So I'm reading this book, and suddenly I get to a bit where everything is going wrong, and I don't want to read anymore, and not because don't like the book, just because I don't want to know just how wrong it's gonna go for the character. Here were the exact feelings going through my mind.

Disclaimer: I don't own Insurgent. it belongs to Veronica Roth. Anyone not on chapter 46 of Insurgent beware. Spoilers lie ahead.

"my standing among the Dauntless- were for nothing.


A moment later, the glass door opens again. Tobias and Uriah storm in-"

I stop reading. I don't like confrontation. That carries on in books and movies. When things go wrong I generally stick my fingers in my ears and go 'lalalalala'.

I spend the next half hour messing round on Google Translate, reading fanfics, playing with my cat and staring at the book with a mix of dread and fascination. Finally I pick up the book slowly as if it might explode. I skip to the back. I merely read the last sentence. It mentions the two main characters holding hands. I am relieved, but still apprehensive about reading the next page.

However, I do get to the end of the page.

"-as if to fight a battle- Uriah coughing, probably from the poison- but the battle is done. Jeanine is dead, Tori is triumphant, and I am a Dauntless traitor.

Tobias stops in the middle of a step, almost stumbling-"

To read more would require turning a page. It looks to me like the next page is gonna get real ugly. I close the book and sigh. I have a knot in my stomach the size of Texas. That knot isn't gonna go away unless I turn the page. The knot is going to get worse before it gets better.

I used to get this feeling all the time. I used to get squeamish when movie people kissed. Still do sometimes. But the worst part are the confrontations, you know, where the main love interest rebukes the protagonist for a mistake they made, and the protagonist is sorry but no one cares and everything is going wrong wrong wrong wrong WRONG?

I always hate that part. The book stares at me, making me guilty. I promised to give it to my friend tomorrow, and I don't wanna do that without finishing the book.

I'll take it slow. I pick up the book, and turn the page. Don't turn back.

"-over his feet, when he sees me. His eyes open wider.

"She is a traitor," says Tori. "She just almost shot me to defend Jeanine""

Yep, things are getting a lot worse. I just need to take it one sentence at a time.