The young woman held her arms out beseechingly, her hair floated unmoving around her head, immortalised. If you examined her closely, you could almost feel the pain and longing in her eyes, could almost imagine the softness of her flowing hair.

She rose defiantly out of the courtyard, her marble body stretching upwards from the gently shimmering waters of the fountain around her. The courtyard itself was empty and serene, surrounded by high green hedges and bathed in the eager light of the morning. An azure sky arched out overhead.

The calm of the courtyard was ruffled by the darting figure of a young woman, who rounded the marble fountain so she was hidden from the archway she had entered from. Pausing for a moment, she let her fingers glide through the stream of water issuing from the marble woman's outstretched palms and smiled.

Freezing at the sound of a rustle nearby, she lifted the gold trimmed hem of her floor-length gown. Raising her foot, she stepped delicately into the crystal water. The cool liquid immersed her foot to the ankle. Moving quickly to behind the statue, she leant against it and held her breath.

For a heartbeat, all was still except for the gentle wind rustling the large bushes and the quiet murmur of the water. Her dress pulled downwards slightly, the hem wet and heavy.

'Your Highness..' a smooth voice drawled out. A moment later, a man stood in the leafy archway, the sun shining brightly off his blonde hair. His hands were relaxed in the pockets of his dark pants and his uniform jacket hung open revealing a white shirt gaping at the collar.

Smirking, he strolled insolently into the courtyard, his steps silent against the large, sun-warmed pebbles. Green eyes dancing, he leaned forward slightly to regard the woman pressed against the marble fountain.

'Was this really necessary?' he raised an eyebrow. She laughed, the tinkling sound in harmony with the bright atmosphere of the morning. Running forward, she jumped out of the fountain and threw her arms around his shoulders. He caught her easily and lowered his head so their noses touched.

'Of course it was! We're alone now aren't we?' she breathed.