Dear Diary,
I don't know why I'm still writing in you, Diary. I've been doing it since then. I was about thirteen when it happened. I'm twenty-four now. So I guess that fateful day was about eleven years ago. Oh, that reminds me, I still have my old diaries. Maybe I should re-read them, for old time's sake. Well, our five-minute recess from court is over. So that's all for now.
Sincerly (too formal)
Your Pal (the hell?)
Love (urk...)
~Miles Justice

"However the basketball hoop is circular, meaning you can't just didvide..."
Miles yawned and stared blankly at the open math book on her desk. Of all the subjects covered in school, math was her least favorite. She prefered science, but that could just be because no one made fun of her name there. In math, it was always crap about her having a boy's name and such. Still, school was overall boring, and Miles often stood in the back of the room, half asleep and staring off into space. And it was a miracle that all her homework got in on time. She took her studies seriously, of course, but she often hid the day away in her old treehouse in her family's large backyard, doing who knose what. She didn't have any friends, an she didn't think she needed them. Her old motto was "assist none, depend on none," and so far she stuck to it. She probably would have for the rest of her life had it not been for the interesting turn of avents that day. It had been just after lunch when the incident occured. She ahd been slumped gloomily against the wall durring gym class, sitting out a game of dodgeball, as neither side wanted her. She was always the last one picked, but today a boy name Leif was absent, meaning someone had to sit out due to the odd number of people. The captain of the red team, Emma Wright, was holding a ball under her arm, scolding one of her team-mates and giving her pointers. The team-mate, Tara Honor, looked confused.
It's easy, dummy. Throw the ball overhand. Then it won't matter how suckish your throw is...
Emma sighed.
"Hey, Justice!" she called.
"Come join our team. Our best played is out." she added with a challenging glare at the blue team.
This took Miles by surprise, but it sounded more like a comand thyan an invite, so she stood up, gently tugging her PE uniform, then joined Emma and Tara. And several dodges and successes later, the three became friends.

But that fateful day came six months later. Miles had invited Emma, Tara, and her newest friend, Leif, over to her house. Ever since they fixed up the old treehouse, they'd been doing this every Friday after school. Emma would bring the soda, Leif the chips. Tara would always have some kind of candy, and Miles would provide them all with something to do. Usually their meetings would consist of board games and such, but every once and a while, like on this particular day, they would talk about their plans for the future.
Their teachers, naturally, could see each child's future career as clear as the nose on each one's face, but left it up to them to figure it out. Though Miles was a natural born leader and adventurer, she was a bit of a stick in the mud, always trying to get people in trouble and complaining about how useless the government seemed. Emma was usually the first one to get in an argument with Miles, saying how mean it was to try and punish someone for something they didn't do, and it was noramlly up to Tara to end these arguments, though she never really chose one side or another until they'd both proved their points. And then there was Leif, standing off to the side and looking around, occasionally butting in with points like "but Mrs. Price said" or "look what I found. It proves you wrong."
Either way, the four of them were chugging down soda and munching on chips and candy up in the treehouse disscusing their future jobs. So far, they had yet to come to a conclusion, and it was getting to be six o'clock. Normlly, Miles and her friends would have stayed until seven, but Miles' older sister had come out of the house with a pale look on her face, saying something like "Miles, I think it's time your friends went home."
So the three of them left in their usual order; Leif, then Emma, then Tara, and Miles had slid down the treehouse ladder and in through the back door to pass the trash on her way to the kitchen. When she got into the living room, she almost screamed at what she saw.
Maybe if she had been sitting out front, she would have known. But she wasn't. From the treehouse out back, she hadn't seen the police arrive. Nor had she heard the barking of a german shepherd. But there before her, stood Miles parents, two police officers, and her older sister.