He felt proud as he bought the new large sharp kitchen blade, he smiled widely to himself his old knife had simply just lost its touch. He sighed and slide it under his long sleeve pink dress shirt and fixed his tie, last night victim still had left a beautiful image in his mind. He drove slowly back to Cherry Street, since it was early, lucky for him the was no traffic, in fact there was very few cars, a rare event in downtown Seattle. As soon as he parked the car and made it to the door of his small bakery a strange feeling crossed his mind. He was high aware of his current mental state, but this was defiantly different. He unlocked the door and flipped the closed sign to open. Then soon realization hit him hard, the nagging feeling had not yet left him. He had no idea what would happen to him on this very day.

Eventually after a quick breakfast of a Starbucks peppermint frappe chino and a delicious red velvet cupcake with the special white creamy whipped filling and the delightful cotton candy flavored whipped frosting, the strong feeling once again returned to the point of where his little voice in his mind was screaming at him giving him a pounding headache. Then suddenly the familiar door chimes sounded echoing loudly through the small usually fairly quiet bakery. He turned and was about to greet the customer the way he normally would, but the moment he turned he met those cold beautiful dark hazel eyes, there was suddenly a lump in his throat his stomach quickly began to knot, he tried to form words as he stared his mouth opening and closing making him look like a fish out of water. The customer was roughly about 6'2, he had cold, harsh features, his hair was short messy and chocolate brown like chocolate frosting. Those beautiful hazel eyes were narrowed, a scowl was etched upon his face. The man wore a business suit but it was worn in a very unprofessional manor, his blazer unbuttoned and the knot in his black tie was coming undone, the first three buttons on his dress shirt was also undone.

"You." The brunette man with the hazel eyes said lowly with word sounding harsh, the happily insane baker giggled.

"Da, I'm me," He said voice going unnaturally high for a man, his mixed accent very thick. He never had an easily placed accent, it was always a thick twist of Russian, German, and Italian. It made in sort of mysterious, since he never knew where he was from, much less what his name was.

The 'customer' glared and growled lightly, then realized something a pulled something out of his pocket walking closer, the giggly male behind the counter leaned forward putting his chin in his hands as he used his elbows to keep his head propped up so he could see better. Then quicker then the word cupcake could be said he revealed a police badge, there was some more giggles.

"Sorry, Mister Policeman, I know how much everyone loves my cupcakes but, I don't give discounts... To strangers anyway" He said smirking slightly as he saw the look of annoyance grow the last part in his giggles, the officer looked furious.

"I'M NOT HERE YOU YOUR BAKING I'M HERE ON BUSSINESS YOU MURDERER!" He shouted, the shorter of the two blinked, that was a slight surprise, but he knew it wouldn't be that hard to distract the man whose accusation had in fact been correct, in a way anyway. He made himself look hurt his large emerald eyes filling with large tears.

"I'm so insulted the big meanie police man insulted my cooking." He sobbed putting his hands over his face, he had his usual much too childish act, a false innocence of sorts, it made a fantastic cover, considering this was the first man who seemed to know, though it would probably be simple to throw the policeman off. The hazel eyed officer stepped back in slight panic, he felt bad whenever he saw tears.

"N-No it's just-Ugh," He sighed "Please please just don't cry, I'll take a dozen double chocolate cupcakes." He said getting his dark leather colored wallet out, the shorter of the two smirked from behind his hands. "That shall be 15 dollars~" He cheered then frowned slightly"...Oh, but whats your name?I refuse to sell cupcakes to some weirdo." He asked realizing he should know the name of the man who had made his stomach twist in knots. Though he also had a feeling today would not be the last time they met.

"You can just call me Detective Collins since- HEY!" The detective shouted as he noticed the man behind the counter slowly sneak his wallet and took the drivers license and the money for the cupcakes with his quick hands, his figures long, pale, and thin. the id was held between his index finger and his middle finger as he inspected it dodging the taller hands without looking as they tried to take it back .

"Hmm Scott Collins hm? I think Scotty would suit you much better~ Since you have a short temper like a little Scotty dog," He giggled before handing the identification back to Scott. Scott was not amused with the idiot with the strange accent, he hoped that he could just prove that he was right that the man was a murderer and then have nothing to do with him. The detective looked over the baker, he wasn't very tall only roughly 5'7, he had neatly kept light blonde hair that went down to just below his jaw bone and had many layers, his eyes were large and a shiny emerald green, and he had a large smile plastered on his face.

"What about you, whats your name?" Scott asked running a hand through his short messy brown hair as he raised an eyebrow wanting to at least know the mans name. Then the baker looked puzzled "I don't own one," He said sounding serious, this of course took Detective Collins off his guard and he was surprised. "Everyone has a name stupid." He grumbled

"I don't have one detective grouchy pants." He said huffing slightly and crossing his arms over his chest setting the cupcakes on the counter. Scott grabbed the cupcakes carefully lifting the delicious treats they looked really good, they had chocolate shavings on the dark chocolate frosting it seemed perfect.

"I will be walking baker boy." Scott said before walking out the door the bell chiming, he sighed now in his alone and silence again, only the scent of billions of sweets filled his nose, cinnamon, sugar, fruits, and chocolate. He inhaled the familiar scent it was always around him and he enjoyed it way better then the penny like scent that emanated from blood. He sighed sadly, he didn't want his new toy to leave so soon. But he knew Scott would be back the next day, he felt slightly sad, the detective only wanted to arrest him. He walked slowly over to the sign and flipped it to closed, he was done here today.

