Chapter 7

The Pillar of Strength

"Does this Pillar have a name Coroni?" Mystic asked reading the map. Coroni sat on her shoulder.

"The first one is the Pillar of Strength, The ancients will loose some power when it's destroyed, making them weaker. The Other two deal with their intelligence and Immortality." Coroni said pointing in the direction of a portal square.

"That leads to the Emerald Forrest." Coroni said as Mystic nodded.

"Alright lets go." Mystic said stepping on the Portal square, they soon end up in the Emerald Forrest.

"Where do we go now?" Coroni asked looking at the map.

"The center of the forest…." Mystic said with a sigh, the forest was really thick.

"Well lets get started then." Coroni as they started to go inside the forest, the wind whistled through the branches and then stilled.

"This is too creepy, lets hurry up. You know that the Ancients are going to show up." Mystic said as cracking noises came from behind them. She and Coroni squeaked.

"Speak of the devil!" Mystic said running deeper into the forest. Soon she ran into a barrier. Inside was The Pillar of Strength. However Dr. Bunnicus and The Ancient Bird of Light were standing behind them. Coroni hopped off Mystic's Shoulder and pulled out his bunny sized laser.

"Mystic there is a space on the barrier where you put in the answer to a riddle. Find it while I distract these two scat for brains." Coroni said wincing while he put weight on his sore paw.

"Be careful buddy." Mystic said hurrying to locate the riddle, when she did it stumped her.

"This place is submerged in mystery, it had never been proven to exist and I have a sinking feeling it will never be found." Mystic read it and ducked out of the way of a misfired laser blast

"Coroni can you please keep the blasts over that way?" Mystic said.

"I'm trying, believe me." Coroni said firing at Dr. Bunnicus.

"Think Mystic, think. A mysterious submerged place, no one has ever proven it's existence…." She said to herself trying to hurry. Then it came to her.

"Atlantis, The answer is Atlantis." She said as the Barrier disintegrated, leaving the path to the Pillar open.

"No!" The Ancient Bird of Light said Charging Mystic .

"You just made my job easier bird brain." Mystic said moving in front of the pillar. The Ancient Bird of Light followed her not noticing the Pillar was right in his path. Mystic shut her eyes as The Bird rammed into her slamming into the pillar. The Pillar creates a small explosion. Mystic lands a few away. The Ancient Bird of Light starts feeling his power lessen.

"You idiot! You destroyed the Pillar of Strength!" Dr. Bunnicus said kicking Coroni backwards.

"Lets get out of here" He said as Dr. Bunnicus hopped onto the Bird's back. They fly away. Coroni runs to Mystic's side quickly.

"Are you alright?" He asked worriedly.

"Been better." Mystic said sitting up obviously in pain, she smiled however, the first pillar was down.