Authors Note* this is day one of a series of 60 days this one focusing on the past of Mimi R. Land.

Day 1

It's hot, or the sun is hot and the wind is cold. So I'm shivering and sweating, something only I can manage, in a purple tank and blue- jeans. I walk up the street by the Hollering Place right on the bay with my best friend Laura. She's an ordinary brown skin- eyes kind of girl with light skin, the only thing out of place is the odd scar on her left shoulder in the shape of a crescent moon. The scar that I watched her mother give her with a scalpel in seventh grade after I had accidentally predicted the future with my dream.

I had woken that day from a dream of a car accident on the corner of Pacific, Laura's mother's car, that had full frontally smashed at exactly 12:00. Two of us dead; so when I got to the breakfast table I had told them about it and asked if we could wait thirty minutes before we left. Laura's mother Dr. Jansen fully believed in psychics, though she didn't believe that I was one, she humored my request. She had decided later that we would leave only fifteen minutes later. When we drove up to the corner of Pacific Dr. Jansen's mouth dropped, eyes wide like saucers of green. There were two cars there the red one from the dream and a yellow one that should have been us, I heard the Dr. Think.

"It should have, good thing I saw it would happen, two of us were dead. But look at that all of them are safe, so that's good." I said this brightly before realizing I had read her thought. Dr. Jansen took us straight back to the house. She ranted about how disappointed she was in Laura; she had always thought her daughter would have powers.

"What a disgrace." She had repeated over and over again. Before I knew it I was tied to a table and Dr. Jansen had her scalpels out studying the birth mark on my right thigh before slicing into her daughter's shoulder and copying the mark. Blood spurted out in beads and streams as Laura's screams became shrill. I tried to fight at the ties but was not strong enough. Soon the carpet was pooled with dark liquid, it covered Laura's chest and smudged over Dr. Jansen's body. There was now a large rip in the shape of crescent on Laura's form. She had passed out from shock, me from nausea. Dr. Jansen made me promise not to tell anyone.

That night I had raced home to tell my other best friend and boyfriend Steven what had happened. Steven was short only maybe an in taller than me at the time, his olive skin stretched over an adolescent body unlike mine that had already gone through most of puberty. He had a little acne but he understood me and was very smart and never got angry when it took a few hours to explain a math section to me. It had only been three months of our ten year relationship that we were 'dating'.

We hadn't even gone on a date because before we could his parents and he along with them moved all the way to the east coast, and I was here stuck on the west coast with nothing but a cell phone to talk with the guy I knew for sure I loved; though I'd never tell him that.

"Hey" I whispered frightfully into my cell. I still believe she'd pop out somewhere and cut me too.

"Hey Mimi, what's wrong. I sighed heavily and let it all out.

" -found-out-I-was-psychic-and-she-went-phsycho-and-cut-Lauras-shoulder-with-a-mark-that-looks-like-my-birth-mark-and-she-told-me-to-not-tell-anyone-but-Steven-I-had-to-tell-you-I-am-just-so-scared!" I whispered it out in one huge gush before gasping for breath at the end.

"Oh-"there was a pause "It'll be o.k. Mimi, she won't be able to hurt you. I'll fix this." I laughed at that.

"O.k. sure." He wouldn't be able to do anything. She is crazy.

"I have to go take care of this but promise me when you see them again don't say anything about what happened o.k.?"


"Promise?" he was firm even though his voice cracked a little from puberty.

"I promise." I said this thoroughly confused.

"I have to go now o.k."

"O.k." and the phone line was dead.

I was even more confused when the next time I saw them they both had no memory of me being psychic, the cut, or any of the hate Dr. Jansen had expressed to Laura. Steven never told me how he did it, just that he did.

Laura's long hair flicked in the wind whipping at her scar. It had been so long and I had made it through high school, with Steven still on the east coast and still my boyfriend. Laura and Dr. Jensen still don't remember anything regarding the scar and I still don't bring up the fact that I do.

I love Laura as my best friend; she is so loyal, definitely not perfect considering the vapidness of her instincts and the string of horrible men she had been with. But I don't worry about she has never been that drastic and besides I am free and I don't want to think about the bad stuff. Not now, not at the start of my adult life!