Whether it is verbal warfare or psychological warfare, there is always the possibility of armed warfare. With the possibility of armed warfare, you must have a military force.

Recruiting humans to join was a problem. Many humans no longer do anything, as all the machines that were made to make their life easy now were so good that humans are almost no longer needed to do anything for everything. Most humans think that those machines that do everything can also fight for them, and they are right. However the scientists that made them did not program them with artificial intelligence in fear of a revolt, which leads to the fact that they couldn't think on their feet.

Humans, on the other hand, had both the ability to think on their feet and they had a much more important thing. Instinct. The instinct of survival, the instinct of caring, the instinct of direction, of many things. All the things that allowed humans to survive for so long, was also all the things that the humans needed for combat. Yet those humans have grown lazy, they no longer work so hard.

Therefore, the military does a despicable but necessary thing: they remove target humans at a younger age, an age in which they can still change their future, change their body, and remove indolence.