Pretend for a moment.

Pretend that when he smiles,

he smiles at you.

And when his eyes twinkle in laughter,

it's because of a joke you told.

Or when he glances across the room,

he's glancing at you.

Now live in this illusion for a moment.


Moment's up.

Shatter that illusion with a shard of broken glass.

Go back to reality.

Those smiles aren't for you.

Neither is the twinkle in his eye,

Or those glances.

You just want them to be.

Makes you cringe, doesn't it?

It might even make you want to


... It's okay. Let your tears out.

No one's watching you in your room

where you

lock your emotions with a key

And hide them from the rest of the world

If only for a moment.

But when you go back into reality,

You slip on a mask

And go back to pretending.