Whiplash was slammed against a car, a Cray with a fist around her neck.

She kicked him in the crotch and slammed him across the face with a gauntlet.


"Whiplash, I have proof that Darkness saved you!"

The Cray laughed, and Whiplash dealt him a blow to the face.

"Oh, yeah?"

Crest showed her the picture.

"Whiplash frowned at it, then it dawned on her. "Oh. Shit. I need to apologize to Darkness."

The Cray burst out laughing. "Too late. Darkness is gone by now."

"What?" Whiplash grabbed his shirt and pulled him up.

"Darkness is gonna die."

Whiplash slammed him against the wall.

"Where?" she demanded.

"Ghost sends her regards." He laughed.

Whiplash slammed a fist into his gut, and Crest intervened.

"Whiplash, come on! We have to go!" Crest said as she saw a cop car turn the street.

Whiplash slammed him into the ground before running off with Crest.

As they ducked in an alley, Crest said. "Ghost?"

"A girl that tried to kill Julie, Blizzard, and me."

Crest frowned. "So Ghost has Darkness. Where's Sarah?"

"She wasn't with you?" Whiplash asked, catching her breath.

"No. I found her camera. That's it."

"Shit. Okay. You go find Sarah, I'll look for Darkness." Whiplash decided.

Crest nodded and took off.

Michelle was rather resourceful around the gang turfs, especially the Crays that ducked into the buildings.

It was uncommon to see so many Crays around. Something was up.

A flash of silver.

Crest dashed after it. As she rounded the corner, it dawned upon her that Sarah hadn't gone out as Blizzard.

An explosion ripped through a building, throwing Crest into the street.

Groaning, she coughed up cement and hands grabbed her arms.

A fist connected with her face, smashing into her nose.

A foot knocked her knee out and a searing pain shot through her back.

A Cray held a bloody knife, moving in towards her throat.

Crest struggled free, kicking the Crays holding her arms.

She felt something wrap around the mesh on her mask. She felt lightheaded and drifted off.

Sarah opened her eyes. A headache hit her shortly after.

She was tied upright in a chair, wrists bound behind her and her ankles were secured to the legs of the chair.


Sarah squinted at a lump on the floor.

She could make out a distinct tattoo peeking out from underneath a shirt.


There wasn't blood, so at least she was alive.

Sarah tugged at the ropes, but suddenly, a knife forced her head back.

Sarah narrowed her eyes.

"Carli." She growled, recognizing light brown hair and blue eyes.

"Oh. You DO care enough to remember my name," she laughed. "Yes. I'm back. Thought I was gone for good, huh?"

"No, I wish you were, traitor." Sarah said.

"Oh. Did you meet my sister, Lauren?" Carli asked, grabbing Lauren around the face and pulling her up.

Sarah saw Lauren wince as Carli pulled her forward.

"I think Darkness is a better name, don't you?"

Lauren elbowed Carli in the gut and Carli drew the blade across her cheek.

Lauren groaned as Carli's hand clamped over her mouth.

"Carli, let her go. She's done noth-"

"Let her go? Let her go? Are you insane?" Carli sneered. "I've MISSED my sister.

Lauren struggled to breathe.

"Carli, you're choking her." Sarah said.

As an answer, Carli pulled on Lauren's head.

"Wait. You're sisters?"

Lauren struggled to nod.

"I was the obedient child, the good one. Lauren, however, refused to have anything to do with the Crays?" Carli laughed.

"No. Lauren was the good child. She's fighting for justice."

"Imagine our surprise when Lauren moved back into town, and then a crime fighter named Darkness emerges."

Carli shoved Lauren to the ground and plugged the floor into the ground and plugged her foot in her back.

Sarah frowned.

"Don't worry...this is less than what she used to do." Lauren moaned.

"Stop, Carli."

"Or what?"

Two Crays dragged in a red-armored girl by a rope around her wrists.

"Oh, Whiplash, Whiplash, Whiplash, You're getting old."

Whiplash made a growling noise and then grunted when one of the Crays stomped on her ribs.

Sarah stared.

It's okay. It's okay. There's still Michelle.

Sarah's dreams were shattered when a girl clothed in green was dragged in, blood pouring from a cut above her right eye.

The Crays tossed her onto the ground.