He sat in Starbucks and watched the people go by outside, it was only a matter of time until the next to die showed up, he giggled and thought of his special new knife tonight and how perfect it was going to look covered in the red sticky crimson colored blood, he giggled, then frowned he needed a name, but what? He thought for a moment then he smiled a light bulb going off in his head, he had an epiphany he liked the name Viet, it suited him very well in his mind.

"Viet, my name is Viet." He said to himself, the bell from the glass push in door rang to show there was a new costumer, 'Viet' turned to see the new arrival to the coffee place, and who would want to be here at 9:33 pm, it smelt of gross of coffee beans and burnt treats, it disgusted Viet to no end. IF he had been in charge of Starbucks everyone would eat the sweets he made not just people who are soon to die, the whole process made him very very sad.

"Blondie you following me around now or something?" Viet blinked hearing a recognizable voice, he turned to smile and flirt with the detective, but when he turned he was not happy. There stood his Scott and some woman with platinum blonde waist length hair he eyes sparkled blue and she was wearing a pink shirt that raised when she washed down tables showing he navel piercing, the blonde baker didn't like her. She giggled at Detective Collins flirting as he continued conversation, Viet clutched his cup in a death grip instantly breaking it, she had to go. He through the cup harshly into the garbage and left quickly forgetting about the woman he was destined to kill, he was seething with rage, Never before had he experienced jealousy and he didn't like it.

Viet moved some of his own blonde hair from his face as he watched the two, he felt the jealousy boil inside of him, he felt a shiver go up his spine and he turned quickly to look out the window. His sense was going of and his newest prey was near. He sent a final unnoticed glare to the blonde woman who was now staring at Scott with flirty eyes while twirling her obviously dyed hair with her index finger, you could see her roots where a light brown. In Viets opinion the color of a rat, he moved quickly to the door throwing the poor crushed coffee cup in the garbage.

The moment the blonde pushed open the door and the annoying little bell rang the detective looked over, Viets emerald green eyes met the creamy dark hazel once again, the same reaction came much to the bakers discomfort, his heart rate sped up slightly and his stomach had butterflies millions of them, along with plenty of knots. Though to Scott it was awful, he felt disgusted and annoyed seeing the blonde man; Scott was having a good time with Rebecca, a cute young woman that had recently started to work at that Starbucks, but now he knew that he had some following to do. But, if Viet had anything to do with it this would be more then a chance to get information.

"Yoohoo~ Detective Scotty dog~!" Viet called before waving like an idiot even though he already had the brunettes attention. Rebecca giggled lightly, Viet narrowed his eyes glaring at her though Scott was to busy blushing into his hands thanks to Rebecca's light laughter. The blonde man felt a strong pulling feeling go through him his hands shook slightly, it was time, he had to go to tonight's victim, hopefully they enjoyed the large extra amount of sweets, he hated killing his victims but he couldn't help the urge that took over.

The emerald eye Russo-talia-lander quickly darted out of the business, he didn't want to he just wished he could have been normal, but that day would never come, he didn't know why he existed if he could only kill he didn't want to, he wanted to be normal and have many friends and live normally, but the urge was to strong to stop, he knew he was insane. Every time the urge came upon him he would give that victim more than they ordered to make them happy in their last few hours. He wiped a tear from his eyes as he raced down the street the silhouette of the earlier customer illuminated by the streetlight, a couple more tears fell down his face he didn't want to do it but his body moved forward even though he begged it not to. The woman this night was a very nice lady, she had a large family and was a regular customer, she was always friendly and tipped highly. He slid the knife forward slightly and took a step forward. "OI IDIOT!" the blonde jumped a mile into the air defiantly not expecting the intrusion.

The brunette with the striking hazel eyes and the cold expression ran up to Viet managing to catch him and get his victim a chance to escape, Viet smiled brightly and waved to his detective, but suddenly something hit his head feeling like a brick, it was the inner self. "You idiot what are you doing she's escaping!" A deeper version of his voice hissed from inside his head, "I'm sorry, I cant please please let her go she's such a nice lady!" He begged his body freezing since he didn't have either personality controlling it.

To the detective all he saw was the blondes figure it was oblivious that he wasn't there, only physically, mentally however he was completely gone inside the confines of his own body. Scott stopped his walking advances, he didn't know exactly why yet he just had a feeling it would be better to stand back, and he was correct. The two persons inside of Viet were arguing there was in love baker, and a fierce blood thirsty murderer. The inner voice had a smirk in his voice "OK, she can live but, with a price, soon I will take the most important thing from you." it laughed, Viet instantly could move his body again and ran to his detective.

A weird feeling went over Scott as he saw the blonde jog up to him, the feeling that he needed to protect him from something, his heat started to go a little faster watching the cute baker. He shook his head quickly starting to question himself he couldn't think the baker was cute that was wrong...Wasn't it? He wanted to throw him into a jail cell not fall in love with him. Suddenly a loud crackling sound went across the sky breaking both men from their thoughts, little did they know this inevitable meeting would change their lives as they knew it.

nt here...