An old myth states that birthmarks indicate how you were killed in your past life. My brother and I share a birthmark on our temples, and I have on on my neck.

It was a time long ago, as many made a pilgrimage to a new world, there were two peculiar humans. The younger of the two had blonder hair, and was taller, but the older of the two had more ability. They were best friends, inseparable, really. Spending most of their time together, it only made sense that they died together.

As strange in the day as a woman was to have intelligence, the male would be shunned for the little faith he showed, as he learned from the woman. As the villagers began to fear for the unknown, the supernatural, and above all, "witches" they began to point fingers into crowds.

They knew that their time would come, and the woman was chosen of the two first, as men were less likely to be seen as a "witch." The woman was tortured as they pried for a confession, but she never spoke, for she wasn't a witch. Suspicion grew on, and they began to question her comrade, the man. But he never spoke as well.

They viewed hanging as the best way to take out the people they saw suit. The man and woman would be the first put to death.

The day would come and the woman would be hung first. As it was the first to be hung, they hadn't perfected it, and instead of snapping the woman's neck on initial release, she began to slowly suffocate. She resisted and squirmed, so they took her down, and decided "not to waste anymore time, or resources." They decided to line up the two friends, and with a gun to the temple of the woman, they shot through both.

Instantly fatal, hundreds of years later, they were to be born again, this time as brother and sister. As the woman died first, she was the first to come into this world, and not much longer later, the brother came in after her.