"Ghost...Let them go." Whiplash coughed.

"Or what? Seriously! You have no leverage, nothing to trade with, nothing. And you speak as if you do."

"Why the hell did you bring us here?" Crest growled.

"Is that...No...Is that Jones?" Carli went to crest and grabbed the mask.

"It's not Jones." Sarah said.

Crest pulled her head away.

Thankfully, the mask was still on.

Carli frowned. "I know that voice. Hogan."

At the word Hogan, the Crays had their guns drawn.

"Stand down!" Carli growled.

Crest turned away.

"I knew it!"

The two Crays holding Crest grew angry. They kicked her in the gut multiple times before Carli shoved them aside.

"I said stand down. You will get your turn!"

Carli dragged Crest next to Sarah.

"Aw, Lauren, don't do that." Carli tightened the zip tie around Lauren's wrists.

Crest grabbed Carli's leg and pulled herself up. She knocked away the knife and elbowed Carli in the face. Crest grabbed Carli and slammed a fist into her stomach. Dragging the handcuffs around Carli's neck, Crest growled. "Free them. Now."

Carli laughed, but Crest tightened the cuffs. "I'm serious. I've dealt with you before, I can do it again."

A gunshot.

A Cray laughed at Crest fell, the gun barrel smoking in his hand.

"Hogan's down."

"Take her away." Carli rolled her eyes. "It's hard to get good help these days." She sighed.

"What- Why- Michelle..." Sarah said.

"Oh. Didn't she tell you? She used to be a leader in the Crays. Her betrayal has created animosity amongst the Crays. I have her job now."

Sarah stared at the blood trail Michelle had left.

"Leader...? She said-"

"If she didn't say something else ,you might have jailed her." Carli said. "Oh, dear, sister, don't do that."

Carli adjusted Lauren's position so she couldn't use the chair to adjust the ziptie.

Whiplash groaned as the Crays dragged her to Carli's side. Crest was dead. DEAD.

There was no way they could get out of a building full of Crays. Not without Crest.

Whiplash grunted when Carli landed a kick in her stomach."I said, what are you going to do?"

"I'll fight you. One on one, no interference. To the death, just you and me. No weapons. I win, we go. I lose...I die." Whiplash gasped.

Carli looked surprised.

"No, Whiplash, no." Sarah said.

"Well, if Sarah opposes, I suppose we need to get on with it."

The Crays dragged Whiplash up, freeing her hands and feet.

They kept a firm grip on her until Carli was ready.

She tossed aside a knife, her gun, and various other weapons.

She got into position.

"Release her."

Whiplash swung the moment she was free.

It nearly connected with Carli's jaw, but she ducked under her fist and slammed an elbow into Whiplash's gut. Whiplash aimed a kick at Carli's knee before swinging around to kick her head.

It wasn't there.

Carli swung a fist, connecting with Whiplash's jaw, and sent her flying.

"I forgot to mention...I was training since I was three." Carli laughed. "You, I'm assuming, have had no training whatsoever."

Whiplash picked herself up once more.

She had to resort to dirty, then. She ran, jumped, then tackled Carli.

Pounding her fists against Carli's face, whiplash drew the first blood.

Shielding her face, Carli elbowed Whiplash and sent a kick into her gut.

Sarah bit her lip as she watched Carli slam Whiplash's head into the concrete.

"No!" Lauren pounced on Carli.

She had freed herself with Carli's knife, and was plunging the knife into Carli's shoulder.

"Back off, sister!" Lauren growled, twisting the knife.

Lauren and Carli were a jumble of limbs, and the Crays were afraid of shooting because they might hit Carli.

A knife flew out of the jumble and impaled a Cray in the eye.

Sarah glanced at Whiplash.

She struggled with the bonds, but a scream came from the sisters.

Lauren had a knife in her shoulder, but Carli collapsed.

"Hurry." Lauren ducked and dodged as the Crays opened fire. She sprinted and jumped, landing on a Cray. She fired his gun at the other Crays and dashed to Sarah.

With a yell, she ripped the knife from her shoulder and cut Sarah free.

Hurrying, Sarah ran to Whiplash's side and picked her up.

"Michelle-" Lauren began.

"She's gone!" Sarah said.

Whiplash groaned and they carried her along. Then, it hit them hard.

Michelle was gone.