fine! if that's how its going to be
fine. I'll stop shouting and making all my sounds.
because I want, to understand you
but I do not and never will.
and you will never be told how little art you create
or the level of uninteresting thoughts you share
how far you go to descries this person that you are not
and do not understand. I will not say anything about
why you are so sodden. entirely fucked and
not a part of anyone. they fall in love with me

1. adam
2. sam
3. Michael
4. Michael
5. peter
6. matt
7. rj
8. sarah
9. kyle
10. kyle
11. jesse
12. derrick
13. lanny
14. zack
15. ben
16. sarah
I believe that is everyone.
I probably forgot one person (ben)
shit, almost at 17. I dunno… about that.
additional prospects
and well, I should take it slower
shits getting crazy.

moving on! of all the people
I just want one most but I cannot
have him.