The room is burnt, and the silence is overbearing. The vase in the window, once holding bright yellow sunflowers, is now the proud owner of wilted stems and tiny ashes. The bookshelf that was stuffed with knowledge and memories was now long gone. The room held none of the joy it used to.

The petite girl clad in a white ruffled sun dress and brown sandals was a bright contrast to her surroundings. Her fingertips grazed the tops of shadow boxes that she had pictures in, now gone, and her green eyes saw past memories all happening at once in her beloved room. On the bed is where she sat and stayed up talking to her best friend. Over there on the carpeted floor was where her and her brother would make card houses. That was the window she would look out every morning to see what outfit the weather called for.

All those were memories though, time and events destroying what was the only escape she had left. She mourned the life she used to have, trying to work with the one she had now. Could she make it? Sometimes it felt like she was breaking. Would anything ever go back to a sort of normal? All of which should have happened long ago has either been put off for way too long or burned in the cauldron of rejected options.

The girl sits on a stool that made it out of the fiery storm that ravaged the place. Very few things are unaffected. The girl combs her fingers through her brunette hair. She feels out of sorts. Should she stay longer? Will it only make the feeling in the pit of her stomach worse? She lays her head down on the window cill, sighing as she closes her eyes. Her worries dissipate as she drifts away into the past, where things weren't great, but they were good.