Chapter 6

The key to defeating the ancients

"Mystic are you okay." Coroni asked his friend who sat up holding her pounding head.

"Yeah, just a headache. Are you okay?" Mystic asked concerned seeing Coroni not putting weight on his paw.

"Yeah its just sore." Coroni said with a fake smile, he was obviously lying.

"No its not, here I'll carry you." Mystic said picking up the rabbit in her arms , Coroni looked up at her with a thankful smile.

"Any idea where to go?" Coroni questioned as Mystic shook her head no. Honestly she had no idea how to proceed, she didn't even know where they were.

"Come young heroine, come hither for the information you require." An angelic voice called to Mystic and Coroni.

"Do we go?" Mystic and Coroni asked simultaneously.

"We have no other choice it seems…" Mystic said walking towards where the voice had come from with caution and curiosity.

"Welcome Mystic and Corpi." The voice said, a girl seemingly younger then Mystic by several years, said.

"Ummm.. Its Coroni miss." Coroni corrected the girl.

"No you are Corpi, I said so." She said with a giggle. Coroni's eye twitched with anger. But he held it back.

"So what about this information?" Mystic asked as the little girl motioned for her to have a seat and took one herself.

"The way to defeat the Ancients is actually quite simple.." The little girl started but Coroni cut her off.

"We need to destroy the three pillars right?" He said tilting his head.

"Yep Corpi! But you don't know where to find them I'm guessing." She said with a wink.

"Well, no I don't but…" Coroni is cut off.

"I have a map to the Three Pillars, when you find one the next one's path is revealed." She said handing the map to Mystic. The first Pillar seemed not to be too far. It was in the Emerald forrest.

"I know where that is." Coroni said with a smile, he looked at Mystic who seemed to have new found confidence.

"Thank you so much, ummm…" Mystic didn't finish due to her not knowing the girl's name.

"Name's Luna, keep it in mind." She said disappearing in a flash of light.

"Ready to go Mystic?" Coroni asked.

"You bet Corpi." She said giggling, watching Coroni fume. One thing was certain, their job had gotten a lot easier. Or had it?