Mika sat on her bed, studying her wolf-printed rock lying in her hands as the hard rain thundered down outside her window, then there was a knock at the door.

"Mikatsu, Dinner's ready, if you want some." said her mother from behind the closed wooden door. Mika stood and walked to the door to open it, where she went down the long, thin hallway, down the spiral metal staircase, through the living room, and to the kitchen, where she found her family waiting for her.

"So glad you could join us." Said her sister, Aiko, whom was tucking a small rose-patterned napkin into the neck of her shirt before picking up her fork and knife and skewering a chunk of well-roasted pepper and cooked beef before stuffing it in her mouth and chewing like a cow.

"Now, Aiko, use your manners. No man will marry a woman whom eats like a camel." Mika's mother said flatly to her sister, making Mika's older brother, Axle chuckle.

"I don't think I'll eat just yet. Just wanted you to know I'm going for a walk." Said Mika, grabbing her coat and putting her hand on the handle of the door before her mother said

"Alright, dear. Be back by eleven, alright?" Mika nodded her head yes, putting on her coat. Once she had gotten out into the rain, she closed the door gently behind herself and sprinted to a nearby field, the rain beating down on her shoulders and head. With the wolf printed rock clutched tightly in her right hand.

Once she had reached the sloped part of the meadow, she ran into a small valley, where she coiled her arm back, and threw her rock. But instead of fully hitting the ground, it transformed into a beautiful tundra wolf that trotted up to patted the wolf's head and asked

"It's nice to be back, isn't it?" while still patting it's head. But the wolf didn't answer, it didn't show any reaction to her. Then, Mika noticed a boy up on top of the hill, about her age, rather attractive, accept for his wide eyes that were watching Mika and the wolf.

The boy seemed to have noticed her looking at him, so he made a small noise that she assumed was a muffled shriek, and he turned and ran.

"Sick em'" said Mika and with that, the wolf ran faster than light, and brought the boy back whom was shrieking "charmer, conjurer, diabolist, diviner, enchanter, enchantress, exorciser, exorcist, archimage, fortune-teller, genie, genius, illusionist, marvel, medicine person, medium, miracle worker, necromancer, prophet, Satanist, seer, shaman, siren, soothsayer, sorcerer, spellbinder, thaumaturge, theurgist, trickster, virtuoso, voodoo, warlock, witch , witch doctor!" the boy kept repeating these words until the wolf had put him down in front of Mika, the rain still falling hard. They were silent for what seemed like days. Then, Mika broke the silence.

"What's your name, kid?" Mika stood in silence for a moment before the boy stood up and said, "M-my name is Dominic." The boy hugged his arms, the rain soaking through his shirt. Mika sighed, her wolf pacing behind him.

"Well, do you want my coat?" she said, taking off her damp raincoat.

"What? Oh, n-no thanks."Said the boy sheepishly before continuing

"I had better be going home now." And ran off through the rain.

"and don't tell anyone about this!" yelled Mika after him