I caught your breath between my lips last night

held you in my chest

To see how far you could take me

One, two, three

My heart begins to race

As my world began to spin

The colors began to blur

Seventeen, eighteen, nineteen

In this breath I trust to carry me away

Rush through the walls of my veins

Thirty-one, thirty-two, thirty-three

It tinges as heat is slowly pulled away from my arms

Feelings of pain fade as my limbs goes numb

My chest tugs to grasp another breath

Forty-five, forty-six, forty-seven

My heart no longer stable in its beats

The involuntary urge tells me to let go

The throbbing sensation in my chest desperate set you free

Seventy-nine, eighty, eighty-one

I cannot bare to see you pass

As everything begins to fade

There is a ringing in my ears

One-hundred and two, one-hundred and three, one-hundred and four

If I do not let go

I could die

This was not my choice

But I need to