Chapter 5

The Ancient Bird of Light

Mystic and Coroni walked into the Ancient's Hideout. Coroni shuddered remembering when he was brought here the day before.

"Let's be careful Mystic, we can't be positive what we're up against." Coroni said as he hopped forward into the Hallway.

"There is no being careful around Dr. Bunnicus." Mystic said under her breath with a sigh. She was not at all excited about this. But something had to be done, and quickly.

"Mystic?! How are you alive?" Dr. Bunnicus asked very surprised and angry

"Let's just say it's a long story and get to the part where you get your cotton tailed Kiester kicked." Mystic said stepping forward putting the amulet she gotten from the steam monster around her neck. She feels the electricity powers surging in her once again. A light then emanates from a different room.

"Want to kick my cotton tailed kiester now? Come Ancient Bird of Light and destroy these pests!" Dr. Bunnicus said as The Ancient Bird of Light came from the room and landed next to Dr. Bunnicus.

"Mystic do you have any kind of plan?" Coroni whispered to her.

"Only one buddy, run for our lives!" She said scooping Coroni up in her arms and going for the door. The Ancient Bird of Light then melts the door frame shut, trapping everyone inside.

"Well that didn't work out very well." Mystic said setting Coroni down and firing a bolt of electricity at the bird. It didn't seem to affect him much if at all.

"Finish these two!" Dr. Bunnicus said to the bird that nodded and built up power, a huge ball of light was forming in his beak.

"Mystic! Watch out!" Coroni said running in front of her. When the blast hit they are both flung out of the building.

"And good riddance." Dr. Bunnicus said with a malicious smirk.