I'm the lie living for you so you can hideā€¦

She was little more than a ghost now, always on the fringes, never noticed. She flitted amongst the shadows, too afraid to face full light. It was always harsh; glaring down on her skin, baring all the flaws she was desperate to hide. It wouldn't have mattered anyway. She knew how to put up an elaborate glamour to hide the truth; a smile. When they bothered to ask, she pasted it on, an assurance that yes, she was perfectly fine. It held, barely, until once more she could slip back into the soothing warmth of the shadows, relishing their embrace.

She existed, always there but never entirely. She could manage, usually, until the day ended and with it the performance. Alone, pitch black wrapped around her, soothing what the drugs could not, she came alive. Her paper lips moved with vigor, weaving tales to take her away to fanciful places where she was whole.

As night grows long, the stories end and silence fills the air. It too comforts; a sweet contrast to the chaos of the world. With no more stories to tell, she pulls her only friend closer, hugging his ratty form to her chest. Into his tattered ear she starts to whisper, sharing her deepest fears. Tears trickle into his matted patches of fur and he holds them. Every one that's been shed has been collected and saved, he trying to take away her pain.

But it is too great. It devours until she no longer exists at all. She can't. Instead, her shell long regressed; she leaves life behind, taking only him along. Left behind is a body so frail and thin, dead for so long, with a teddy bear clutched in one porcelain hand. And finally she's free, no longer trapped in the shadows. Instead she walks the places woven with words, now come true, friend held close beside for eternity.