Sarah found Lauren in the apartment, shoving her stuff into a bag.


"Sarah, I'm done. I'm going back to New York." Lauren said. "You might want to get your stuff, the apartment's going up for sale when I get settled in NY."

"Lauren, don't leave."

"I have to. There's nothing for me here. There are too many crime fighters in this city than what's good for it."


Lauren tried to push past Sarah, but she flicked on the light. Blinded, Lauren stepped back.

"Now. Listen to me. You are not leaving." Sarah said. "You and I will figure out a way to get through this, understand?"

Lauren reached around her and shut off the light.

"Thank you for your attempts, Sarah. But it's not working."

Lauren eased around Sarah before shuffling out the door.

Julie bandaged Ellen's side as they sat alone in the room.

Crest and Blizzard were still out, and Julie had become skilled at bandaging and suturing wounds for Ellen.

"So, Lauren shoved you in front of a car?"

"Yeah." Ellen winced as the needle dug under her skin. "Then Michelle and Sarah came and Lauren ran off."

Julie pulled off the gloves and threw them into the trash as Ellen taped a piece of gauze over her wound and sighed at her armor.

One of her chest plates had been damaged.

"I can try to fix it, but you might want to order a few more." Julie said.

Ellen sighed. "Yeah, or we can melt some plastic into the cracks."

"Do you have a backup?"

"Yeah...this one." Ellen said.

"Maybe there's one in Lauren's apartment."

"Lauren- Sarah! Sarah's still in Lauren's ap-"

The door swung open and Sarah entered, dragging a suitcase and carrying a box.

"We need to move our stuff from Lauren's place, she's gone."

"Gone?" Julie asked.

"Yeah. Moved. Scattered. Left." Sarah said.

"To where?" Ellen asked.

"She said New York."

"Good riddance." Ellen said.


"Sarah. Lauren tried to kill me. She shoved me in front of a car!"

"But did you hear the gunshot?! No! I saw the shooter, Ellen! LAUREN SAVED YOUR LIFE!"

"I'll believe it when I see it." Ellen growled.

Exasperated, Sarah slammed the door on her way out.

Michelle raised an eyebrow as she stopped outside the door. "What just happened?"

"Ellen's being...difficult." Sarah sighed. "I have to prove to her that Lauren saved her life."

"Need some help?" she asked.


"I'm going to go get changed. Where do you want me to meet you?"

"Around Lauren's apartment, I still need to get some stuff." Sarah said.

Michelle nodded and went inside.

Sarah kicked and shouted as she was shoved into a van.

Her camera crashed to the floor and landed behind a tree as the men shoved something over her mouth.

The street had been cleared, and Sarah soon felt lightheaded.

She got a faint glimpse of an unconscious blonde girl dressed in black with tattoos on her scarred black.

Michelle frowned as she cast about Lauren's apartment.

She was a couple of yards away from where Ellen and Lauren had a falling out, and she searched for Sarah.

Moving aside some fallen leaves, she uncovered a spot of fresh blood. Imprinted in the blood was a footprint, with the familiar treading of a pair of old Nikes.

She examined the area around the footprint. She found broken glass and searched for the source.

Picking up a digital camera, Michelle examined the lens.

It was cracked and shattered, but definitely where the glass came from.

Michelle opened the battery compartment and examined the memory card.

Sarah's initials were written on it.

Where did Sarah go?

Michelle examined the screen.

Before dropping the camera, Sarah had taken a picture of a bullet hole in a tree.

Michelle stood.

The bullet hole was visible in the tree, at around 5'4" above the ground, pretty much where Ellen's head would have been this afternoon.

Michelle dashed home, bursting in through the doorway.


Julie looked up from melting plastic into Whiplash's armor. The blowtorch in her hand was doing a pretty good job.

"Ellen's not here. She's out and about again."

"But you have her armor..." Michelle said.

"I know. She's using the less damaged one." Julie said. "What's up?"

"Lauren did save Ellen's life. I have proof."

"Let me see." Julie set aside the blowtorch and took the camera.

"Explain this to me."

"The bullet hole is level with Ellen's head. She would have died, if Lauren hadn't shoved her into the street."

Michelle told her.

Julie thought for a moment.

"Gear up and go find Ellen."

Michelle dashed to her room and hurried into her armor. Grabbing the camera, she sprinted out the door.