Chapter 1

A new kind of problem

It has been a year since Dr. Bunnicus had disappeared during the fight at the Cave of Wonders and Mystic and Coroni are enjoying a walk through Yellowstone National Park to meet Mia and Angela. Mystic was uneasy, it had been a year since the Battle at the Cave of Wonders and Dr. Bunnicus was still missing. Everything was extremely calm. "Mystic try to relax, he's not gonna bother us if he has any sense." Coroni said.

"I know Coroni but I can't help but be nervous, I barely made it out of the last fight alive." Mystic said as weird chanting is heard coming their way. And Coroni's eyes droop and cloud. And heavily armored people come towards them.

(AN: Hey everyone! Sorry it took me so long to post Book 3. But now its time for out new evils! Stay tuned!)