Crest dodged around a knife and slammed a foot into the owner's head, knocking him down. The Cray grabbed crest by the neck and slammed her into the brick wall.

"Boss ain't too happy about you...pests...I think he'll enjoy your...demise."

Crest shoved off of the wall and spun, slamming an elbow into the side of his neck.

A swift kick to the gut took him down.

Crest used the Cray's shoelace to tie him to the lamp light. The Cray kicked her in the knee as a final attempt to fight.

Crest returned the kick and ran off. Pulling open the door to an apartment, she slipped inside, the door locking behind her.

"Hey," came a voice.

It was Darkness, who owned the apartment. Darkness operated in odd ways to Crest, but she chose to keep to herself.

Crest went to the logbook and wrote in the number of Crays she had beaten. They were taking a tally, attempting to figure out the number of Crays still operating.

"How many did you find today?" Darkness asked, shelving a stack of books.

"Not many. I think the numbers are dwindling." Crest replied. "I'm going to go, so, I'll se e you around."

"You do that, Mikey." Crest gave her a look. "What? No? Oh, fine."

'Only if I can call you Laulau." Crest shot back.

"I'll be fine." Darkness said.

"I knew you would." Crest laughed.

She slipped out, running down the street.

A silvery-white fist smashed into her shoulder pad. Crest nodded and slapped them on the back. Blizzard ran off as Whiplash somersaulted over the rooftops.

The city was rather peaceful, since the Squad had started patrolling more often.

Thanks to Darkness's well-funded background, they had funding for years to come.

Crest pushed open the door to Whiplash's apartment, where she stayed.

Sarah, who was Blizzard, had constructed a room divider for herself and Crest using string and fabric.

Whiplash's apartment was cluttered with stuff from the girls.

Although it was a one-bedroom apartment, four girls managed to live peacefully, also dividing the cost for space, rent and groceries.

Darkness, however, stayed in a one room apartment with all of the girls' backup gear, logbooks and it was occasionally used for meetings.

"Hey, Michelle." Julie said, sitting inside a ring of reports. "Tell, me, would you rather read about a new Starbucks or DOH!-Nuts?" Julie was the newspaper coordinator for The Horn.

Crest shrugged. "Which one's better?"

"I don't know, that's why I asked you." Julie said.

Crest frowned. "Which one is more appealing?"

Julie looked up." I am a coordinator, bias doesn't really fly with me."

Crest raised an eyebrow. "Okay, then. Go with the coffee."

"Thanks." Julie typed something in and continued working. Moving into the next room, Crest pulled off her mask.

Her mask was unique, it had a curved cut away from her face, leaving her right eye and cheekbone exposed.

Shoving her gear into a duffel bag, Crest lay back on the bed she shared with Sarah.

It was amazing how, in a day, she would have gone by two lifestyles, two names, and it felt like a routine.

Crest sighed. It would be nice to have a change.

"Hey, yo, Michelle!" Sarah shook her awake. She hovered over her with an evil glint in her eye.

"Whoa, earthquake!" Michelle said, laughing. "What's wrong?"

"Ellen's taking us out to the lake today. She said we needed a day off. We'll patrol in the afternoon." Sarah said, rummaging through her suitcase. With four girls in one bedroom and living room, they each had a suitcase as a closet.

The doorbell rang, and a brown-haired girl went to answer it.

It was Darkness, also known as Lauren, at the door.

"Hey, Ellen," she said, coming inside.

Lauren was peculiar, even for Michelle, who had known her the longest. She preferred to deviate from the stereotype. She had three tattoos, all on her back. Her eyes were two different colors, but it was natural.

"Come on, slowpokes! Last one to the car gets the middle!" Ellen said, dashing out the door.

Julie already had the car running and was waiting for them to pile into her dusty Toyota. Sarah had to lock the apartment door, so she was forced to sit in between Michelle and Lauren.

Ellen turned in the seat, "None of you have ever been to the lake, right?"

Sarah shrugged, "I have, but it's okay."

"Anyways, we can go hiking, or swimming, or both," Ellen said.

"So, Sarah, are you going to fall into the lake, like you did the fountain?" Lauren asked, prodding her with an elbow.

Sarah made a face and ground Lauren's foot into the floor.

Lauren glanced at Michelle and grinned.

Sarah looked suspicious. "Hey, Ellen, when we're driving back, could we switch?" she asked fearfully.

"Haha, no." Ellen laughed. "There's a reason I call shotgun."

During a turn, Lauren squeezed Sarah against Michelle, laughing.

"You always look so depressed, I never knew you could laugh." Sarah said. Lauren pinched Sarah and shook her head.

Michelle groaned. "Next time, give me a warning...I think you bruised a rib."

Ellen laughed and poked Julie in the side.

"Do that again and I'll drive us into the lake." Julie threatened.

"Oh, please do, Lauren can't swim." Sarah laughed.

"I can, actually. I learned when we had to fish you out of the fountain."

"Hey! I only fell in because you shoved me in!" Sarah said.

Julie turned into a dirt road and parked the car under a tree.

"Watch for birds." Ellen said." I don't want to have to wash the car again."

"Geez, picky." Julie backed the car underneath a patch of leaves.

Sarah shoved Lauren out of the car and pulled herself from inside.

"Michelle, sit in the middle next time, Lauren won't do anything to you." Sarah groaned.

"Or, we could stuff Lauren in the trunk." Michelle said.

"Oh, my gosh, you CAN be cruel." Julie teased.

"Don't let that face mislead you, Julie, she packs a hard punch!" Ellen said, unloading a hiking pack from the car. "I'm going to do hiking." Ellen shouldered her pack.

"I'm coming." Sarah said immediately.

"Eh, why not?" Michelle decided.

"Oh, no, leave me out of this." Julie said, heading for the lake.

"I'll keep her company." Lauren said. "Hey, Michelle, ditch her."

Ellen shook her head. "Cruel, Lauren."

Lauren ducked off, running after Julie.

"Cool, I figured they weren't coming. I'm going to show you my tree house." Ellen told them.

"Tree house? Sweet!" Sarah dashed through the forest.

"Hey! Wait up!" Michelle called, running.

Ellen sighed and shook her head, following them.