmering. She then replied,"Never mind." She looked at the rose again and smiled remembering something."This reminds me of Emma, she loves black roses" Rose said. Her mother looked at her with sadness and pain written on her face. "Mom, what's wrong?" she asked worried. She walks in front of her mom and looked at her straight in the eyes. Her mom just stands there and doesn't know how to tell her "what happened" to Emma.