I was in it.
words I cannot spell and moments
that are loose in my hands, wind swirling
through my ears and down my spine, I
was around then. I think about it when I am
handless (or spineless) the . my heart
on your bed of roses. I heard those kinds of things
don't even exist anymore; but I was there! I saw and
spelled words me to you.
I would like to be the words on your paper to
feel your eyes running over me, reading my
curves, sounding out audacity. I probably should not
have said that. but it was, you have to understand
an important moment.

I should have written! refused to post on facebook and
not spoken out loud. we are not intimate and we do not

I! would like to start another sentence
before its too late.(I have been, o yes
I have been around the) world. eyes
wide and never in any of your particular
directions. (tell that to the) monster
mouth secure over our barcodes.

do not talk to me if your not planning on saying
anything about it.

I was there and because I believed I touched the moon,
I went no place. that was how good it got, just
wincing when he came close and being
entirely motionless.