I walk towards the other children, them beckoning to me, asking me to play with them. I look over, sigh, and join them in their competitions and games, such as tag, or push-up contests, and other silly things.

I decide to play tag with a couple of other friends first, and they stopped, watching me, and restart the process. I become it, whatever it is, and I have to chase the other kids. I charge at one of them, then I swerve towards another mid-run. They stumble, trip, and fall, leaving them easy targets. I sigh once again, and quit the game of tag.

The wind picks up, then fades, leaving behind a previously unseen vessel, a sleek brown slightly arrow shaped ship which looks both elegant and deadly at the same time. A woman stepped out, looking around, eyes seemingly lingering on me for a few moments, before her eyes glazes over my location. I look at her with a questioning look and she replies by walking over.

"Hello there, what's your name?" She asks.

"Allen." I replied, not breaking eye contact.

"How old are you, Allen?"

"I am turning 13 the next February. Why do you ask?" I inquire, curious of her motives.

"No reason that is important to you..." She answers, then adds almost silently, "As of right now..."

I look at her, then ask, "What's your name?"

"You can call me Kate." She says.

I nod slowly, then walk towards the sleek vessel, and as I get closer, I notice something I didn't notice before: the letters UPFM printed on the side of the ship. When I get even closer, I start to circle around the vessel, appreciating the vessel's size and shape.

"Allen... do you want to play a game?" Kate asks. I shrug, and Kate brings out a three cards. "In one of these cards, there is a magnetic strip with a certain code in it.

"Close your eyes, and put your hand over each of these in turn. After you feel like you think you know which is the right one, tell me what you think."

I squeeze my eyes shut, and hover my hand over the first card. The first card makes my hand feel cold, like I put it in cold water for ten minutes. I put my hand over the second one, and it feels almost as if there is something telling me something, something that might be bad, but might be good. I shove that to the back of my head and put my hand over the last card. This one makes my hand feel warm, and makes me feel slightly more happy.

I grab the second card from Kate's hand, and I look at her with hope. "Did I get the right card?" I ask.

She looks at me with a look of... sadness? "Yes, you did." She says, with a sad overtone.

I look at her, head cocked to one side, questioning her tone and look. However, she doesn't reply, and walk back into the brown vessel. A few seconds later, the vessel disappears. I stare at the now empty space, thinking about the implications of this, then disregard it, thinking it to be another one of those random surveys.

I look up at the sky, colors suddenly start to blur, the blue mixing with the cloud's white, and the mixture of colors darken and eventually turn dark. I start to panic, my vision fading. As the last of the blue dissipates, I hear Kate's voice, saying, "I'm sorry."