To bare the agony of deception;

Is to feel a strange, numb depression;

To compel all internal emotion to remain

Caged, lost in the ocean!

What lies do part from such fine lips;

What eyes do you cast upon me,

After they have caressed another?

The hatred seethes within me,

Though you are blind and cannot see!

I see for us both, though my heart has died-

No longer the motivator.

How is it I can love thee with all my heart,

And your's, so cold may never be torn apart?

How is it that a rose may bleed,

Yet I may only enjoy a lesser scent?

Have I dreamt alone?

Does a pretty ghost distract me

When humans need me?

Oh, faith, leave me not!

I pray this poison in my blood do so instead.

For what shall have?

I could pave a thousand floors;

Allow my love to walk,

As I lead him through open doors.

I shall remain forgotten;

For never could I lead him in a pit so dark-

Nor capture his heart,

And ignite my own spark.

I take a bloomed rose,

And hand it to him with dignity.

Though he belongs…

Not to me.

Send him away,

To endure his life of dignity,

For know he not of love;

Until he is wed.

Where at last he'll feel my pain.

And though in an empty bed I lie,

He'll know that I was sane…

To want him