Lucy follows the curvacious woman but eventually loses sight of her with her slow pace. She walks down a long hallway that sports a decorative emerald green wallpaper. There are portraits hung here and there on the walls, and she assumes they are of the family, as having another family's pictures hung on your own wall would be downright strange.

There's a large portrait of the woman she just saw, her bright blue eyes seeming to look into Lucy's very soul, just like they did in real life. There are other portraits, too. They are smaller than the woman's, and some of them are people who look to be around fifteen, Lucy's age.

A boy with neatly cut, midnight black hair and seemingly dark eyes, as it is hard to tell, is photographed while sitting on a chair, staring deeply into the camera, but his thoughts seem to be lying somewhere else.

There's a girl with dark red hair, the wavy locks stopping just below her chest. She is sitting on a chair also, her legs crossed with her hands folded on top, but instead of looking at the camera, she is looking past it, sort of like there is something just behind the camera that has caught her attention. The thing that sends goosebumps up Lucy's arms is the hint of fear in the girls dark olive green eyes.

There are other pictures, some with only one the people she saw before, and some with all of them together. There was no one else though. The last picture to capture her attention is a black and white photograph with all three of them, the tall woman in the middle with the girl on her right and the boy on her left. None of them smiled. The woman stared, confident and serious, the boy stood tall and proud, and the girl stood awkwardly stiff and on edge. They were in front of a nice two story house, which Lucy came to the conclusion was the one she was in now, as it also had the tall window that was in her room. The window in the picture was on the second story, and Lucy smiled, liking the fact that she know had some idea of where she was.

Now, at the end of the hallway, was a grande staircase that ended in a big open room. Lucy walked down the staircase that wrapped around the room, the staircases from each side of the room connecting in the middle to create a wide outlet.

Her feet hitting the checker board tile floor, she was at a fork in the road. To her left was a set of large double doors, and the same at her right. She stood there for a minute, deciding which one might be the dining room, before she heard the sound of clattering dishes and yelling.

Lucy quickly went to the double doors on her right where the noise had originated from. Pushing open the door, she took a small step in. Inside there was a large dinner table, five seats at each side with one on every end. The only places set up with food, though, were three at the end, one at each side and one at the end facing Lucy. It was very fancy, a candle holder in the middle sitting on top the clean white table cloth. As big as this house was, Lucy couldn't see it being without a house maid, as the woman couldn't keep this place clean all by herself.

Her assumption was confirmed by the hump of a middle aged woman on the floor. The lady swept up the glass from the dead plate onto a dust pan. The woman clad in green shouted at her, going on about her clumsiness. Her brunette hair lay messily on top of her head in a bun, stray pieces sticking up this way and that. Like her hair, she was frazzled and frantic too. She rushed out of the room through a door off to the side, escaping the woman's incessant screaming.

The woman stopped. She took a deep breath, pinching the bridge of her nose. After calming herself, her eyes shot open in Lucy's direction. A chill went down Lucy's back, not sure what to do next.

"Sit down, Lucy! For Christ sakes, you're acting like a lost puppy, unsure of every move you make."

Frightened of the woman's authority, Lucy immediately sat down in the chair on the side to the right. In front of her was the boy she saw in the pictures. He had the confident air she expected him to. Silently, he ate the food on his plate, which happened to be a piece of steak with some vegetables on the side.

On her own plate was a piece of steak too. She had corn and mashed potatoes on the side. Glancing at the woman now sitting at her side, she immediately started eating out of fear from the cold glare she got. She ate her food as quickly as she could without looking like a slob, than quietly excused herself from the table. Pushing in her chair, she slipped out of the awkwardly silent room, where the idea of dinner table conversation seemed to be foreign.

Lucy started making her way back to her room, but just at the top of the stairs, her bedroom door in sight, she saw something that caught her eye. Just passed her door, at the end of the hallway, was another staircase. This one seemed more sinister, nothing lighting it up and seemingly out of place.

She bit her lip, considering her options. She could forget about the staircase and just go to her room, with more questions about herself and this place, eventually having to face the staircase anyway, or she could go and face the eeriness now, ending her curiosity for now and maybe discovering something new.

Shaking her head at her own stupidity, knowing that this probably wasn't something she should be doing, Lucy slowly started her way up the stairs.