I opened my eyes and for the first time light actually struck them. I closed them and took in my sights with the other senses while my vision repaired. It was windy, and smelt of finely grown grass. We must've hit the hills by now, so it was safe to come out.

Even so, I was afraid too, thinking the horsemen were still on our trail. Those evil men with their hounds hunting witches down and sending them to their cruel fate.

I'm not even sure I am one either, a witch. So little can get you accused and hunted these days. My reason being I had freckles. My whole family had freckles actually, except one. My brother, the founder of our village and coincidentally the one who exposed us. Strange to think how fast your own family deserts you when they figure out you have "dirty" blood.

Look at me, already acting like a witch, talking to myself and such. Mum told me I possessed many aspects of them. Even thought it was funny to get me an old black cat. Sure, and while you're at it get me a big rusty pot too! That will sure make me fit in where we are heading.

Our wagon is going to Salem. I don't even know why we are heading to that wicked place anyway. The witch trials are already at its peak there. But my foolish mother insists that it's better for us. That there is more of "our kind." What kind?

The wagon must have hit something hard, because as soon as I knew it I was up in the air and down with a thud. I grimaced and for once actually wished I could perform some witchcraft. If there is such a thing.

The peculiar thing is, I don't even know what a witch is. Logically I'm saying I don't know what I am, but I do know, I'm me. No cackling loon on the old sweep stick. Even so, that is what everybody seems to make of me. A fool who will never be accepted for who she is. Isn't that just dandy?

I look outside our small vehicle and in the distance I can see a small village. I could tell it was Salem just by the huge line of smoke and bloodcurdling screams.

I'm frightened to think this is my new home.

that looks like it needs to be longer :P