"Mom, please, what do you know that I don't?" I asked getting anxious.

"Sweetie, Emma died last week." she said with sympathy in her voice. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My head hung down so I'm looking at the floor. Why didn't she tell me this before? I know she is my best friend,and we knew each other since we were little, but why? I deserve to know don't I?

Slowly my head when up. My mom and I were now face to face. She said, "I didn't tell you before because you just looked so happy these days and I didn't want to ruin your happiness."

I smiled. Mom looked at me really confused. "Mom, I am sad, but the last time I saw her, we promised each other that when she dies, I should be happy because she doesn't have to suffer anymore and because she'll be in a better place." Just then, my mom smiled.

"That's nice sweetie, oh, and her mom moved away after she died." she added. Emma's house was across the street. Her house had no other houses next to it. So it's basically abandoned now. I ran to my room and noticed that the black rose shimmering again. Then, outside my window, I saw some black roses shimmering in front of Emma's house.

The window from my room is across from Emma's window, in her room. I saw a figure of a person in her window. I looked closer and saw a girl with dark, brown hair, and light skin. She was smiling at me. With that I sprinted down the stairs and ran out to Emma's house. I looked up to see the girl still standing by the the window, still smiling at me. Just then I saw those green eyes. Is that? No, it can't be! She opened the window. My eyes widened. I looked more closely to make sure I wasn't going crazy. I wasn't. I gasped...Emma.

"Emma?" I asked. She smiled bigger and nodded. I ran inside her house realizing the door wasn't locked. I ran upstairs into her room and see her sitting there on her bed. As I make my way to her, I was thinking, how is this happening right now?

"Hey Rose!" she exclaimed. I replied,"Hi." She smirked at me and spoke. "Surprised?" Emma asked. I nodded, "Very."

"How are you here?" I asked curiously. "It's complicated." she answered. Is she a ghost? I don't think so, but then again, she is dead right? Or is she? Thats crazy talk Rose. Of course she's dead, your mother wouldn't lie about this. Just then, a thought popped into my head.

She's the one who put the black rose in our garden. "Yes I am" she said with a smirk. Whoa! Did she just read my mind? "Yes,yes I did!" she exclaimed laughing. It stayed quiet for a while. Awkward! Then suddenly I just bursted out laughing realizing what just happened. Emma laughed as well.

I smiled widely and exclaimed"My best friend is a mind reader!" We laughed again. I missed these moments. "Em, why did you come back?" I asked. After that, there was a long silence. Emma opened her mouth and started off talking by saying my nickname. "Ro...