Hi! This was English homework. We had to create a character and describe them walking to a bench. In detail. :O So I created two characters. Platinum and Silver. If and when I finally start writing it, there will be a whole story with them, but this was just homework. When and if I write the full story, this will contain spoilers, nothing to big, but spoilers all the same.

Platinum moaned into her hands as she stood by a pond in a park. The weather was miserable and it match Platinum's mood. She moved slowly, uncovering her scarred face. Tears rolled down the right side of her face, from her right eye. They ran down her cheek, and then dripped off her chin. She wasn't even bothering to wipe them away, as she knew that they would only return. Walking over to the closest available bench, her movements were lethargic. The bench was soaking, but she didn't care. Nothing mattered to her any more. She sat slowly, bringing her knees into her chest, almost as if she was cuddling them to preserving heat. But that wasn't the reason... her pain was just easier dealt this way. Against her knees lay her forehead; which was hot from a fever. But she didn't care, her heart was unable to care. Her right eye continued to cry, but her left eye, covered by a scar, was devoid of all emotion. The clouded eye would have cried if it could; so the tears could mix with the rain on her face. But it couldn't well up, it couldn't see and it would never show emotion. If there was someone she could talk to, to share her feelings with, to reassure her, she wouldn't be so upset. But she had no one. The only one she had had was gone.

"Oh Silver! Why did you do it? I told I would get better, didn't I, that I wouldn't leave you! So why did you do it? Why did you leave me alone in this world? With no one? You were the only person I had that I could go to, but you cut yourself bad, so who can I go to now, huh? Enlighten me Silver!" Her silver eye (they were both silver once) glittered like diamonds, while the other looked like an overcast day in England. Her wet silver/platinum hair flopped like a fish out of water in front of her scar covered clouded eye.

"Why did you save me Silver? Why would you save me, then leave me? How could you be so cruel..." Her voice was hoarse and as she spoke she got quieter and quieter. Her hands clutched her throat as she spoke too, as if doing so would make it hurt less. Then she thought to herself,

'Why did I start being a detective? If I had stayed at the orphanage like I was supposed to, then I wouldn't have had to go to the warehouse; I wouldn't have been burnt. But more importantly, Silver would still be alive... It's all my fault...'

So, you like? I love reviews, I really do, I will reply to every one of them! Everything that happens in this is not guaranteed, (like Silver dieing. It will never happen in the real story) but some of the stuff will. Any way, my class is so happy! We had deaths, murders and of course, this. Suicide. I such a happy person!

Reviews will be loved, Flames will be laughed at.